Brian and BJ went into the restaurant and got seated. They looked at the menu and both knew what they wanted right away. After they ordered Brian decided to start in on some questions to get to know his son.

"So you play any sports?"

"Not really, I tried foot ball and baseball, but the only thing that I like is speed skating. Mira is a little better then me but she also gets more practice then me."

"Well, we can go practice when ever you want."

"Thanks, but it's not going to happen, Mami says I cant skate again till I bring up my math and English grades up."

"How low are they?"


"Why did you get so low, did you not do the work?" Brian questioned in a manor that went from almost pissed off to father mode.

"You can spare me the pretend to care parent shit and leave it as they are. They are low and I wont skate for the rest of the year cause there isn't a way to get them up to where she wants them."

"Watch the mouth. I know for a fact that your mom doesn't let you talk like that. Hell she use to get on me about it. Have you talked with you teachers to see what the best grades you can get this late in the year?"

"Yeah, a C and if I push it hard and do a bunch of extra credit a B."

"We aren't going to Miami this weekend, we are going to get your grades up."

"You promised." BJ said softly looking hurt.

"I know and I hate thinking that my first day back and I already let you down, but you need to get the grades up and you want to skate right?"

"Yeah, but I want to go with you."

"BJ I tell you what, I will talk with your teachers and see what I can work out. If they will allow you to do the work out side of class and turn it in and it not have an effect on you then I will talk with your mom, but she has the final say."

"Fine." BJ said still hurt, but mainly pissed.

"Hey drop the attitude; you did this to your self. If I have to I will get my friend Roman to bring her out here. I'm sure we can go visit some time."

"All right."

They talked for a while longer and Brian decided to be a good parent and take him home to bed.

Once all was said and done, BJ was in bed and Brian was getting ready to go to a hotel for the night.

"You can stay here in the guest room if you want." Mia said softly.

"We need to talk." Brian said while guiding her into the kitchen. He picked her up and sat her on the counter. He loved talking with her this way cause it seemed like they were closer this way.

"About?" She questioned raising an eyebrow at him.

"I need to go back to Miami and pick up Ria this weekend. BJ wants to go with me. If its ok with you I was going to speak with his teachers and see if I can get his homework for the next 2 weeks, then we are going to get his grades up from F's to B's."

"I don't know Brian 2 weeks is a ling time, he should be here in school."

"Mia I know, and you have the final say, but I would love to be able to take him back with me, then he could get to know me better, he can get to know his sister and I can get her back here."

"Where are you guys going to stay? Have you gotten an apartment or anything yet?"

"He can stay with us for a while, that is if he is willing to work at the garage and help out with things like before." Dom had said as he walked into the room after over hearing the conversation.

"That's nice of you and all Dom but I don't think I can do that. You don't need another kid in here. Let's just say that she isn't the sweetest child around."

"And having a daughter mixed with Letty and I is?"

"I guess you have a point there." Brian smirked.

"How about you see what you can do to get the teachers to let him turn in all of his stuff when you guys get back and then maybe I can talk Letty into running the store and you guys can go out together." Dom suggested.

"That's not a bad idea. Brian would you mind?"

"I'm sorry Mia I never thought about that. I would love to have you come out with me." Brian smiled while looking into her eyes.

"Then you sweet talk his teachers into it and well leave when ever you want."

"Thanks. I'm going to head out of here. When does he need to be in school?" Brian asked while pulling Mia off the counter.

"Stay in the spare room." Dom said with a "don't question me" look.


"I wouldn't have told you too if I didn't mean it. Now with that said I am going to go to bed. Let me know when you guys are leaving." With that Dom left the room and headed to bed.

"Let's go to bed." Mia said pulling him up the stairs.

They barley made it into the room before they were both clothing less and on the bed.

The next morning

There was a strange pounding at the door. Brian woke first to hearing BJ calling out.

"Mom Uncle Dom left already. Can you please take me to school so I'm not late."

Brian got out of bed telling Mia to sleep in. He put his clothes on from last night and answered the door.

"BJ let your mom sleep. Can you go to my car and get the red bag out of the trunk and leave it in here. I'll be ready in like 5 minutes." Brian questioned him handing him his keys.

"Sure," BJ answered with a huge smile on his face.

Brian went and showered; when he was out of the shower his bag was by the door. He got dressed and went downstairs.

"BJ let's go." Brian yelled from the door.

"All right."

They walked out of the house and got into the care. Brian was driving about 15 to 20 miles over making what was a 15-minute drive about 5. BJ was telling him where to turn. Once they got to the school, BJ ran to class and Brian went to where BJ said was the principal's office.

Walking in the office Brian noticed Mira sitting in a chair with a split lip and her hand bandaged.

"Mira, what happened?"

"Umm lets see I walked into a wall?"

"You can cut the shit. Have they called your dad yet?

"I don't think so."

"Let me check," Brian then walked over to the secretary.

"Excuse me ma'am. Have you called Miracle Torreto's parents yet?"

"And you are?"

"Sorry about that, Brian O'Connor, her Uncle. I work for her father at DT automotive." Brian said showing her his Drivers Licenses.

"No I haven't. He would need to call and add you to the contact list before I could allow you to pick her up."

"All right let me call him and see what he wants to do."

"Sure just let me know." She smiled.

"Mira, I'm calling your dad, what happened?"

"Uncle Vince dropped me off and Jamie started making wise cracks about him and all of the family being grease monkeys. Then she started in on Mami, that's when I lost it."

"You sure?" He questioned her in an almost fatherly tone.


"Let me see what your dad wants to do." With that Brian dialed the shop.


"Hey Leon can I talk with Dom?"

"Sure hold on." Leon placed him on hold and walked into Dom's office.

"Brian's on the phone for you."

"Thanks." Dom replied while picking up the phone.

"Brian what's up?"

"Hey, Mira got into a fight after Vince dropped her off. She's suspended for 3 days. Did you want me to bring her there when I get done here or are you going to come and get her?"

"If you don't mind I'll call and add you on the pick up list and just have her come back with you."

"That's cool. I still need to deal with BJ teachers and then we will be on our way."

After they hung up Dom called the school and put Brian on the DT list. Brian spoke with all of BJ teachers working his "boyish" charm they agreed to the 2 weeks, then it was spring brake so he really got 3 weeks to get it all done.

With all that said and done Brian and Mira went to the garage.

"Papi." Mira yelled out once she was in the garage.

"Que pasa Mija?" Dom questioned her from his office door.

"Jamie es que pasa." Mira said softly making her way to him.

"Again?" Letty questioned from the door that lead into the grocery store.

"She called everyone in the family grease monkeys and then she started saying stuff about you." Mira replied while looking from Dom to Letty.

"Go change, start the Civic, it's in for oil and fluids." Dom said pointing to the red car on lifts.

"Ok." With that she went and changed to get started with what she knew was going to be the longest three days of her life.

When they had arrived at the shop Brian walked into the store with a grin on his face.

"Hey sexy, how's the tuna?" Brian asked sitting in his old seat.

"It was crappy then it is still damn crappy now."

"No crust."

"So what happened?"

"He gets 3 weeks to do all the class and home work. He also gets to redo a lot of his lower grade work. If he does all that and does it well, and turns it in then he will get a B."

"3weeks you said 2." Mia said a little pissed. She didn't want him missing 2 weeks let alone 3.

"Spring break baby."

"I forgot that was coming. Are you sure it's cool that I go?" Mia asked putting his sandwich and a Pepsi in front of him.

"It's fine with me. You decide if you think BJ should have a say. Ohh and no matter what please don't take Ria the wrong way. She knows why I am here and she knows that she will be here too. I don't know how she is going to react to all of this change or to you. Sometimes she can be worse the a pmsing letty."

"I heard that." Letty said walking in the connecting door.

"And? You know you're a true bitch." Mia threw back at her.

"When I got to take over this joint?"

"Friday." Brian said softly. "We are leaving Friday."

"Fine, I am only doing this because I want you happy." Letty said while pointing to Mia.


"Dom kill her yet?" Brian questioned regarding Mira.

"His baby, umm yeah right. She can do no wrong. She gets oil and fluids today. If there ain't enough of them, then she gets to be everyone's tool and parts slave." Letty said smirking.

"That's harsh. I would so much rather have the beating." Brian smirked. "At least that gets done and over with."

"Exactly why we don't."

"The day went by pretty quickly. About 3:15 Mia yelled into the garage for Brian to get BJ since Mira wasn't there.

BJ and a few of his friends were coming out of the school when one of them noticed Brian and his car. Brian had gotten there early and was now leaning on the hood of his car.

"Check out that sweet ass car." Mike said.

"Which one?" BJ questioned not following his line of sight.

"The yellow one right there." Eric said pointing.

"Wonder what type it is?" Ben questioned out loud.

"It's a skyline R34." BJ said smiling.

"No way, my dad said you can't have those here." Mike replied, as they got closer to the man and his car.

"Then your dad doesn't know shit. Papi, this is Mike, Ben and Eric." BJ said pointing out his friends to Brian.

"Papi? As in this is your father?" Mike questioned.


"I thought your dad wasn't around?" Ben said softly.

"I wasn't but I am here now. You guys want to go get some pizza and then I can take you home?" Brian questioned, as he hated him self for the hurt look on BJ's face.

"Thanks." BJ said softly as he hugged his dad.

"No problem. Who needs to call home first?" They all did, with that Brian got his cell and let them call home. Once they knew whom it was they were going with and that he worked for Dom they were cool with it.

Once they had gotten into the car, Brian adjusted the stereo that him and BJ could talk softly about things while the others were just chilling in the back.

"Seat belts, and can you guys hand me that silver case?" Brian questioned not wanting his guns back with them. They all buckled up and then Mike handed him the silver case. Brian put it in the trunk of his car and they were off.

"Did your teachers give you all your work?" Brian questioned as he drove towards the mall.

"Yeah, did they say yes? Ohh and I forgot about Mira."

"Mira is already at the shop. She went back with me when I got done at the school this morning she got her self-suspended. And yes they said yes. We leave Friday, but you wont have to go to school tomorrow."

"What'd she do this time?"

"She got into a fight about something a Jamie said about Letty and then she was calling everyone grease monkeys."


"So Dom mentioned your mom coming with us, what you think about that?"

"That's fine with me. That way Ria would have a female along."

"Good thinking. Now guys lets go and get some Pizza." With that he let everyone out of the car and they walked into the mall.

AN So, sorry this took so long. I am not even too sure how good this was. I was tiered and fighting a migraine. Hope you all enjoy. Please let me know and tell me if there is something you want me to add.