10: Dawning Alliance
by Chaoseternus

When Enerina is sent to investigate why every gate in an area of space will not establish a wormhole, she finds something totally unexpected...


Enerina smiled as Ravenbright station slowly slipped away behind the Del Shakka Mel, for the first time in almost a month it looked like she and her crew were going to have an easy time of it.

It was a good thing too, Jaffa may be able to last longer than normal humans without any rest or relaxation but still they did need a break every now and again.

They hadn't had any since the Edonia mission started.

Lucky for her, she was an ally and could therefore pull her ship from the Edonia operation without any real repercussions, demand an easy assignment for a while. And this certainly looked like an easy assignment; find out why an entire sector of space refused to connect to the gate network, despite addresses being present on both the Abydos cartouche and on the Ancient addresses O'Neill loaded into the Tau'ri computers all those years ago.

Sure, they were always coming across bad addresses, where the gate was buried, moved destroyed… there were hundreds of reasons why an address would no longer work but for every address in an entire sector of space to be dead?

Theoretically possible that it could happen by chance, but it was extremely unlikely. No, something was going on here, as was proven by the tendency of even the Goa'uld to avoid this area and they only did that when there was a threat they could not deal with.

Curiosity drove the Tau'ri to send her to investigate, but she had no complaints. There destination was far from Tau'ri space, it would take her some time to get their. Time enough for her and her Jaffa to rest and recuperate from the overworking of recent times.

Enerina was glad of the break, but still she would have to make sure her crew was ready by the time they reached their destination, they had no intelligence, no clue what exactly they were flying into. They would have to be ready for anything.