10: Dawning Alliance
by Chaoseternus

When Enerina is sent to investigate why every gate in an area of space will not establish a wormhole, she finds something totally unexpected...


“"We may have a problem”"

Weir groaned, those were exactly the words she did now want to hear as her prime team, Sheppard, McKay and Ford stepped into her office. Unfortunately, it was exactly what she was coming to expect.

“"What now?”"

"“The second Shadow vessel Prometheus found briefly before they nuked it…”" McKay didn't bother to hide his disgust at the thought of such an advanced vessel being destroyed, and Ford objected.

“"Hey, the Drakh had arrived in system, it was either destroy it or let it fall into Anubis's hands”"

“"Yes, well”" McKay replied, "despite rumour to the contrary I am not disgusted that it had to be destroyed, I can see the point. I am allowed to be disgusted at Anubis's track record though, four days is the longest we have ahd to look at a Shadow vessel before we have been forced to destroy it”"

“"In other words"” Sheppard turned his gaze on Weir, "“there is still aleak somewhere”"

“"I'm on it, but so far..."

“"Yes well, that's not the immediate problem. The scientist on the Prometheus , a Lieutenant Forrest seemed to think that several aspects of the ships controls required a living being to be plugged in, so to speak for them to operate. From the tales of the last great war and the records from the other ships we searched, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to this but it would require the being to be psychic"

Weir shrugged, “"the Minbari have ESP, the odd rare human..."

“"There's the problem"” Sheppard interrupted, sliding a report across the desk, "“a number of Minbari ships have been found. Instead of being destroyed outright, they are now being boarded and the number of bodies being left behind is way off from the number of crew”"

"“He's decided to take his ‘crews' one way or another" McKay inserted, and Weir grimaced, her head dropping to rest on her hands. She could feel another migraine coming on already.

“"Do we know how many he needs per ship?”"

“"No”" McKay replied.

“"Do we know how many Minbari he now has?”"

“"There no way of knowing” Sheppard replied, “too many ships have just vanished without a trace since the war began, most would have been outright destroyed. Of those ships he has boarded, some crew would have died defending their ships..."

“"We cant even begin to guess"” Rodney interrupted.

“"The Minbari will not like being told they cant afford to allow themselves to be taken alive"” Ford commented.

"“No they will not”" Weir looked up, “"and I have to tell them”"

Ford glanced apologetically at her, but Weir shrugged it off, he had spoken the truth after all.

“"Okay, I want a full written report by 0400 tomorrow, including alternate explanations..."” their was a collective groan, it was already 1900, 0400 meant they wouldn't be getting much sleep at all, "if any, “this has to be passed on as soon as possible”"

“"My Lord!”"

Maktenos glanced up with a grimace, tapping the button on his screen to clear the screen, the blueprints vanishing from it in an instant, “"report!”"

The over-enthusiastic young puppy of a Jaffa who had some how managed to wrangle himself a position on his Command ship, Maktenos wasn't interested in how as long as he did his job, tripped, planting his face at Maktenos's feat in a rather more rapid manner then was normally proscribed. Maktenos found it hard to suppress a chuckle, instead he sighed, rolling his eyes.

Why hadn't he gotten rid of this one, perhaps to another ship?

Ah yes, because he knew how to make a Communications array sit up and do handstands that's why. It made him... useful and to a point, tolerable.

“"Report!”2 Maktenos barked, letting a little exasperation and anger seep into his voice.

"“Anubis has ordered more ships from the frontline, he appears to be trying to seize Minbari vessels”"

Maktenos frowned, yes his last report had mentioned a growing movement of ships from the frontlines but not why… but then, Pierce's memories told him Elint was an exact science yes, but only up to a point.

“"Have you learned why yet?"” he demanded, and the Jaffa shrugged, handing over a datacrystal.

“"He is trying to capture Minbari alive and the captured Minbari are being taken to the shadow ships” the Jaffa frowned, “several ships have gone operational not long after the Minbari arrived actually, but I don't know why”"

Maktenos smiled, "“how many of the shadow ships he has found have gone operational before the Minbari prisoners have arrived?”"

The Jaffa frowned, his eyes going distant, “"I don't think they are, not anymore certainly. At least, they are not broadcasting it in a way I can hear”"

Maktenos smiled, ferally, "perfect”"