Influencing Miroku

Chapter Four: The final chapter-what really happened

As the spy that had been hired to follow Sango around (thanks to her lousy boyfriend, you will see) could tell Sango did not sleep with Miroku but instead hit on him, only after he hit on her therefore making both of their stories true:

Sango, who was not really an uncover agent, had gone to get away from her boyfriend who seemed to want to follow her everywhere. She was sipping alcohol from the bar when she met up with Miroku, a suspicious but suave looking fellow. Sango swore she saw her boyfriend in the bar so she left with Miroku. When she stepped outside someone attacked her, none other than her boyfriend himself. Miroku tackled him and rushed Sango to the car and together they drove to his apartment.

The apartment of course was a total wreck as she described. Sango had an intense headache and had, of course, a few shots to take her mind off of it all.

At Miroku's apartment Sango then jumped into a hot shower, but had Miroku's help in undressing herself for she was too far drunk to accomplish anything. So Miroku's part on that story was not a lie either. Then, she showered and came out of the shower where they lay together on the bed until the next day.

Two months later after much counseling and retracing of clues-not to mention paying people to test foresics and find out what went on…Sango took a sip of sake and remembered it all! Miroku however, knew the entire story from the get go but he thought it would be funny if Sango never knew…

Today they are together and a happy couple. Sango's boyfriend was put in jail for following her.

End of a very pointless story!

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