Red Galactica
By Chaoseternus

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"Did everyone make it?" Saul barked striding over to Dualla as the ship shuddered out of jump six hundred and sixty six. An Earth human would, based on the number of the jump alone, be expecting something to happen.

The Colonials hadn't yet figured the Devils number out.

"One second…" Dualla smiled, "all ships… Wait!" the smile vanished, rather abruptly replaced by a frown, "New Contact! Unidentified contact bearing 005 by 006 degrees"

"Christ, they're dead ahead!" Tigh spat out, "General Quarters!"

"Any ID on the contact?" Adama asked quietly, his glasses in his hand as he slowly strode over to Dualla.

"No sir, contact is NOT Colonial…" Dualla glanced up, "but isn't Cylon either"

"Frak," Tigh commented, "possible first contact, and us in no shape to lay out the red carpet"

"Analysis of the ship please Dualla" Adama asked.

"Contact is very large… easily Battlestar size but no indications of weapons… roughly cylindrical, slightly tapered off at front with only one apparent engine bell at rear… wait… incoming signal!"

"Lets here it then" Adama asked, and the room hushed. Awe filled everyone's eyes as they waited with baited breathe for the first words from a possible alien race, one of the greatest events in human history was happening to them here and now!

Were they friendly or hostile? What great words of wisdom would these beings, whatever they were, have for them?

"You're very large, appear to be a warship, advanced enough to have figured out FTL drive and you brought friends. Therefore as Captain of this ship I have only one thing to say.

We surrender, unequivocally and totally, just please don't kill us…"

" Rimmer!"