Dr. Lawrence Gordon

I wouldn't let a little pain hold back what was so dear to me in life. Even as I winced in agony as the saw dug deep into my flesh and exposed the raw bone, I couldn't let a chain hold me back. That bastard would never harm another person after I was finished with him. I had to make sure my family was alight. After what I heard on that cell, I didn't know if they were still alive or not and being bound to this pipe made my situation worse. So I did what I had to, I took Jigsaw's present and began to tear into my foot.

Passing out was not an option for me and I don't even know how I could've stayed conscious while I'd started to grind into my foot as the blood began to pour out. I felt sick. I felt angry. And I was pissed, pissed at Zep for doing such a thing to my family. For doing such horrible things to people alone. What was his intention of doing these things to us? What have I done, or anyone else to piss him off? Take life for granted?

Don't we all? Everyone takes life for granted once and a while, so therefore we're all victims of Jigsaw's sick little game. But I'd freed myself from the chain and made my way over to the phone. I felt the blood gushing out of me, my body overwhelmed with the amount of blood I was indeed loosing and I felt cold. I can't die, and I can't let myself fall victim to Zep. That bastard! I knew he was watching and had a plan. Hopefully Adam would understand that what I was going to do would save us both.

He came and death had never been as close as it was in that instant. I wanted to get up and fight, kill him like he might have my family, but I was weak and my body was slowly dying. Thankfully Adam wasn't all too pissed at me shooting him, but he too was angry with the psycho for what he had done to us and knocked that fucker to the ground, bashing his head in.

I had to get help before I was to die of blood loss and I had to find my family. We said our goodbyes and I promised to come back with help, but that was less and less of a reality as I quickly felt more flushed than I had minutes earlier. I had no idea where I was and I knew my fate was death. Still, I could try to find a phone, or any means of communication to the outer world. Crawling as fast as my weak body could take me, my vision began to grow blurred and my body trembled. Death was soon and I feared I'd never see my loved Diana and Alison again.

I never knew how much I'd wasted my life. Jigsaw was right and now I'd never have the chance to really say I loved my child and wife again. If I died, then I might as well have killed Adam too, for I was his only way out of here, unless someone came. But it'd be too late for me. The pain in my foot was barely a notice to me, as I felt nauseous and tired. Not noticing I stopped moving, my vision went from black to focus over and over, as I knew I was going into sub-consciousness. I wouldn't let myself fall into the darkness.

Lying flat, I glance around, my breathing slowing and my vision even more fucked up then a blind persons. I listen for any trace of help and to my surprise, a pair of feet shuffle closely to me. I don't look up, I don't move. To the seeing eye I'm dead, but upon further inspection, I'm alive. "Dr. Gordon," that chilled, rasped voice calls my name. A voice I thought only Zep had been capable of making.

I want to answer back, but my body is so worn out from the loss of blood, I can only lay motionless and hear. "Do you now see that even you, a human who is supposed to save lives, has taken his own life for granted?"

Then I hear the shuffling feet walk farther away from me and stray into the distance. It can't be. We killed Zep, we got Jigsaw. How can he still be alive? It's not real. It's my body, I'm dying, I'm going into shock. Oh god, I can't breathe, I can't see, but I can feel. And I feel cold, very cold. My body is numb, and I can still feel the blood drain from inside me. I'm shaking, my nerves are starting to paroxysm. This is the end. This is my moment of death.