Warnings/notes : drabble-ish, slightly weird, ooc?, shounen-ai.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 5th april 2004, by Misura

(!) Based on episodes of BattleCity


He remembered screaming.

Falling to his knees, falling into an abyss without a bottom.

That wasn't so bad. He could take that.

He remembered blue eyes. Very cold, yet burning.

Eyes that were gazing at him without a shred of mercy, of compassion, of ... humanity.

That wasn't so bad either.

He remembered being absolutely alone.

The person who had been at his side for years and years, who was his lover, friend, family ... vanished without a trace.

That had been pretty bad.

It had only lasted a few seconds, half a minute, an eternity.

Then he'd regained consciousness, awareness of where he was.

Kneeling on a cold street in Domino, his entire body shaking.

Knowing he had -failed- utterly, completely.

Knowing there'd be a price to pay. For both of them, because they shared everything.

Even if he knew the price would be much less painful than that moment in the abyss, the knowledge still hurt.

The two of them had never been defeated before. Failure was what happened to other people.

Hearing that they would not fail again, -saying- that they would not fail again didn't change the facts.

"Are you scared?"

"With you by my side, never."

That was the key to it all.

They were two halves of a whole.

Light and darkness.

Sun and moon.

Not to be together was not to be complete.

"What did you feel when ... you know?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

The Tormentor was aptly named.

He did not look forward to facing it again, no matter how good his deck.

"Go to sleep."

"I'm afraid that I'll have nightmares."

"What are you, a kid?"

"That'd make you a pedophile."

"Humph. I guess you making lame jokes at my expense is better than you fretting about a simple, easy duel."

"I can think of something even better that I could do to you."

"Which part of 'go to sleep' didn't you understand?"

"All of it? Come on, don't be a spoil-sport!"

"You do know what they say about sex before a match?"


"Well, then - "

"But I don't believe it."

"Do you believe in the Heart of the Cards?"


"It's what that little one, Yugi Muto, believes in."

"He's a stupid idiot."

"He's the victor of Duelist Kingdom."

"What about Kaiba?"


Kaiba controled the Tormentor.

Or maybe the Tormentor controled Kaiba.

"I'm told he cares about nobody except his little brother."

Kaiba would be separated from what he loved most then, when he faced them.

It had a kind of poetic justice to it.

He approved.

He might not have approved if Kaiba hadn't done the same to him, making him feel alone and -weak-.

"He should take better care of what he loves."


The sky showed the first signs of dawn when he fell asleep.

Dawn. The union of light and dark.

"I love you, Umbra."

"You're a stupid idiot. And I swear you've gained weight again."

"Nice to hear you love me too."

"All right, all right, I love you too, Lumis. As you know perfectly well."

As the sun rose, he knew they would triumph.


Note : 'Umbra' means 'shadow, darkness' in latin, while 'Lumis', I think, means 'light'.