Chao- Muhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaiba- You don't really believe in ghost do you?

Chao- Course not. But this is just what happens after reading scary stories.

YChao- Which really aren't that scary.

Chapter 1: Contest

"Hey did you guys hear about that haunted house?" asked Tea. "H-hunted house?" asked Joey quivering. "I did," said Yugi "It's suppose to be haunted 'cause there were three people who died in there. Two of them were brothers. One of them got shot, and the other two died in the fire." "That's sad," replied Tristain.

"Yeah," said Joey "But did you know that there's a contest on Saturday were you have to stay in the haunted house all night. And I'm gonna do that!" "Where'd you suddenly get all that courage?" asked Tristain. "The prize is 10,000 dollars!" answered Joey. "10,000 dollars? Really?" asked Yugi. "That's right, and I'm gonna win that prize money to pay off all that debt from my old man." said Joey.

"You know what? I think I go too." said Yugi, "But just for fun." "Thanks Yugi, I'd feel a lot better if you come." said Joey. "Anyone else wanna come?"

"I don't mind being in a haunted house," said Malik. "It sounds like fun," crackled Marik. "I'll come as well!" exclaimed Bakura. "Well, then that means I haveta come to." said Ryou. "Alright then it's settled, all of us who volunteered are gonna spend a night in the haunted house!"

"Sounds like another stupid fairy tale that doesn't exist." remarked a voice.

"That voice can only belong to one person…Kaiba." Joey said as he turned around to see Kaiba standing a few feet away from them. "Hey Kaiba where have you've been?" asked Yugi, "You haven't been at school lately." Kaiba just walked off because he didn't really care about the question.

For the next few days, the haunted house contest is what everyone was talking about. Until it was finally Saturday. Yugi, Joey, Malik, Ryou, Bakura and Marik all started to pack. Er make it the Ryou and Malik had to pack for Bakura and Marik.

They arrived at the house on Saturday at nine o'clock p.m. so that way it will be scarier. A lot of people were there. Including Kaiba and Mokuba. The rules are simple; the person who stays in the house the longest will win the money.

"I doubt that you guys can last all night in there." mocked Kaiba. Joey got mad so he said, "I don't see you signed up for this contest Kaiba! You're probably too scared of the ghost that live in that building behind us." "I am so sick of this stupid ghost nonsense!" complained Kaiba, "I am going to sign up and prove that ghost don't exist."

Kaiba was about to sign his name when he said, "Wait, Mokuba," "Don't worry Seto, I'm sure it won't take that long and until then I'll stay with Tea and Tristain." "Alright," Kaiba walked over and signed his name first, as he did, a gust of wind blew. But that wasn't going to stop anyone else from signing their names. Tea and Tristain whished them good luck. Kaiba whispered something to Mokuba. "OK Seto. See you later!"

Everyone else left as the house cast out long creepy shadows. The wind was blowing hard. Joey was started to shiver. "What's wrong Joey? The puppy scared of the big bad house?" mocked Kaiba as the wind blew. It was little hard to hear him because he voice was coming and going with the wind.

"I-I-I-I aaamm nnnot scared!" said Joey as he shivered. "It's probably just the wind." "Well it's getting late," observed Yugi, "Lets get inside and warm up." "You guys don't stand a ghost of a chance," said Kaiba as he walked ahead of everyone else.

To be continued….

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