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Just Kill Me

Is what Tohru has asked half a million times. "Just kill me." But no one seems to. It would put her out of her misery, her horrible life where she works as a slave at her family's house, with no friends and she gets beat if she doesn't listen. But no one listens to her plea. Everyone knows, but they will do nothing. Why you ask? Because her family is the richest, 'wisest' and patron of everything. She is a rich girl, yet poor, a happy person, yet sad, and a wise person, yet completely ignorant. She watches and waits in the shadows, to find the one person who will "Just Kill Me."



Yuki came up and stood behind Tohru, now changed back into his original form. Tohru opened the door wider, and upon the doorstep stood his worst enemy. His rival.

His cousin.

The young men stood glaring at each other. They were related by blood, and by the mystery they shared. "Why are you here?"

Kyou glared at his cousin. How he hated him. Now, he shows up here, at this one place. "Stupid rat! Why do you think I am here!"

Yuki's eyebrow raised several notches. "You aren't here to rape Miss Honda are you?"

Kyou flushed, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. "LECHER! I just came here to return her stupid scarf that she left on the bus!"

Tohru's head drooped. Voices shouted through her head. "Stupid! Slut! Whore! Baka! Wench!" Tohru looked up at the two yelling boys. "STOP!" She yelled.

Yuki and Kyou looked over at Tohru in shock. Never had either of them heard her voice rise beyond her normal whisper. "STOP YELLING!" Tohru screamed, her voice childish and frantic. "Mommy! Daddy! Stop yelling! PLEASE!" Tohru sobbed, her breaths coming in shallow and quick. "Please Mommy! Stop YELLING!"

Kyou watched Tohru in astonishment. "I wondered what a rich girl like her was doing at a councillor's office."

Yuki looked over at his cousin in disbelief. "How can you be so blind? Tohru isn't just any woman, stupid cat! She has suffered, if you would have even have taken the time to notice instead of watching out blindly for yourself!"

Kyou glared a dark look, and left. He ran back the way he had come from, not seeing the car that had driven into the driveway.


"Stupid slut!"


Yuki walked over to the young woman who sat on the floor, her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth. "Tohru," he whispered. "Tohru."

Her head turned towards Yuki, and he reeled back in shock. "Mommy?" She asked, her blue eyes void of every emotion but pain and sorrow. "Daddy? Is that you?"

"Tohru," he told her gently, his voice soft and lulling. "Tohru, It's Yuki."

Her head tilted slightly and her face showed confusion. "Yuki?" She asked, her voice that of a five year old. "I don't know a Yuki."

Yuki wrapped his arms around her, careful not to come to close, lest he transform. "Tohru come back to me, please. It's me…Yuki."

Tohru's head turned towards the voice. "Yuki… Yuki…. I don't know a Yuki, but I do know a Snow! That is my nickname for him because his name means, "snow"."

Yuki swallowed his words painfully. He remembered that occasion all too well. "Well, that is neat! My name means snow as well." Yuki said, his grey eyes stormy with pain and longing.

Tohru beamed at him. "Nice to meet you Yuki! Your nickname will be Snow the Second!"

Yuki smiled and enveloped Tohru in a large hug, his arms pulling her tightly into his embrace. She went into his arms easily, her petite form fitting there.

Tohru smiled at the small form that was in front of her. "You are a lot like Snow, Snow the Second!" exclaimed young Tohru as she gently picked him up in her arms and put him to her chest. "Well Snow the Second, I must show you the new doll I got! My Mommy bought it for me for my birthday!"

Yuki blushed, and nodded his small mouse head wisely.

Tohru stood up, making sure Yuki stayed in her arms. "I can't wait to show you everything else! I have lots of dolls! Mommy always said I was her little Princess! Mommy is away on a plane and I wanted her to take me with her, but she said it was just for big people…" Tohru trailed off, having reached a room on the second floor, away from the servant's quarters.

Tohru transferred Yuki to one arm so that she could open the door. She opened the door, and Yuki sneezed, the coating of dust that had settled in the room making his sensitive nose twitch.

"Snow the Second, this is my room! All belong to me! Tohru! My Mommy and I painted the walls, and Daddy got really mad when Mommy went out to get something and hurted me." Tohru said, through a slight whimper. "I asked him to stop, but he kept hurting me! Saying I deserved it! Mommy never knew…"

Yuki twitched; his anger overwhelming. How dare he hurt Tohru-San like that!

Tohru went over to her bed and sat down. "I love this room. I love my Mommy. I don't love Daddy though." Said Tohru; her body quivering.

A door slammed somewhere below and footsteps came up the stairs. Yuki listened with his ears pricked.

"Tohru, shh!" Yuki whispered in a frantic hush.

"I hope Mommy comes back soon…"

The steps came over to the door and the knob turned slowly. The door opened, being pushed gently, and Yuki felt a shiver go down his small spine. "No. Please don't let it be… please… don't let it be…her."

The door opened a fragment more, and Tohru looked up, a scared expression on her face. "I'm not supposed to be up here! This room is forbidden!" Tohru cast her eyes around the room. "Yuki!" She whispered, realizing that he was in her arms.

"Tohru, shhh!" The door opened ever slightly more, and a foot stepped into the room….