Authors Note: This is actually a school assignment I am doing and I just wanted to see what other people thought of it. Please R/R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sled skidded to a sudden stop.

Jonas lay there for a moment, hugging Gabe to his thin and ragged chest.

The cold wind whispered through his hair.

The icy snow bit at his fingertips.

And as this happened Jonas let himself relive memories of old.

The Giver staring at him with his sad eyes,

Lily and his Mother and Father laughing at the Dinner Table,

Fiona with her vivacious burning hair,

Asher with his clumsy ways.

As he ended his reverie questions that were not there before danced through his mind.

Where was his family and friends now? Were they okay? Did they miss him?

Bitter tears washed down his weary face as he truly become conscious of how lonely he really was.

He looked down at the bundle he was holding and changed his mind. No he was not alone he had Gabe and that was enough he thought with a smile. Gabe was soundly asleep in his arms. A perfect picture of innocence on his face.

He forced himself up. Looking at his surroundings he tried to make up what was beyond the snow, which was making his sight hazy and unclear. Than suddenly out of nowhere a sharp pain coursed through his head. He fell back with a groan. Than warm hands appeared on his forehead whispering soothing words. What was wrong he thought before blackness invaded his mind.

For the next few hours Jonas was between life and death. He did not know where he was. Fever and sleep accompanied by nightmares set ablaze his mind.

Finally Jonas felt himself return to life. He groggily opened his heavy eyes. Where was he? How long had he been asleep? Hours, weeks, months, years? He looked to his right and to his relief saw Gabriel sleeping there, his stomach going up and down as he breathed.

Jonas looked around. Women clothed in black with kind and gentle faces bustled around, helping people on beds everywhere. A fire in the corner of the room crackled inside the hearth. Sunlight fell through the window warming his soul. A bird whistled its enchanting song outside the window. He fell back onto the bed. Warmth and light and surprisingly a feeling of love filled him until he thought he would burst. As he lay there with his eyes on the pink and blue ceiling he knew that even in this strange and new place with new and yet familiar things that somehow everything would be all right.