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A/N: While some things are accurate in this story, such as the time period in Ancient Egypt, there is not such entity as Meneris in Egyptian mythology. I made him up. I've been working on a way to make this for a while, mostly because I didn't want to change the time-frames. The first episode of SG-1 was run in 1997, which is, of course, Harry's seventh year. So, this is two years after graduation, Season 3 SG-1, and I have to make sure I don't deal with the Osiris issue too much because that didn't happen until Season 4. However, the mess with Seth has happened, so the issue isn't completely out of the blue. I'm watching my transcripts carefully, I promise. If I make a mistake, tell me. (Not that my evil muse won't do that. >:D ) Voldemort is still around, but you won't see him for a while.


Son of Osiris
In The Beginning...

Egypt, Thebes, ca 1206 B.C., reign of Merneptah...

Fhadentep, the Pharaoh's chief magician, let fly through his staff with a violent sedation curse designed for a creature that he should never have had to cast it on, a sun-bird by the name of Khafre. Sun-birds were sacred as even cats were not, but this individual was not alone. He had been possessed by the demonic son of Isis and Osiris, Meneris. When they had been banished, he had escaped their fate by leaving his body and taking that of Khafre.

In the time since that possession, a total of more than a thousand years, he had been the bane of the Pharaohs, the last reminder of their predecessors, the false gods, the Goa'uld. The name of their race was not spoken outside the priesthood and the magicians' circle. They had not wanted the demons remembered to the average population of Egypt, and Meneris threatened that silence at least once a decade. This time, though, the possessed sun-bird had been anticipated. Ancient spells had ensnared him within the walls of the temple at Thebes and now, with the help of new spells and new potions and the mercy of Ra, the sacred bird would be freed of the demon within it.

The curse struck Meneris head on. He tried to eat the curse, following the instincts of his host, but the curse had been designed with that in mind. It could only act from the inside of the victim, and only a sun-bird would swallow a curse. The demon realized his mistake too late, his eyes flashing bright with his anger and a strangely resonant screech issued from his throat. Then he fell out of the air, cushioned by the pillows that littered the floor of the temple for that purpose. The point of the whole thing was to free Khafre, not to kill the host with the demon.

Knowing that against the magic of the sun-bird the curse wouldn't last long, he quickly withdrew the potion from his belt pouch, gently prying the jaws of the bird open and pouring the silver liquid down his throat, massaging the outside of it to ensure that he didn't choke. The potion was not poison, even for the Goa'uld, but a false-poison that would, while in an unconscious state, trigger the jump reflex. The symbiote's system thought that the host was dead, so it would automatically escape that fate by trying to jump into the nearest available host.

That was Fhadentep. But the magician had excellent reflexes and coordination. He caught the eel-like creature the moment it leapt to within his reach and made to dash its head against the stone walls.

At that moment, Khafre stood weakly and made a quiet chirp to gain Fhadentep's attention. The magician looked at the sun-bird, who shook his head in a negative. Fhadentep frowned. "You do not wish me to kill him? But--"

Khafre shook his head and sung loudly and clearly, his magical voice reverberating through the empty hall. The Goa'uld instantly went limp. Then the bird shook himself all over, shaking off his remaining lethargy and took flight, hovering in front of Fhadentep for a moment before taking the parasite in one of his claws. He flew to a certain place in the stone wall that was marked with a hieroglyph of a sun-bird and touched it with his empty claw.

The stone separated from the wall and revealed a small gold-lined chamber. Khafre through the Goa'uld inside and the chamber sealed. As the stone replaced itself into the wall, the hieroglyphs on the outside of it glowed with the pure light of the sun-bird's magic. When the light receded, there was new writing on the wall, a curse. Here lies a living darkness, not a dead shell. Only in the darkest of days will this bring light to the world, and only the brightest light in this world may wield it without harm. Any other will surely perish, and be unable to pass on, forced to witness the darkness that their shell will bring upon the earth. Be warned, lest you bring about the end of all you hold dear.

The curse completed, the sun-bird came to a rest on the floor and let his inner light burn him up, becoming nothing more than a pile of ashes. Fhadentep knew the way of the sun-birds, though, and did not despair, but knelt next to the ashes, waiting. And within a couple of moments, the infant chick poked his head out of the ash, purified by his own fire of the remaining potion.

From that day until the human passed away, Khafre stayed with Fhadentep through all the upheaval that swallowed the Empire for a time, through his good times and through his bad. Always with him was a sadness that nothing ever assuaged, as well as the taint of the Goa'uld that not even the sun's fire could cleanse from him. And he continued on with his eternal life, through centuries and millennia, until he finally settled on the shoulder of a young man with lengthening red hair in a land far from his native Egypt. The young man grew to become a wise leader and to defeat a great evil. And then the man grew older and taught in a great school.

Later, a new evil arose, and Khafre's young man fought this one as well, but the evil was not defeated completely. Though the world celebrated, the sun-bird knew. This was far from over. Khafre, now called a phoenix, and called Fawkes by his young man, Albus Dumbledore, knew that the time of the darkness he had foreseen was coming quickly. And he knew that very soon there would be no choice but to allow Meneris to awaken. "...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not..." Meneris would help the boy, and the boy would be strong enough to withstand Meneris.

Time moved slowly as ever, but even a snail will eventually reach his destination. The boy was now a man, and the darkness was at hand, and destiny was reaching out with cold, unfeeling hands to take Harry Potter by the scruff. Time had run out.

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