A Viper's Poison


The First Installment


The Silver Snakes Trilogy

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Chapter One: Lord Brian Thriarfield

The pale moonlight reflected the soft rain on the slicked pavement as an icy breeze burst through the parking lot. A small figure darted through the lot as if trying to dodge the rain's bullets. Upon reaching a set of metal double doors, the figure slipped a hand from under its tight black coat to pull the handle and slide through the opened door.

Two large men blocked its full entrance into the building. Smirking to itself, the figure dropped its coat to reveal a feminine figure. The closest guard brazenly ran his eyes up her slender, toned legs to the top of her silvery blond hair, his sharp black eyes widening with every luscious curve he came across. Grinning in appreciation, he willingly moved aside to allow her access to the main room in the building.

Confidently, she strolled in through a pair of black velvet curtains and was greeted by pulse moving beats, vibrant lights and sweat. Gracefully weaving through the crowds, she headed towards the bar; ignoring drunken catcalls she could vaguely hear over the booming music.

Settling herself at a tall bar stool, she threw the bartender a flirtatious smile as she rearranged her short jean skirt to cover her lengthy legs.

"What'd ya like, darling?" he asked lazily as he wiped the mahogany counter top with a dark green cloth.

"Martini, shaken not stirred." She replied casually. The bartender burst out into laughter at her order, but she silenced him with a sharp look.

"Is something wrong, sir?"

"No, no, it's just normally people who order that drink are men trying to act like the debonair James Bond and you definitely do not look like him, a Bond girl perhaps, but not double oh seven himself." He grinned

"A Bond girl, so you are assuming that I am a skanky, idiotic woman who'd let any man take advantage of me because I am so wooed by his good looks?" she retorted.

"No not at all!" the bartender quickly defended himself.

"I was just referring to the fact that Bond girls are ones of extreme beauty, and you little angel, are one of the most beautifully exotic women I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot."

She smiled radiantly at the bartender and flipped back her silvery blond hair.

"Thank you."

"So what is a beauty like you sitting all by yourself at my bar?" he inquired.

"Waiting for my martini, that's what."

"Oh yeah, right away." The bartender replied and quickly produced her drink.

"Now what I meant, is why are you not dancing with anyone? Surely someone such as yourself would have scores of men waiting breathlessly for you to dance with them." He restated teasingly.

She rolled her eyes and swirled her martini around in her glass before replying.

"I just arrived a couple of minutes ago and I haven't yet noticed someone worthy of my attention." She grinned at him.

The bartender laughed and pointed to the end of the bar's counter.

"There's an able man sitting over there, he's not bad looking for a guy and women have been over him all night. No one nearly as pretty as you though, why don't you go over there and give him a shocker."

Following his gaze, her aquamarine eyes located and locked on a sandy blond middle-aged man slowly sipping on a beer, watching the dancing couples. Briefly appraising his handsome face and fashionable dress, her eyes widened in recognition and she grinned.

"I think you're right, maybe I will go over there. Thank you for the martini, it was the best one I've had in a while." Smiling, she waved at the bartender and headed over to the man.

Coming to stand behind him, she lightly ran her fingers up his arm to gain his attention. In surprise, he switched his attention from the club floor to her face, his blue eyes widening as he registered her beauty.

"What's your name, handsome?" she asked huskily, drawing close to whisper in his ear, her lips gently grazing the lobe.

"Uh, Brian" he answered nervously.

"Well Brian, I think you are too cute to be sitting at a bar by yourself and in the middle of a dance club no less." She replied as her fingers played with the curls at the base of his neck.

Brian opened his mouth in an attempt to answer, but no words came out.

"Want to dance with me, Brian?" Brian mutely nodded his head and followed her into the sea of humidity and grinding couples.

The first notes of "Get Low" filtered through the stereo system resounding off the walls and she grinned in delight. Closing her eyes, she let the music take control of her body, pulsating through and she began to move in tune with it.

Brian stepped back and watched the graceful beauty move on the floor. Her arms were clasped on her head as she rocked her hips in provocative circles, mesmerizing him. Winking over her shoulder, she flicked her wrist, signaling for him to join her. Brian shook himself out of his stupor and came up behind her placing his hands on her waist and moving to the beat with her as his body reacted immediately to the feeling of her body rubbing against his.

'Men are so easy' she smirked to herself.

Suddenly she got more extravagant, swaying her hips in all directions while brushing up hard against him. Brian groaned when she began to shimmy hard against his groin and he began to roam his hands all over her soft body, skimming every curve.

"Got him," she murmured to herself as she spun around and locked her arms around his neck, never breaking momentum. She could feel the curls at the nape of his neck dampening and felt the heat their bodies were generating together. Boldly, as the song ended, she brushed her lips against his before teasingly sucking on the lower one then pulling away.

"Brian, do you want to go some place cooler?" she asked him seductively, pressing her body tightly against him. Swallowing hard, Brian nodded as she once again grabbed his hand and led him to the back of the club. He followed her out the back door to the parking lot; the rain has dispersed leaving a startling black night and a looming full moon.

"What? Where are we?" Brian asked, glancing around at there surroundings confused and nervously, but she quickly quieted him with a finger on his lips.

"We're at the back of the Platinum Club." She answered as she pushed him against the brick wall. Placing a hand on his chest, she captured his lips in a soft kiss. Brian responded immediately and cupped her backside, pulling her hard against his groin as she opened her mouth, letting his tongue invade it.

As his tongue continued to ravish her mouth, she discreetly slipped a syringe from her coat pocket and held it ready in the palm of her hand.

Feeling his hardness against her through his jeans, she rotated her hips slowly against is eliciting low moans from Brian.

"What is your name goddess?" he panted between kisses

Gingerly she slipped her hands around his neck and kissed his lips, which were trembling with his need. Stopping her rotation, she quickly thrust against him the same time she plunged the syringe into his neck causing his eyes to close in pleasure and pain.

"They call me the Viper." She whispered softly in his ear as his body spasm in her arms and went limp, his blue eyes lifeless, rolling in the back of his head.

Wiping her mouth in disgust, she spat his taste onto the hard cement next to his head.

"I don't normally do it this way you know." She spoke to the silent night.

"But you my Lord Brian Thriarfield have a weakness for women and seducing you was much easier then breaking into your estate would have been, not that I couldn't have done it efficiently."

With that, she straightened her jacket and slipped off into the dead of night, melting into the blackness, leaving Lord Thriarfield's dead body to be discovered.

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