The Mailman
by Chaoseternus


The mailman always gets through.

No rain, no snow, natural disasters animals etc shall block the mailman from his duty. It's the proud boast of a service that covers every world, every anchorage and every ship be they mighty warship or planetary transport.

And it is certainly the proud boast of my new command, the Mailman.

This mailman may have delivered letters and parcels from home to the embattled ships of the fleet, an important task for Fleet Morale sure, but that wasn't her most important task.

Mailman was a Cylon war era Blockade Runner, Liberty class originally but refitted so many time she is most likely in a class all of her own. Her appointed task was to deliver munitions, parts, replacement pilots and replacement Vipers to embattled garrisons or fleets. She, like all the ships of her class, was designed to run the blockade, deliver her mail whatever the enemy thought about the matter.

Her list of medals, of commendations and of campaigns was longer then most Battlestars, even of those that fought in that bloody war.

And now she was mine.

Her lone heavy cannon, her twenty rail gun batteries, her twin missile batteries, her oversized and overpowered engines and manoeuvring burners, and her half squadron of Mark II Vipers.

And I had to admit, I was curious as hell as to why.

I was a Colonel, a pretty good one by all accounts even if I did have a tendency to tell the brass what I really thought, and despite her illustrious past, the Mailman wasn't exactly a normal command for an up and coming officer. Hell, she was the only one of her class still in flight worthy condition.

So why had a ship, formerly on the Decommissioning lists suddenly been reactivated. Why a covert refit? Why Mark II's instead of her previous complement of Mark VIIs?

And why in the name of Kobol was the berth of a War era blockade runner sealed up tighter than the prototype Excelsior class Battlestar in the next graving bay over?

Well, judging by the dazzeling amount of brass that just arrived on the deck on my new ship, I guess I'm about to find out.