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Chap: A boarding house of the........

It was late night in the city of New York. Gas lights were lit everywhere, sending light to the darkest alleyways of town. On the outskirts of one of the richer neighborhoods, a Ford GT was parked in a street not far from a girls' sororiety house.

"So they believe that this entire boarding house's residents are all under the control of some kind of demon?" Father Remington asked from his place in the driver's seat.

"That's what Sister Kate told us," Rosette replied from the back. "According to the reports, about two weeks ago, the girls started to bring men over to the house. Since its against the house's policies, the whole neighborhood knew about it, so they kept watch. They all started to notice that no one ever saw the men leave the house. More and more men were being brought to the house each night, but not one of them was seen after that."

"Sounds like it's the same type of demon we faced back out in the harbor last year," Chrono replied. "Whatever kind of demon it is, its feeding off of the men's latent astral energies."

Rosette frowned. "Why just the men's? You'd think that women would be more desirable, since we can give birth. Wouldn't that make us a better target?"

Chrono blushed as Remington answered the nun's question. "Women do have the ability to draw astral to them, but only when pregnant. Men's latent astral levels are normally higher than a woman's because of their natural use of energy."

"Oh. That makes some sense. So, how are we supposed to get in there? I mean, are the girls all possessed?"

"That's probably the case. The elder made a special kind of spell-charm for us to use." He held out two small rosaries. "The first is spelled to make the bearer invisible to demonic sight. Its based on the theory that devils can see auras no matter what the level of astral they posses. This should mute the aura so that, while it can't make you truly invisible, it would make you extremely unoticible. We haven't tested it yet, but this should prove to be a good opportunity to do so."

Chrono frowned in mild confusion, along with Rosette. "Um, Father Remington? You know, I could help with that....."

The blonde man's eyes went wide, and then he shook his head in exasperation. "I swear, that old man really must be loosing his mind." He held out the rosary to the girl. "Put this around your wrist."

"Okay." She slipped it over her hand and waited. She glanced over at Chrono. "Any difference?" She asked.

"Actually, yes," the demon replied in surprise. "Its not that I can't see you, its just that you—it's a little hard to explain. I mean, all living things have an aura, even some objects have it. That's how devils can tell if something's alive or not. But that rosary just made all of yours disappear."

"So it works?" the priest asked.

"You bet it works! To a devil's sight, Rosette's about the same as a piece of rock."

"Good. And if you want to extend that protection to Chrono," he nodded to Rosette, "then be sure you're both touching. The aura will expand to cover him as well."

"Now that's the cat's meow," the boy devil nodded.

"Then let us not dawdle. We have work to do." He stepped out of the car along with the others. "You two try and sneak in through the back. I'll keep the girls distracted so you won't have to use any force on them."

"Right. Um, Father Remington?" Rosette paused before moving on, her gaze concerned as she eyed the priest. "Are you sure you'll be alright?"

The blonde gave a light smile in return. "Oh yes. You see, this other rosary acts as a containment shield. It prevents my own energies from leaving my body."

"Making you immune to the devil's abilities," Chrono nodded in understanding as he hoisted the portable armory. "Good luck to you," the demon said softly as he and nun raced off.

"And you both as well," the man nodded in reply. Squaring his shoulders, he began to walk up to the front door. It opened just as he reached the bottom step, and a lovely young woman stepped forward to greet him, demonic aura pouring off her in waves.......


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