"This is not good!" exclaimed Twitty. He and Ren were in pieces over Tawny's terrible accident. "We know" said Minnie, who was trying to console him while Pluto was attending to the injured Tawny. "Mickey's questioning all the guests to see who was the one that did this to her, so don't you worry."

Mickey came back from questioning the guests. "So, who was it?" asked Twitty. "Well gang, I asked every single guest and came back with one perpetrator" Said Mickey. Then he turned back and said "You can come in now". So entered the perpetrator: it was not a lion like Tawny said (so rules out Simba, Mufasa, and Scar), but the mischievous Stitch! Lilo was with him too. "Well, his bite definitely felt like a lion's" Tawny responded to the little blue chomper being the responsible one. "I want to say I'm sorry that Stitch bit you" said Lilo with a sigh, looking at Stitch with a grimace. Stitch just growled softly with guilt. "Stitch sorry" he then said. As they walked out, Lilo took a mug that was full of coffee and threw it in the trash (perhaps it was one of Stitch's caffeine surges that did this).

"Now what do we do?" asked a worried Louis. Not even a cheeseburger and an autograph from Goofy (both of which he just received, by the way) could cheer him up with Tawny like this. "Hmm" thought Mickey. "How about you boys hold auditions for a temporary replacement for Tawny?" "Not a really bad idea, the only thing I should add is that we should keep the news of Tawny's injury. That way nobody makes a big deal of it" said Ren. Little did they know that a familiar bovine blabbermouth was eavesdropping on them.

Immediately, something was going on onstage. "And now, here's Clarabelle Cow with a Main Street Gossip NEWS FLASH!" announced Mike the Microphone. "Uh-oh" muttered Mickey and Minnie in unison. "What do you mean 'uh-oh'?" asked a worried Ren. "Hello there everybody!" Clarabelle greeted the audience after the applause died down. "I'm giving you this special gossip because this has just been announced. Word on the street is that Tawny Dean of the Twitty/Stevens Connection has suffered a terrible injury, and now the band is holding auditions for her temporary replacement!" Immediately, to the dismay of everyone backstage, all the guests in the House of Mouse ran backstage to where the band was. "Leave it to Clarabelle to spill the beans" said Minnie sheepishly. Beans popped up from behind. "She wasn't referring to you" said an agitated Ren. "Oh well" began Twitty. "let's get started, shall we everyone?"