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Beep, Beep , Beep. The last thing I heard. Flat lined.

Her face was pale white, her lips were cold and chapped, her eyes dead and hollow. Any other passer by might think thoughts of remorse and pity for the young girl that occupied the room. He didn't, no he didn't. I felt a twisted jolt of adrenaline and his mind raced a thousand colors. After all he was the one who had broke her. She was another notch on his head board. Now she wasn't able to tell her sad story, forever silenced. Proud of that fact he left happier then ever.

Code Blue on floor 3 Room 410

The dark eyed kid that stood in her doorway, forever changed in those few seconds. She was dead. He blamed himself. He could have done something more to help her, to convince her. Instead she wound up overdosing from him , dying because of him. Ironically the white lilies in his hand started to wilt at that minute in time.

"Excuse me sir, you cant be here right now"

"Please.. Is she going to be ok?"

Silence was his answer. Pushed into the hallway as doctors and nurses flooded into her room. Koki left the hospital not being able to bare the emotional down pour. Mindlessly he wound up at Tanpopo's. Police caution tape lined the doorway though it was empty. He walked threw the door way as flashbacks came to mind. He heard a glass drop as he turned to his left.

"Who the hell are you"

" Damien"

" Get Out"

" I need to talk to you"

" Why would I want to talk to you"

" Tanpopo"

"You know her"

" Yes, sadly"

Koki shot Damien a heated glare.

" Sadly?! that's what you have to say about her?!"

"Hear me out and you'll understand"


" It might help blame someone else for what happened to her"

" Fine"

Damien started to tell Koki about Alec and his past and what happened that night.

"Alec has had a past with rape and abuse"

"… After I found out what Alec had done I walked into the room he always used and I saw Tanpopo there, I told her to leave. Then I went to the hospital, where most of Alec's victims end up. Then he came back and I left."

Too ashamed for words and too angry to begin to form sentences, Koki sat there, shocked.

"She is dead" Koki's voice echoed from the walls.

" What?"