From the Author

Series Timeline

When I started writing this story, I promised I'd include a timeline listing all of the Ultra Rodimus series stories in the order in which they fall. Every time I write a new story, I'll tell you where it fits into this timeline, and I'll explain some things about earlier stories.

Now then, the series timeline runs as follows:

1) Transformation

2) A New Life

3) Years of Darkness

4) Cyber World

5) Of Lightsabers and Autobots

6) Unexpected Encounters

7) Burning Skies

8) Encounters of the Weird Kind

9) Cyber Stargate

Some stories, like 'Of Nietzscheans and Transformers' and 'Meeting Again' are nor part of the series, having Rodimus Prime as the Autobot leader, but they can be read as part of the series if you regard them as being pre-Ultra Rodimus. 'Cyber World' was written long before 'Transformation', so it fits in, but it gives a different version of certain events than 'Transformation' does. 'A New Life' was one of the first fics I ever wrote, when I was still testing the waters, so it is far more AU than the rest of the series, and I think it badly needs a rewrite. 'Cyber Stargate' is still a WIP (work in progress) and probably will be for a while yet. It's shaping up to be a real long-term project, and will be the longest fic I've ever written. From the amount of ideas I have for it, it might end up having more than 20 chapters.

So that's all the info I can think of right now. If there's more to be added, you'll probably find it in the Author's Notes of 'Cyber Stargate' and any new stories. As I said, 'CS' is still in progress, so I hope to hear from some of you there. See you 'round!

-Ultra Rodimus