A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Winter Guilt

By: kuroneko89

Disclaimer: Not mine

Genre: Tragedy/Angst/Romance

Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: "Can I die in your arms, Summer?" SLASH HPDM. Soliloquy. Sequel to Summer Regrets. Harry rejected Veela!Draco and lived to pay the price.

Warning: Male/male relationship and FOUL Grammar


Can I die in your arms, Summer?

I woke up with a jolt, eyes opened wide, sweat covering my entire body. My pupils dilated for a while before they managed to adapt with the dark light of the dungeons.

My eyes.

Your eyes are so green, reminding me of fresh summer fields I could die on...

I was stupid. Utterly and critically stupid. I'd rejected you so harshly without thinking about your feelings, and now I lived to pay the price.

I could still remember it. The feel of your frail, pale body in my arms, slowly ceasing to death, disappearing, before soaring to the sky to see the sun, a beautiful, angelic smile on your face. I could pay anything to join you right there.

But no, I had to live. I had to live on to kill Voldemort. And when my task was finished I wanted nothing but to go after you.

I couldn't.

I failed every time I tried to kill myself: poisons, daggers – even the killing curse itself couldn't kill me. Years I lived, cold, dark, and loveless. I couldn't go and soar with you, a curse you'd left for me.

Can I die in your arms, Summer?

Winter was beautiful. The coldness invaded my senses. The pure white snow invaded my sight, reminding me of your pale skin, the gray, cloudy sky reminding me of your beautiful eyes. Why I had never realised the resemblances was beyond me. And right now, I was standing there in front of your tomb, wondering when you would ever forgive me and let me join you.

"Can I die with you, Winter?"

As I took out my wand and uttered the killing curse at myself once again, I realised that, yes, you had indeed forgiven me.

I soared to the sky, and when I turned around, I saw your perfect, handsome smiling face glowing at me, lips mouthing I love you.

I love you too, Winter.


Well...that was brief. I was reading the reviews and thought "OMG, I didn't think that people would actually like it!!" and I wrote this in the euphoria of the moment. shrugs I couldn't help but think that if Harry is Summer, then Draco must be Winter. Though I'm not sure to put the 'I love you' bit; it sounded too sappy, really.

I know this is brief, short, and probably sucks as hell, but Review Please!!