This Is My Cinderella Story

Chapter 1: Getting To Know Everyone

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Welcome to my life. It's not much but after I tell you this we'll see what you think. My life is like the typical Cinderella story, except I only have one evil stepsister. It all started when my mother died after I was born. She couldn't handle labor and once she had me she was gone. So I lived in New York with my dad.

My father was a pretty good-looking guy. He had the lean and tall body that most women would fall for and the misty blue eyes and dark hair. My dad says I had all his features except I inherited my mother's beautiful emerald eyes, which I thought was a gift from her because she left.

My father was hard and successful worker. He owned a small diner that was on the corner of Madison Square Garden. It was called Nick's Diner and it was the best place I could be. All the people I know work in that diner and help my dad with anything they can help with. I spend all my time at the diner and when I don't I'm at school. I was eight years old, the age where I believe in fairy tales and the unimaginable.

My dad and I would spend all our time talking about knights on their black horses and saving their damsel in distress. I guess my father wanted more though. On my 9th birthday at the diner my father met her, Fiona Appledelhi. She looked like she had one to many face peels and blonde hair, which look sort of frizzed, but if my dad was happy, I was too.

So yeah my dad married her and I had a mother and two stepsisters, Ed and Julia. Ed's real name is Francoise Appledelhi but she obviously didn't like it so she calls herself Ed. She's the cool younger stepsister but a little eccentric. Didn't matter though she made me laugh when I felt down in the dumps. She had the most unique yellow eyes and flaming red hair I ever seen for a five year old.

Julia is another story. She's a few months older than me. She's has pretty blue eyes and blonde hair but she lets her looks get to her head. I can't stand how she always bosses Ed around and brings her down. Makes me want to beat her to the ground but my father raised me better than that so I ignore as best as I could. Julia is one of those people who think they are god and people like me are their slaves.

Fiona was a little plumped but that what happens when you eat a lot of sweets. Since she is married to my dad now she changed her and her daughters last name to Valentine, probably didn't like hers. She treats me like an angel when my dad is around but when it's just me and her she orders me to leave or get her something to eat.

I still spend time with my father but not as much since he also has to please Fiona. She;s always finding ways to keep me away from him but that won't happen…or at least I thought it wouldn't.

"Dad, what's wrong?" I asked as I saw my father standing solemnly at my door. I figured something was up since it was taking awhile for him to get it out.

"I have to go away for awhile but I will be back." He said. I looked at him with wonder in my eyes. My father also does a lot of traveling. He likes visiting places that he hasn't been before to collect souvenirs and to learn about their history and when he does he leaves me with Annie.

Annie works at the diner. She is like a mother figure to me. I love hanging out with her and my best friend Shin (who I have known since I was three). If my dad left this would be my first time staying alone with Fiona, Ed, and unfortunately Julia.

"Where you're going this time?" I stand on my bed and wait for my dad to come over to my bedside.

"Well the people at NASA discovered that there is life on Mars." He explained humouredly, "I want to see how it feels to space travel and how people live on Mars. So I won't be back for about two weeks."

"Is that where the princesses and princes go to live?"

"Um…yes sweetheart."

"Can I come?" I really hoped he would say yes but all he did was walked to my bed; picked me up in his arms, and hugged me. Now I know what that meant.

"No, sweetheart. I have to go alone and besides this will be a great chance for you to get to know Fiona and your stepsisters." great, I wanted to sarcastically say but all I did was smile and say,

"That'll be fun."

"I promise when I'm over there I'll find a prince and ask him what he looks for in a princess ok." I pulled away from his embrace but he still had a good hold on me and smiled.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too sweetheart and don't worry, I'll be back in two weeks tops." With that he tucked me into bed, placed a kiss on my forehead and walked out the door.

I lost my father at the gate shuttle accident and the only fairy tale I live in now is in books. Since my father didn't leave a will, Fiona got everything the house, the diner, and unfortunately me.

Fiona moved all my stuff up in the attic when she heard Julia wanted to stay in my room. Ed was with me when I found one of my father's most treasured book in a box upstairs. I kept it under my bed where it laid right now untouched. The only people I have close to me now are Shin, Annie, Ed, and the people in the diner.


She wants to go home,

But nobody's home.
It's where she lies,

Broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go

To dry her eyes.
Broken inside.

-Nobody's Home, Avril Lavigine


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