Summary: You're not supposed to fall in love with your captor, especially if he is a high-ranking member of the yakuza. Things just never seem to follow that law, however. Completely AU. Mainly Sasuke/Sakura. Rated for violence and language.

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, more will be revealed as the story progresses

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, at all. All the characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi-sensei. The only thing in this story that is mine will be the OCs and the plot itself.

Conspiracy of the Heart and Soul

Chapter Eighteen – The Aftermath to the War

It was a bright and sunny day compared to the events of the night before. Today, Sakura was going to introduce him to Tenno Renge, her best friend who in turn would introduce him to her father, the dean of the College of Business Administration. He feverishly hoped that he would get accepted. He no longer wanted to be separated from the one he loved. Neji, Tenten, Ayumi, Kotoe, Kenta, Shikamaru and even Ino were hoping for the best for the two of them. They were all going their separate ways now but would occassionaly keep in touch. It was for the best that Sharingan would never be discussed in public. Sasuke felt Sakura tug his hand. "Sasuke-kun, let's go! I'm sure both Renge-chan and Soushi-ji-san are excited to meet you," said Sakura, a smile on her face. Sasuke nodded as he let her lead the way to a new life with her.

The air around them was tense as Sakura rung the doorbell, the Uchiha slightly behind her. He didn't know what to expect from Sakura's best friend, except that she was nice due to all the information Sakura had given him about her. It seemed like forever before the door opened. Tresses of dark black greeted them and pinkish red eyes widened in delight as she realized who was at the door. Sakura waved with a sheepish smile on her face as the one who had opened the door. What the girl did next was unexpected. She latched herself onto Sakura with tears falling down her face, obviously happy to see the girl. "Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan!" cried out the girl as her tears began to soak Sakura's sweater. It was starting to get cold, after all.

"Renge-chan!" said Sakura with a happy smile as the other girl finally pulled apart. Renge smiled wholeheartedly, restraining herself from latching onto her best friend. Looking back at Sasuke, she introduced them to each other. "This is Tenno Renge, my best friend," began Sakura as she motioned towards the dark haired girl. Sasuke nodded slowly as Renge offered him a smile. "And this is Uchiha Sasuke, my boyfriend," said Sakura, her voice softening slightly as she reddened. "He's the one I want to introduce to Soushi-ji-san," explained Sakura as she scratched the back of her head, "The reason is sort of complicated to explain now."

"Come in! Come in! Otou-sama is in the living room, anxious in seeing you again," said Renge as she ushered the two callers inside the grand house. "You've been gone for over a month, Sakura-chan! Where were you?" asked Renge as they walked in the marble flooring of the house. Sakura smiled sheepishly, murmuring an apology as to why she didn't say anything about her sudden disappearance. Sasuke merely averted his gaze when the topic came up. Of course she had been gone for a month. He had abducted her that night and if he didn't, he would have never met here and none of this would have happened in the first place. "Sasuke-san, you seem to have known where Sakura-chan was this past month. Could you tell me as she's refusing to?" asked Renge, hopeful that the male would.

"Err… it's a complicated matter, Renge-san. Believe me, you wouldn't understand even if we told you," said Sasuke simply, evading her question skillfully. Renge pouted as she realized neither one of them would answer her. It probably was a complicated matter anyway. Sakura almost always readily told her any problems the pink haired girl might have encountered. "And we'd both rather not talk about it," added Sasuke as an afterthought. Renge nodded understandingly, talking about the topic no more. Soon enough they reached the living room, heavily decorated with various cultural pieces. There was a grand piano in the center, a crystal chandelier hanging up above, around two or three marble statues and various paintings ranging from European art to even Japanese art. Sitting down on the sofa was a well groomed elderly man of around fifty years of age, his brown eyes still sharp, his dark hair flecked with strands of gray. Time seemed to stand still when he saw her.

"Sakura, Haruno Sakura, is that you?" he croaked out standing up as he began walking towards the three. Sakura nodded slowly, her face breaking into a grin as she walked up to the man. A look of relief found its way to the man's face as he embraced the pink haired girl. "I've missed you! Where have you been this past month?" asked the man, greatly happy that the one he too considered his daughter was alive and well. Sakura murmured a sheepish apology as they broke away from the friendly embrace. Looking up, the man noticed his daughter and beside her, a tall raven haired male who nodded his head in acknowledgement. "Oh? Who is this? The face looks familiar and the name is at the tip of my tongue," said the man as he walked closer towards Sasuke.

"Uchiha Sasuke, Sir," offered the male as he felt Renge's father's hand rest on his shoulder. Soushi motioned for them to follow him and the three followed silently. Sasuke tensed slightly as he sat down on an arm chair, Sakura in the seat next to him and Renge sitting down beside her father. Soushi relaxed as he motioned for Sasuke to continue, to try and jolt his memory. "I come from the family that owns Uchiha Industries, a company that manufactures various kinds of hardware and computer related things. Our company might branch out into developing software soon enough," explained Sasuke as she clenched his fists together.

"Oh, I remember now. I've met your parents before, good people. It's too bad they died three years ago," said Soushi with a sympathetic tone. Sasuke nodded, his muscles tensing. They had only died because his brother killed them three years ago. "How is your brother? I hear that he has been the CEO since then," said Soushi. Sasuke muttered that he had died only last night, refusing to mention that he had killed his brother and learned only of the truth behind his parents' death then. "Oh? I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose you'll be the CEO now, won't you, Sasuke-san?" asked Soushi, keenly interested on what was now going to happen to the Uchiha family company. It was a promising place, flourishing in every single aspect. It was well run and at the hands of yet another Uchiha, it would most likely continue to prosper as it did for the past fifty years.

"Soushi-ji-san, Sasuke-kun needs to get into your college," spoke up Sakura with a slightly worried look on his face, "This is the reason why we visited today." The elderly man coughed slightly, his brown eyes widening in amazement. "He had skipped going to college last year and would like to do so now. I know it is last minute since the registration starts today but please consider the welfare of his company. He wants to run it well so he needs to get a degree in Business Administration," explained Sakura, her cheeks reddening, "Of course, if you can't do anything, Soushi-ji-san, Sasuke-kun can always wait for the next semester." It came as a shock to the elderly man but he shook his head, a smile finding its way to his face.

"I'll do something about it alright. I want Uchiha Industries to continue to flourish," said Soushi, "But promise me one thing, Sasuke-san." Sasuke looked up to him with a slightly confused expression on his face. "Take care of Sakura. I hear you're more than just friends."

"Even if you didn't say that, Tenno-san, I would die for her," he spoke as he looked down at the marble flooring.

"Very well, you are accepted into the College of Business Administration. I will inform all the offices involved this very minute."

Four Days Later

"Take a left here, Sasuke-kun," directed Sakura as she motioned for him to do so. They were going to check out the apartment that interested them today. Since Sharingan had been destroyed, Sasuke had no place to call a physical home anymore. The building wasn't tall, as most of the important floors were beneath the ground, the actual office of Uchiha Industries in the heart of Kyoto's business district. The headquarters was near the outskirts of the city and only very few people working in the company knew of its location. Because of his need for a place to live in, Sakura had decided to move out of her old apartment and move in with him. "It looked like a really cozy place to live in," murmured Sakura. The name of the apartment complex intrigued her. It was Le Septième Ciel or simply The Seventh Heaven.

The apartment they were looking at was a bit on the pricey side causing Sakura to make reconsider. However, Sasuke didn't mind the price of the apartment. He'd just have to pay for the apartment itself so all they'd have to worry about was the tax the government would impose. He was the CEO of his company and getting paid so he wasn't exactly in any financial difficulties. Sakura had nearly hugged him to death when he said that they would get the apartment, if it was pleasing to the eye and no further work would be done. She truly wanted the apartment and his decision to buy it made her squeal with delight. The apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a den and a study. It was one of the pricier flats and still Sasuke didn't mind. He wanted the place anyway, besides the fact that it'd give him a place to come home to with Sakura there with him.

"Here we are," murmured Sakura as Sasuke scoured the streets for a parking slot. Soon enough, he found one. Easing the black convertible into the slot, Sasuke parked the car. Switching off the engine, he pocketed the keys and exited the car. Sakura had already done so and was waiting for him. "Thank you, Sasuke-kun," murmured Sakura as her hand found its way to his, their fingers intertwining with each others. As they entered the building, a warm feeling enveloped the female as they waited for the real estate agent to come and show them the apartment. Soon enough, the agent came. She greeted the two prospective clients.

"Good morning, Haruno-san, Uchiha-san. I am Furisako Aya," greeted the female as she bowed slightly. Sakura greeted in return as Aya motioned for them to follow her. "The apartment you're going to look at is on the third floor and is apartment number 323," explained Aya as they walked towards an elevator, "It's one of the larger units, if not the largest. It has two bedrooms with a bathroom in each, a kitchen, a dining area and a study. The color scheme of the apartment is cream and a slightly darker yellow shade with the occasional splash of another color. The entire unit costs around fifteen million six hundred yen." Sakura looked at Sasuke warily. She knew it was pricey but actually buying the unit cost this much?

Moments later, they were in front of the room. Fumbling in her pocket, Aya took out the key to open the door. The apartment looked heavenly; the off white color of the walls complimented the yellowy accents and the various wood pieces inside. Aya had told them to roam around a bit, that the real estate agent would be in the living room preparing the papers if in case they had decided to purchase the unit at whim. The pair was grateful for the chance as they stepped in the nearer bedroom. It seemed a bit small to be the master bedroom but it was quite spacious and roomy. The bed was towards the end of the room nearer the windows. It had a rather large wood closet, simply varnished, for the clothes of the occupant. Towards the other end of the room was another door to the bathroom.

The second bedroom, the master bedroom, had a king sized bed furnished with a couple of throw pillows wrapped in a golden colored cloth. The comforter was a rich red color. The pieces of furniture were woody in color, tying the whole room together. The dining area was small and quaint but with the addition of a few more pieces, it would be simply gorgeous. The kitchen was functional as well as beautiful. It had a modernized feel to it but still retained the woodiness of the entire unit. The study was simply a study, a room around half the size of the first bedroom. One wall had a bookshelf that covered the entire place. Sakura had been clinging to Sasuke's arm tightly, a signal that she was in love with the apartment.

"Then let's get it," said Sasuke as Sakura let go of her hold on him. She squealed with delight as she placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Anyway, the sooner we have a place, the sooner we can both move in without the hassles of going against the class schedules, right?" he said. The very same day he and Sakura had met the dean of the College of Business Administration, she got a call from an excited Renge, saying that Sasuke had a place. That day and the next, the two of them had been in Kyoto University, signing up for classes that were required of them and picking a couple of electives. Talented in Math, Sasuke took Math electives. Sakura had taken Psychology electives, even if she was planning to become a pediatrician. However, since they both had a slot for a language elective, the two of them had decided to take Spanish.

"Ah, I see you're done looking around the apartment," said Aya with a slight smile. Sakura nodded as she and Sasuke sat down on the sofa. "So, how do you like the place?" asked the real estate agent, leaning slightly from the arm chair she was sitting on. Sakura voiced out her delight, saying she had never been in a more beautiful unit in her entire life. Sasuke merely nodded, not really being a many of many words. "Will you take it or would you like to look at another unit? There's still one more but I'm afraid it's much smaller than this. The other unit only has one bedroom, one bathroom a kitchen and a dining area," said Aya as she leaned back into her armchair. Looking at Sakura briefly, the Uchiha faced Aya.

"We'll take this apartment," he said curtly.

"Wonderful! I'll just fill in the papers and after signing them, you will be the proud owners of this apartment. This apartment, since it's on the pricey side, will come with two parking slots in the assigned parking area of Le Septième Ciel."

The First Day of Classes

The day before yesterday, they had both finally finished moving into their new apartment. It was just a fifteen minute drive away from school, which made it all the more convenient. They had gone out for dinner yesterday before their classes would start. They went to a fine dining restaurant to finally celebrate all that had happened within the course of a month and a week, from the day they first met, despite the circumstances they were both in, the day Sasuke had begun to realize his humanity and the day Itachi died. Wearing a white halter top, the bejeweled cherry blossom pendant Sasuke had given to her glistened in the sun, resting on the white material of her top. Over her white top, she wore a red hooded jacket left unzipped.

"Sasuke-kun, this is your building," said Sakura as they began walking from the parking slot. He frowned slightly as he nodded. "Don't worry, Sasuke-kun, Renge-chan has the same course as you. Of course she's one year ahead since we both went to study at Kyoto University after Senior High," explained Sakura as she hugged her books tighter to her chest. "Speaking of Renge-chan, here she comes," murmured Sakura as she eyed the waving figure of her best friend. "My building is just across the street and my first class ends at nine. The next class doesn't start until ten. How about you?"

"Sasuke-san! Sakura-chan!" shouted Renge before Sasuke could reply. Sakura offered a smile as Sasuke nodded. "Well, here we are, back in school," said Renge with a disappointed tone in her voice, "And we weren't able to spend much time together!" Sakura apologized once more, saying that she would really love to explain why but it would have been better not to. Renge waved the excuse away as she gripped Sasuke's wrist, dragging him to the entrance of the building. "Good luck with your classes, Sakura-chan! Don't worry about Sasuke-san. I'll make sure he doesn't get lost," shouted Renge as she half-dragged her best friend's boyfriend. Sakura gave a laugh, saying she trusted Renge for that. Wheeling around, Sakura began walking to the opposite building.

Her white Chuck Taylor sneakers padded softly against the asphalt as she made her way to the place where she studied. It had been a long and tiring month and a week for her and it all started when she had gone out to do that delivery for Tony's. If it didn't happen, she would probably have never met Sasuke that night and her life would never be the way it was now. In the back of her mind, she was thankful to her boss for making her go and do that delivery. She was probably already fired from her job but she didn't care. She could always go look for another part time job. Someone to love for the rest of her life was much harder to find than a job she would need in order to support herself. Opening her mouth slightly, she whispered to the wind before entering the building.

"I love you, Sasuke-kun."

In the opposite building, Sasuke was thinking of the same thing. What he said next fell to deaf ears as Renge was busy telling him about his first class.

"I love you, Sakura."

And thus began a new chapter in their lives. Two people were now walking down the same path, two people very much in love with each other.


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