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It's simple, really; none of the characters from Harry Potter belong to moi! Otherwise my name would be J.K. Rowling and I would have a series of best-sellers! Same goes for internationally known franchises and stuff! But what does belong to me is…this story and all other non-HP characters!

It is the end of the world…sort of…Voldemort has been destroyed and Harry has been taken prisoner. Muggles are abused and treated like nothing more than dirt. Except a select few…but don't count on it being just anybody. Pure bloods are treated as royalty, and serve none other than the 'Slytherin King', Draco Malfoy. Handsome, intelligent, and has his eyes on Hermione Granger as a little pet. You've just got to love this world, huh?


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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

-Last Chappie-

"I told you! Damn it! We lost her! Draco's not going to be happy about this," the red haired man spoke as he stopped and looked at Hermione.

Uh oh, Hermione looked around as she ran down the street. The five men right on her tail. Hermione looked back as she ran into a hard, yet soft object. She looked up as her brown eyes met cool gray ones.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Hermione Granger?"

Hermione gulped as she looked at the boy, I mean, man, in front of her. His platinum blond hair was still the same, silky and well perfect. She had to admit, the years of Quidditch had done some major workout for his body. Lean and muscular.

Hermione continued eyeing the 6'3" man as she was snapped out of thought by a cough.

"Now I know you think I am absolutely shaggable, Granger. But honestly, even I thought you'd be a little…discreet when you were eyeing me. Honestly, women, they have absolutely no shame. Nothing but a bunch of whores used for a man's pleasure," Draco scoffed.

Hermione fumed in anger, "Excuse me?! I was not eyeing you! T-that's just…disgusting! And women are not a bunch of whores! How dare you say that Draco Malfoy or I'll-"

"You'll what? Spank me? I'd advise you not to talk to me in that sort of manner, Granger. After all, I am the one in charge here." Draco smiled as motioned for the five, silent men to come forward.

Hermione was about to retort back but was stopped short when a cloth covered her nose and mouth. The last thing she saw, being a red haired man with a look of sadness on his face.

Hermione stirred as she sat up on the cushiony bed. The first thing she saw being none other than her worse nightmare, Draco Malfoy. Oh how she loathed the man. No, not loathe, hated. The very man, who made her life a living hell in Hogwarts, was now in the same room as her.

She attempted to get out of bed but was held back. She looked towards her arms which were bound by silver chains. Looking down towards her ankles, she saw the very same serpent cuffs around them.

She growled in annoyance as Draco smirked his infamous smirk, his gray eyes scanning her naked form. The years had done her good. Her once bushy, honey brown hair was slightly wavy and less frizzy. She filled out nicely, her figure much more curvier and her bust well…endowed.

"I must say, Hermione. This sight is very becoming of you. You, being chained to my bed; helpless, wandless…disrobed. I told you I'd be back for you, and if I remember correctly, which I am positively sure about, I distinctly told you not to leave the manor," Hermione gulped, "am I right?" Draco asked.

Hermione blushed but stayed silent as Draco walked towards the green sheeted bed and to the right of Hermione. "Right?" he asked.

Hermione nodded timidly as Draco grinned, "Now, now. I know you are not a baby. I am very certain that you know how to talk."

"Y-yes," Hermione stuttered. Draco grabbed Hermione by the chin lightly, the neck chain jingling due to the movement.

"Yes, what? After all, I am your master now. So, what do little pets say?"

Hermione glared as Draco let go of her face, "Pets don't talk you moron!"

Draco glared as he raised his arm. The sound of flesh hitting flesh sounded in the room.

Hermione touched her reddened cheek as tears threatened to pour out her eyes. Draco kneeled down so that he was leveled with Hermione, "What do pets say to their masters?"

"M-master. I-I mean, yes, master," Hermione spoke softly.

Draco grinned triumphantly, "Good girl. Although next time, I would advise you too speak a little louder."

Hermione nodded but quickly opened her mouth, "Y-yes master…"

"Now you got the hang of it." Draco stood up as he wandlessly made the chains unshackle from the bed posts. He grabbed the now silver chain leash as he pulled Hermione roughly.

"Got to keep up, Granger," Draco said as Hermione tried to stand up against the ground, but a sharp pain made her scream and come crashing to the floor.

"Oh, I forgot to mention. You cannot stand without my consent, or anything else. If you do, you'll be hit with something similar to that of a Crucio spell. So don't even try to escape."

Hermione slowly picked herself off the floor as she was dragged out of the green carpeted room.

"Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, Granger. That was not my room, merely a guest room," Draco walked down the cold, marble hallway as he stopped in front of the cherry wood doors. "Granger, open the door."

Hermione wordlessly stood up but the same sharp pain returned. "Uh-uh-uh. I wasn't finished speaking," Draco tsked as Hermione glared once more.

"Open the door without standing up…and with your mouth," a look of amusement danced across Draco's face as Hermione crawled to the door. Kneeling and trying to press down the handle of the large double doors.

Draco laughed as he opened the door, causing Hermione to stumble onto the plush, cream white carpeting. Hermione looked around the room from her position as she admired the luxurious items.

It had been years since she even saw a dresser. For the past three years, she had lived around the streets with the rest of the runaways. Who said life was glamorous? Did you honestly think she lived in a cute little house with the perfectly trimmed lawn? Dream on.

Hermione looked at the cherry wood armoire, dresser, and closet doors. All which held a serpent engraftment on it. Hermione fell on her face once more as she was jerked roughly by Draco.

"I said stand up, Granger. I know that those years of staying out on the streets didn't make you any dumber," Draco teased as Hermione shot the man a glare.

"What did I tell you, 'Little Hermione', about that nasty glare of yours?"

"You didn't," Hermione muttered as Draco kneeled forward.

"What did you say? Speak up, Granger,"

"I said you didn't! Do you need hearing aids Malfoy?!" Hermione quickly covered her mouth as she shielded her face for another slap.

But it never came. She peaked with one eye to see Draco lying on the bed, the end of the leash a foot away from her.

"Come up here, Hermione," Draco spoke softly as Hermione sat there silently when suddenly another pang of pain shot through her. This time more painful. Hermione screamed as she fell back, her body feeling like it had just been cut in half.

Draco's figure loomed over her, "Welcome to your new life, Hermione Granger. As my new little pet." And with that, Hermione passed out once more.

Author's Notes

Soo…what'd you think? Gah! I know…short…but I'm sorry! So…was it good, bad? It kind of turned out differently than I had originally planned, but I guess its okay…Although my original idea was probably a lot better…and longer…at any rate! Wow! I didn't expect to even get any reviews! And I hope that I continue to get many for the rest of my chappies! Please R n R! Flames are accepted, but I will most likely laugh my head off…hehe

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