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Chapter 2: I've heard so much about you.

"Buffy!" Joyce called upstairs, "You're gonna be late for your first day!"

"Coming!" Her daughter yelled from upstairs, and Mrs Summers couldn't help the smile that graced her lips. Buffy always took forever getting ready, and it was something that Joyce knew would never change about her, not that she minded, she always made it eventually.

Finally Buffy appeared at the top of the stairs, smiling innocently at her mother as if nothing was amiss. Joyce rolled her eyes, and they both made their way to the car.

"So how do you like my outfit?" She asked her mother with a grin. Joyce returned it as she took in her daughter's new school uniform; dark grey pleated skirt, white form fitting blouse, black v-necked cardy jumper, and last but not least, a decidedly unfashionable black and grey stripey tie with the school emblem on it. Joyce surpressed a smile.

"It could be worse." She told her daughter, knowing before she said it that she wouldn't believe her.

Buffy scoffed, "Yeah, I could have to wear a blazer, like the boys do." Really though, Buffy was secretly glad for the uniform, knowing that there was no way that her meagre wardrobe could in any way match those of the undoubtedly rich kids that attend the school. Of course, she would never admit this though, and so, she crossed her arms and pouted until her mother made the appropriate sympathetic sounds.

Joyce wasn't worried about her daughter. She knew that Buffy had the sort of personality that drew people to her like moths to a flame, and she had no doubt that she would fit right in at this new school, despite their distinct difference in class. And so She was smiling and waving at her daughter in good spirits as she dropped her off outside Angelus Academys.

Contrary to her flawless appearance, Buffy was nervous as hell. She was both looking forward to and dreading her first day at her new school, and was so caught up in her own thoughts that she barely heard her mothers words of encouragement and calls of 'good luck!' as she left her in front of the huge campus.

Everywhere, students were going about their daily businesses, some chatting loudly in groups, some strolling past on their own, but all of them unbeknownst of Buffy, who stood on her own, and gulped nervously.

Quickly, she scanned the crowds to check on her appearance. On the first day, she knew that it was important to fit in, and that meant looking the same as everyone else.

She spotted a nearby group of popular looking girls about her age, and studied their appearance quickly. Hastily, she loosened her tie, untucked her blouse, and left her top collar button undone. She hesitated at rolling her skirt up as far as theirs, though, deciding that it wasn't exactly the image she wanted to project. After checking her hair and rolling up the sleeves of her uniform top, she made her way confidently towards the school entrance with a spring in her step that she really didn't feel.

Buffy looked down at the timetable she had been given, double checking the room number, before following a few of her fellow classmates through said door and approaching the neatly dressed middle-aged man at the front of the class, whom she assumed was the teacher.

He peered over his glasses at her, and she was relieved when he smiled warmly. She couldn't help but smile in return. The secretary had been far less friendly.

"Ah," he said, "You must be Buffy Samson?"

"Summers," she corrected politely, still smiling.

"Oh, yes of course, do forgive me," She noticed that he had a distinct British accent, and at his politeness decided that she liked him immediately.

"Welcome to Angelus Academy, Buffy. My name is Mr. Giles." He informed her, "If you have any questions or worries, please don't hesitate to ask, but for now, please do take a seat over there." He pointed to a nearby empty desk, and Buffy dutifully sat down, and waited whilst the rest of the class arrived.

As soon as everyone was seated, Mr. Giles cleared his throat, and the class immediately settled down. Buffy was impressed, at her old school, it took a hell of a lot more than that for the class to be quiet, and so she assumed that either Mr. Giles was a respected man, or he had a hidden strict side to him. Buffy suspected the former.

"Now, everyone, today, we have a new student joining us," He informed the class, and immediately, heads swivelled round to look at her. She quickly fixed her 'I'm confident and popular' smile on her face, and forced herself to resist the urge to blush and start fidgeting with her pencil until they all turned back to the front of the class again.

"Her name is Buffy Summers," Giles continued, "and I trust that you will all do your best to make her feel welcome here at Angelus Academy."

With that over, Giles resumed the history lesson as normal, and Buffy let out a sigh of relief for the fact that she didn't seem to be getting any, 'You're new and I don't like you' vibes from anyone. So far.

Since they had all had a chance to judge her, she decided that it was only fair for her to be able to do the same, and so, began to subtly inspect the class. From what she could tell, it was your average mix of students. You had your garden-variety geeks, jocks and cheerleaders, whom she immediately picked out despite the equalising uniforms.

Then there were the undeterminables, the people who didn't quite belong to any particular category. They were the ones who made up the majority of the class. They weren't unpopular, some even hung with the popular cheerleaders, but there was always something individual about them that kept them back from being really popular. Buffy herself belonged in that group. She didn't mind, to be really popular in most cases, would require her to be a total bitch, and she just wasn't that kind of a person. There was also the unforgivable fact that she was not rich, or unflappably confident, nor was she willing to flaunt her sexuality. These facts disqualified her as runner for queen bitch of this school. But of course they didn't know that yet.

Buffy was surprised when a note was passed on to her desk, she hadn't made eye contact with anyone in particular yet, and so had no idea who it could be from. She carefully unfolded it, making sure to keep it out of sight of the teacher, and read;

Summers, right?

You related to Mrs. Joyce Summers? Think I overheard something about her daughter coming here soon, that you?

Welcome to Angelus Academy,


'Damn', she thought, she had planned on not letting people know that she wasn't rich until she had at least met a few people here, but apparantly her secret was out already.' Wait,' she thought, 'Liam?' she looked up to her right, to the person who had passed along the note. The friendly but slightly shy seeming red head smiled at her encouragingly, and Buffy took the chance while Mr. Giles' back was turned to quickly scribble a reply;

Thanks for the welcome, Liam

Liam as in Liam Angelus, Liam?

Yeah, my mom works for your dad I think?


She folded the note, and whilst Giles wasn't looking, she gave it to the red head, and watched carefully to see who she passed it to. She took the note and subtly placed it on the desk of the person to her right. Buffy couldn't see him past the girl in between them, but as he leaned forward and retrieved the folded piece of paper, he turned in her direction and gave her the most gorgeous half smile she had ever seen. His eyes were such a deep chocolatey brown, and his features were so breath-takingly handsome, that she could swear that she almost melted. He leaned back again, and she held her breath until she got his reply;

I knew it, your mom works with my dad,

I see her sometimes in the manor, she seems cool.

You kinda look like her.

She smiled at how he said that her mom worked WITH his dad, when they both knew that she worked FOR him.

She wrote back;

Yeah, people say I come after my mom,

I take it as a compliment,

Who do you think you come after?

He replied;

My mom too, thank god.

You have someone to show you around the school yet?

I'll help you out if you want.

Buffy's heart skipped a beat, and she hastily wrote back that she'd love that, before she realised that they were supposed to be taking notes on some war or other.

During a break in note taking, her thoughts drifted back to the handsome Liam Angelus Jr. Then suddenly she remembered back to what her mother had told her about two weeks ago, and she frowned. There was no way that it could be true, Liam did not seem the type of kid who was beaten by his father. There wasn't a bruise in sight, and he was way too... mysterious and confident, to have those sort sof problems. No, it couldn't be true, unless he was really good at hiding it.

She remained in that pensive mode until the bell rang, and she hastily packed up her things and got ready to go. Everyone was doing the same, but Buffy noticed that having packed up, everyone still stood behind their seats, and appeared to be waiting for something. She followed everyones example and looked to Mr. Giles at the front of the class.

Mister Giles waited until there was complete silence, and then proclaimed, "Class dismissed, good day." Before the entire class headed for the doors. 'Okay, that was new,' Buffy thought to herself, usually, as soon as the bell had gone at her old school, people would be rushing for freedom, students and teachers alike. She shrugged, and turned to go, before noticing the red head who sat beside her and Liam himself waiting for her, with their own individual smiles and half smiles on their faces.

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