Summary: You're not supposed to fall in love with your captor, especially if he is a high-ranking member of the yakuza. Things just never seem to follow that law, however. Completely AU. Mainly Sasuke/Sakura. Rated for violence and language.

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, more will be revealed as the story progresses

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, at all. All the characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi-sensei. The only thing in this story that is mine will be the OCs and the plot itself.

Conspiracy of the Heart and Soul

Chapter One – Not Just an Ordinary Night

Tying her hair hastily in a ponytail, the young woman of about nineteen looked in the small, broken mirror in front of her. Her eyes peered at her handiwork as she removed the pad that she had been holding in her mouth, a black pen gripped as well. Glancing at the orangey red design emblazoned on her gray shirt, she frowned slightly as she stuffed the pad and pen into one of the back pockets of her jeans. She was a pizza delivery girl at Tony's and when they were short on help, she doubled as a waitress there. Tonight was one of those nights. Stretching slightly, she took one last look at the broken mirror before exiting the room and taking her post at the cashier. Taking a plain black clip with white text, she pinned it to her shirt. It had her name on it. Her name was Sakura.

She was orphaned when she was ten, her parents dying because of a car crash. They pushed her onto the wet sidewalk as they took the incoming crash of the car. Sakura was crying as she hugged the dead bodies of her parents, the warmth leaving them. The driver of the car felt partly responsible, the least she could do was adopt Sakura for this. She managed to get Sakura's parent's consent before they died. She wasn't overtly rich but she had enough money to support Sakura and herself. Sakura moved out a year ago and was able to get an apartment and share it with a female classmate, since she was already of legal age and could support herself. It wasn't the wisest decision for Sakura since she had a harder time paying for her own things but her foster mother, sort of; occasionally send money for certain things, since they had developed a close bond with each other.

"Oi, Haruno! Get to your post already! There are customers waiting to be served!" shouted the irate manager towards the back room. She rolled her jade green eyes in annoyance as she tucked a stray strand of her pink hair before she left the room. She didn't know why she could still stand working here. The manager only seemed to be able to berate her even further, as every day passed by. If she could quit, she would have done so a long time ago but there were no other jobs that wouldn't hinder her studies. She had to pay for part of the apartment fees, after all. "Hurry up! I don't pay people to be slow you know," hissed the manager as he pointed one of his chubby fingers to an empty counter where a small line was beginning to form, "And hurry up about it, will you?" Sakura nodded, an invisible scowl on her face, as she took out her pad and her pen and began to entertain the customers.

It was a busy night for Tony's and even so, the manager still kept his bad mood. Every ten minutes or so, the phone line would ring and pizzas and other Italian foods were being ordered. Though it was Sakura's main job, a delivery girl, the manager sent someone else to do the work. He sent a boy to do the work, Karitoji Fuuya. Fuuya was just like any other guy to Sakura. Sakura was just like any other girl to Fuuya. Nothing else happened between them but Sakura couldn't help but get annoyed at the fact that the manager trusted him more than he trusted her and she had been working here for a far longer time than Fuuya. About, eight or nine months into her job, Fuuya was hired. Sakura didn't screw up her deliveries, she rarely ever did, but why was she stuck in this job when it was really Fuuya's?!

"Haruno, you have a delivery to make!" shouted the irate manager as he rubbed his temples. Sakura turned around, an eyebrow raised, as she looked at him. "Go get a large pepperoni pizza and a couple of packs of lasagna and go deliver it to the Fujimori place in downtown Kyoto. You know where it is." The manager jabbed his thumb at the pizza box with two rectangular shaped plastic containers filled with lasagna on top the box. Sakura proceeded to walk towards the boxes, sweat dripping down the sides of her face. As she picked up the box, the manager spoke gruffly. "You have thirty minutes to get to the place! Go be quick about it, alright?" Sakura nodded stiffly as she moved outside. Grumbling, she continued to walk on to her bike. It would be a long night.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to Tony's

A small smile was on Sakura's face as she continued on her way back to the restaurant. It was 8:30 and her shift would end in an hour. She had gotten a ¥600 tip and that made her day. Her boss gave her a crummy salary and when it was time for everyone to get paid, she was paid last and he always grudgingly gave her the salary she worked hard for and it was an annoying process. She decided to bike back to Tony's slowly, who cares if the manager screamed at her again? She managed to get to the Fujimori place in about twenty minutes when most people took nearly thirty. She saved ten minutes off the 'Be there in thirty minutes or your next pizza is free!' promo that they had. She'd like to take those extra ten minutes slow and easy. She hated going to the place but she didn't exactly have anywhere else to go for a job so she stayed stuck.

Hazy moonlight streamed down from the dark sky as she continued to bike on. She decided to take a different route back to Tony's, so she could pass by the convenience store and get a bottle of water. Damn she was thirsty. Swerving her bike to the left, she continued her way to the store. Sakura began humming a song that had been stuck in her head for the past hour or so as she gripped the handles of her bicycle. Turning into an alleyway, she began thinking about buying a couple of other things from the store, while she was there. She could buy a carton of milk; they were running out of it anyway and a box of her cornflakes, her roommate having no consideration of the fact that they were hers in the first place! She heard gunshots, as she moved closer to her destination. She shrugged it off. It was probably the TV of the people who were living nearby, the volume maxed out.

"Please! Spare me! I didn't mean to—" Bang. Bang. Twobullets pierced the brick wall beside him, as another man holding a gun, onyx eyes void of any emotion, looked at him with distant eyes. "Sir, I didn't mean to screw up the mission! Give me a chance!" Bang. Another bullet grazed by, missing contact with his body by a mere millimeter. The man's eyes widened as the gun was aimed directly at the middle of his forehead. His knees buckled as he fell down, the gun following as well. He was going to die; there was no way out of it. If his gun was following his every movement, there would be no doubt about it. He had already used three bullets but he had three more and he had extra ammo in his trench coat, all of them did. "Please, one last chance. I promise not to screw up!" The man's voice sounded desperate as he raised his eyes towards the man with the gun, who towered over him. Bang. The fourth bullet was launched and drove its way through the man's skull, blood spewing. Glancing at the corpse in front of him, he shot the remaining two bullets, one at his heart and the other at his stomach. Reloading his gun, the man turned around, only to face a witness. 'Damn it!'

Sakura's eyes widened as she clenched her fists. She had witnessed a murder and not just any murder, it was one done in cold blood. The killer was heartless, not even giving the man a chance to speak, not that it would have done much anyway. Besides that, he had deep pools of onyx he called eyes that were void of any emotion. It was as if he didn't care he had to do that. In truth, he really didn't. What he cared about was the fact that she had seen him killing someone in the night. That scenario usually brought about suspicion. Sakura inched backwards as the man stepped closer towards her. Thoughts whirled in her mind as a look of fear etched itself onto her face. The man was hardly older than her. If he was, he was only older by a number of months. Seeing the way he killed the man, he was capable, very capable of killing her as well. Besides that, he had a fully loaded gun. Her back touched the wall as the man inched closer, a dark look on his face.

"How much did you see?" he seethed. Sakura shut her eyes tightly, her head down. The man trapped her, his hands spread out against the brick wall as he continued gazing at her with those onyx eyes that held no emotion. A soft sound, vaguely reminding her of a laugh, escaped his lips, a dark look on his face. "Don't tell me you saw all of it?!" he snapped as he continued gazing at her with those dark orbs. Sakura winced as she kept silent. It wouldn't do for her to say anything. Picking out his gun from its holster around his waist, the man stepped back, the gun aimed directly at her heart. "You saw all of it, didn't you?" A wild and agitated tone coated his words. Sakura's eyes widened, her mouth opened as if to say something but no words came out. The man made a motion to pull the trigger but the gun fell, a dry smirk on his face. "You're lucky, woman. I can't kill women but that doesn't mean you don't go unharmed." Pulling her away from the wall, the man brought her body closer to his. Heat rose in Sakura's cheeks, not because she liked the man but because they were close, intimately close. "The name's Uchiha Sasuke, from Sharingan. Don't you dare forget that when we get to our destination." Sasuke struck the back of her neck, her eyes widening before she drifted into unconsciousness. "This is bullshit, why do I have to do this?" he muttered, irritated as he carried her small frame across his shoulder, walking towards the car he used to get here, leaving the bloody corpse behind.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hours Later

Blink. Blink. "Where am I?" mumbled Sakura groggily as she struggled to stand up straight. Glancing around, her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Her hand moved slightly, bumping into something hard, probably wooden. Looking around, she tried to see if she could make out any shapes in the darkness. All she could tell was that there was a small candle on top of a desk, the flame flickering and threatening to disappear if it weren't tended to. 'Not like I can tend to you, little fire. I can't even see where I am!' Sakura blinked as she tried to decipher what she just did. She just mentally talked to fire and that wasn't something people would normally do. Then again, she wasn't exactly in the most normal of places. Hell, she didn't even know where she was! All she remembered was the name Uchiha Sasuke and the word Sharingan. Sighing, she hugged her knees close to her chest, hiding the lower half of her face in the process. The door suddenly swung open, the lights giving off an unwelcome brightness as Sakura closed her eyes in annoyance. He was standing there, a blank look on his face.

"So you're awake already," he drawled as he entered the room, closing the door in the process. Leaning on the wall, he eyed her. Sakura sat up straight as she rubbed her eyes slightly, trying to get used to the light. Opening her eyes, she gazed down at her shirt. It was white, not the gray and orangey red one she was wearing earlier. Looking up at Sasuke, she had an accusing look on her face as she hugged her upper body with her arms. "I'm not that bad, even though I did just kill someone. I asked Ino to change your shirt to something that wasn't… cheap looking." Sakura scowled as she crossed her arms. It wasn't her fault that they had such a crummy design at Tony's! All she did was work there and try to earn a decent living while going to school. "And if you're thinking about escaping, it won't really work. I've arranged for Ino to guard you. As soon as she's done with her report, she'll come here and I'll introduce you to her."

It was quiet again. Sakura was wary of what could happen here. By the looks of things, as well as what he had said, the place was for the yakuza. She assumed that the mafia was called Sharingan. From the rumors she heard, they were a dangerous group to mess with. That is, of course, if you got on their bad side. On the flip side of things, they were formidable allies. And from what she could remember about the rumors, their leader was a twenty-four year old man and the second highest ranking member of the group was a nineteen year old man. They were siblings. Lifting her eyes just a little bit, Sakura stole a glance off of her captor. From what she could see, he didn't look any older than her, months perhaps but not significantly older.

"I'm going. If you need anything, ask for it when I get back, Ino along with me." Sasuke wheeled around and opened the door. "And, don't talk to anyone who looks vaguely like me. It spells trouble." With that, he exited the room, his hands in his trench coat pockets. Sakura sighed as she fell on the bed. Why would she talk to anyone here? It was a dangerous place and of course, they were dangerous people. This was a syndicate! Who knew what they could do to her? Grasping a pillow, she buried her face in it. She was just a pizza delivery girl in a not too fancy Italian restaurant. All she was doing earlier was to try and get to the convenience store and buy milk and corn flakes. Actually being kidnapped by a member of the yakuza was the last thing on her mind. Hell, it wasn't even on her mind.

Sasuke was walking on towards the practice area. He was already great at using the gun, any gun or weapon really, but he was going to practice. Gripping his gun, he walked on. He met people on the way, not really bothering to say hi. The people, on the other hand, stepped aside. Even if he wasn't the leader of the yakuza, he had a lot of power within it. Why shouldn't he? The leader was in fact, his brother. An unconscious scowl found its way onto his face. He wasn't jealous of his older brother because he was the leader. That was his right, being the elder son after all. He was annoyed because his brother just acted the way he was. He acted like an ass, a imbecile, a jerk, a jackass, a bastard. The list went on and on. Wheeling to his left, Sasuke continued walking, a dark cloud hanging above his head.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Practice Area

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Click. Click. All six bullets pierced the dummy about six hundred meters away from him. Sasuke was wearing bullet proof goggles as he methodically reloaded his gun. What did he need practice for, he didn't particularly know. He just felt like practicing so he left it at that. Aiming at the dummy in front of him, Sasuke readied himself and riddled the dummy with bullets. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Click. Click. Grumbling, he threw the gun to the floor and picked out another one from the wall. He'd reload both of them later. Right now, he felt like practicing his use of the rifle. He was used to using a pistol and when he was told to hold a sniping position, he wouldn't want to be caught not knowing how to use the thing. Bang. Damn, it missed. It had been a while since he felt the contours of a rifle in his hands. His skills were getting rusty.

"Little brother, you're practicing?" asked a voice. Sasuke ignored it as he continued shooting the dummy with his rifle. His onyx eyes stayed glued to the stuffed human copy as the bullets riddled its body. He learned how to ignore his brother's voice long ago but there were times when he had to listen and so he did. If that wasn't the reason, it was because his brother was particularly annoying him and just continued talking. "You did kill him right?" Sasuke momentarily stopped to nod then resumed to shooting the dummy with the bullets he had left. "And there was a witness. Ino told me herself." Sasuke scowled. She didn't have to say that but one way or another, he would find out. "And you didn't kill the witness. You're softening, Sasuke. Just because the witness was a woman, doesn't mean you can't kill her."

"Like you've already killed a woman," hissed Sasuke as he set down the rifle and looked at his brother. This was a vexing conversation. Why he continued it, he didn't know, but it was happening. A scowl crossed his face as he looked at his older brother. They looked alike, even if there was a five year difference in age. "I trained with you, even if you had a head start, and you've never been able to kill women or children. Otou-san saw to that, even Okaa-san." Itachi looked up at the ceiling, as if trying to remember something. It was true, their parents never killed women. Their parents had died because of a mess that occurred from within. Though they were able to control it, they lost the lives of their parents in the process, speeding up Itachi's claim as leader of Sharingan.

"But I have," said Itachi, a cool smile on his face, "You remember Sai, don't you?" Itachi never stayed with one woman. After about a week, two if she was lucky enough to catch his interests for that long, Itachi dumped her and scoured the place for another. The last one was Sai. Sasuke nodded slowly, afraid of what he would hear next. "You also know that I don't tell my women that I'm a leader of a yakuza. They just know that I'm a legitimate businessman who runs a company that's into developing technology." Sasuke nodded slowly, a feeling of apprehension churning in his stomach. "Well, she said she loved me then hated me for dumping her so she did her own little investigation as to why. Thing is, she found out about Sharingan and I was forced to either take her in again or kill her. Guess which I chose, little brother?" A disgusted look appeared on his face. Of course Sasuke knew what Itachi chose. It was that obvious as to which choice was made.

"You're a bastard, you know that?" hissed Sasuke as he picked up his rifle and began riddling the body of the dummy with the remaining bullets. Click. Click. A phantom smile appeared on Itachi's face as he looked at Sasuke with amusement. So what if he killed Sai? She wasn't supposed to know in the first place. He did his very best in order for her to continue living but no, she had to meddle around in his affairs and that got her killed. "When did you start killing women as well, bastard?" Itachi let a quiet laugh escape his lips. His brother was sure getting into the mood of getting pissed off at him. That was something he could do very easily, piss off his younger brother. "Well, answer me, bastard or I'll shoot your head right off of your shoulders." Sasuke had reloaded his rifle and was pointing it straight at Itachi's head.

"Two days ago," he said with a confident air. A gunshot reverberated in the practice room. A single strand of hair floated its way down to the marble floor. Sasuke shot but the bullet missed, on purpose of course. Only a single strand of hair was cut off from the rest of his body. "That was bad marksmanship, little brother." Bang. Another strand of his hair was separated from his body. Itachi looked down at the floor, two small lines of black curled there. "If only you weren't my little brother, I'd have killed you by now but you are my brother." A growl vibrated at the base of Sasuke's throat as his onyx eyes gave his older brother a steely look. "I'm supposed to be scared of that, right little brother? Well, not working." Sasuke grunted as he turned around and put back the equipment he was using.

"Don't visit my hostage. Traumatizing anyone by just existing is your specialty." Sasuke wheeled around and began walking out the door. Why he had cared enough for her that he told his brother not to visit, was beyond him. She was just a hostage and better off dead because she was a witness of him killing off a useless member of Sharingan. Glancing at the clock, he noted the time. It was nearly two in the morning. He'd sleep in, it wouldn't matter. It's not like he actually had a business to attend to. "I mean it, bastard." Itachi nodded slowly, a sly smile on his face. When his brother was like this to any women, it usually meant they were pretty, very pretty. Either that or his brother was getting soft. Knowing Sasuke, however, Itachi opted for the first choice.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tsuzuku…

Hmm… it started out the way I wanted it to, and it didn't end the way I had planned but it's nice, don't you think so? Anyway, this is set where Sasuke is a high-ranking yakuza member, seeing as his brother is the leader. Sakura's just a pizza delivery girl who somehow wound up being a witness to a murder so she has to be taken as a hostage or else, well, Sharingan will be caught!

Hum, I wonder how the fic will go on from here? Personally, I like it a lot. It is dark themed but will still have Romance! It's serious but there are times, I suppose, when I can lighten up the characters! The roles seem to fit the characters. Sasuke and Itachi are the leaders of the yakuza, Sakura's just your ordinary pizza delivery girl, Ino is Sakura's "guard" and… I'll leave it at that. I don't want to spoil too much.

So, here's my regular chapter preview!

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Chapter Preview: "Ino-san, what just happened?" asked Sakura weakly as she faced the blonde guard. "What did I do wrong?" She didn't know why it bothered her. It shouldn't have in the first place. She was being held here, against her own will, yet, for some reason, seeing that made her feel bad about it. The blonde guard looked at her, cerulean blue eyes saying she didn't want to say. "Please? I really want to know why that was the reaction." Ino sighed as she looked at the woman in front of her. She wasn't supposed to but seeing the way Sakura acted, her defenses dropped. She was supposed to be a strong guard, at least like this, yet she couldn't help but give in to the captive's wishes.