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It's simple, really; none of the characters from Harry Potter belong to moi! Otherwise my name would be J.K. Rowling and I would have a series of best-sellers! Same goes for internationally known franchises and stuff! But what does belong to me is…this story and all other non-HP characters!

It is the end of the world…sort of…Voldemort has been destroyed and Harry has been taken prisoner. Muggles are abused and treated like nothing more than dirt. Except a select few…but don't count on it being just anybody. Pure bloods are treated as royalty, and serve none other than the 'Slytherin King', Draco Malfoy. Handsome, intelligent, and has his eyes on Hermione Granger as a little pet. You've just got to love this world, huh?


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Prologue: Running

Hermione ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Panting for her as the wind pushed against her. Looks like God was not on her side. Or the good of the world's as well.

Why oh why did they suddenly have to go after me? Hermione thought as she ran into the alleyway. The five figures ran past the alley, not even bothering to check for the honey haired and brown eyed woman. She sighed as she pressed her back against the stone wall, slowly sliding down the rough surface.

It had been three years since that faithful day.


Hermione talked animatedly with Ron and Harry. A large smile on her face. It was their final year at Hogwarts, and she was sad to be leaving, but hey! At least she would still be seeing her friends.

The 'Golden Trio' entered the Great Hall together, as always. Although Harry had turned down Hermione's feelings for him, she was still the same, sweet, yet feisty girl since the beginning of Hogwarts. The two had decided that it was better to be friends, and none of them regretted. Ron's feelings for Hermione died down as Ron became captivated by Luna Lovegood. The two were a great couple.

Taking their seats at the Gryffindor table, everyone started to chat and devour the delicious food.

That's when it happened. Just like that.

The doors to the Great Hall were literally blown off its hinges as the remaining pieces hit a few students. Voldemort waltzed in, a sickly disgusting grin on his face. And before they knew it, he attacked. His legion of Dark Eaters attacked the students of Hogwarts. All accept the students of Slytherin and those of pure blood. Professor Dumbledore shouted for the student's to run, but it was too late…

-End Flashback-

Silent tears fell down Hermione's face as she stood up and dried the tears away. It had been three years, and no one was looking for her…so why now? Why would Draco Malfoy want her now? It couldnt have been because...was it possible? There was no way he would have noticed she was gone unless...

Hermione shrugged it off as she headed out the dark alleyway. The running of footsteps caused her to look down the street.

"I told you! Damn it! We lost her! Draco's not going to be happy about this," the red haired man spoke as he stopped and looked at Hermione.

Uh oh, Hermione looked around as she ran down the street. The five men right on her tail. Hermione looked back as she ran into a hard, yet soft object. She looked up as her brown eyes met cool gray ones.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Hermione Granger?"

-Author's Notes-

Whoosh! My first HP and Draco/Hermione fic! Hehe…soo…what'd you think? Good, bad? Yes, no? Maybe so? Trash, don't trash? Please tell me! Flames are welcome but I highly doubt they shall do anything to this highly inflated ego of mine! JK! Please R and R!


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