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AU, oh yeah! Warning, it is EXTREMLY STPUID! i only wrote this, cuz i was feeling low, but after typing this, i'm less sad, and more happy! Hopefully you will be as well! ;). PS! i really do repesct this ship! i love it!

Loren ran up to the store, hoping to get there before it closed. How stupid could he have been, as to have kept Titanic for 2 weeks! He mentally cursed himself for remembering the video at such an inappropriate time…

He and Angel had just confessed an undying love for another. "Oh Loren, I love you!" "Angel! Oh Angel!" they were about to kiss, when the empathic demon's eyes ticked to the counter.

"Crap!" he said. "Crap?" asked the vampire, hurt evident in his cinnamon eyes. "No, I mean yes, er…" Loren said, his words and brain not functioning properly. "I guess you were just kidding, well, so was I." Angel said, got up, and left.

"Freak!" Loren said, though he wanted to say something else, though the author would not allow it. "Oh, so you're saying, that I get to declare an undying love to someone, who in turn feels the same, but then you have me remember that I have an overdue tape, and then I can't even cuss!?" asked Loren, hysterical.

"Yeah, well, I want this fic to be pg-13, not R, because if it's R, then not as many pees can read it!" pouted the author.

"You know Sweetie, you and Angel Cakes got the pouting down pack." Loren said, suspicious. "Yeah, well, we must keep up our practice, I mean how else do you con someone with a pout?" I rolled my eyes.

"You know what you just did?" asked my friend, who shall remain nameless, or as I like to call her, Box. "What did I just do? Tell me." I say, curios.

"You just disappointed the slash fans, by putting yourself in the story, and disregarding all of the Loren/Angel smoothies. What is wrong with you!" she yelled, smacking me upside the head.

"Well, it just so happens that I am very interesting! Plus, I want to be happy after typing that depressing trilogy, and it's dark and gloomy outside!" I pout.

"Stop pouting! Geese! You and Angel should start a fan club!" said Box. Loren nodded and stage whispered, "Told ya she was over-pouty." he and Box snickered.

"Hey, don't you have an over due tape? And FYI, Angel and I DO have a fan club, it's called Pouty Pouters!" I smirked.

"No you don't! You just made that up!" said Box. "Uh, this story is way to stupid, and seriously lacking any Angel action to be in the Angel category! Fix it quick!" Loren shouted, quite nervous. "By golly, Loren, you're right!" I say, pushing Box off the face of the story.

"Now back to the tale." I say.

"Uh, not to be picky or anything, but can you just smut it up a bit?" Loren asked. "Huh, well, I'm none too sure what smut is, but I shall try"

Angel saw Loren run into the video store, and for some odd reason, that really turned him on. His eyes followed the strong tall muscular body of the demon. Loren fished out his money, sadly, but then he felt the distinct feeling of eyes upon him…

His flaming red eyes saw that Angel was smiling at him from outside the shop. Loren shoved the money into the hands of the pimply teen, and ran out of the store.

"I wasn't kidding" "Me either" they both kissed, it was long and loving. As if the whole world was coming down and…

"HEY that's a pretty interesting idea…" "SHUT UP BOX!"… "Lie I was typing earlier…"

"I love you" Angel said. "I love you too," Loren said, and it was so sweet and no sense making that I had to end this fic right then and there!

Goodnight folks! Hope you could follow it; I just had to put some Loren/Angel up there! Sorry, I got a bit distracted… Lots of Love,

Pylea Princess ;)