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Chapter one... Confessions

Lunchtime, cafeteria.

Anna dropped her books in front of Tamao. "So when are you going to tell him?" Anna asked tonelessly. Tamao barely recovering from the sudden arrival of the itako was stunned at the question.

"Tell who what?" Tamao feigned innocence but Anna knew and stared flatly at her friend.
"Fine, if you want it that way. When are you going to tell HIM how you feel about HIM." pointedly looking at a tall brunette with long hair who was entering the cafeteria door with his twin brother.

"HIM? WHO'S HIM." Tamao panicky asked and then looking at the direction Anna's look indicated "oh, HIM." Tamao repeated lamely, blushing at the sight of Hao, the elder Asakura.

"Well?" Anna asked again.

'Come on Tamao think of something before they come here.' Tamao thought. 'Ah!'

"Well, maybe after you tell HIM? When are you going to tell HIM?" Tamao asked. A little afraid.

Anna without looking knew who her friend was talking about and shrugged. "I don't have to. HE already told me."

Tamao sweat dropped. 'I'm dead' Tamao thought.


The Asakura twins walked in the cafeteria.

"Yoh what are you looking for?" the elder Asakura, Hao asked his younger twin who kept glancing in the crowd looking for someone.

"Ummmm..." replied a rather distracted Yoh.

'Ah. The scary blond he has a crush on' Hao thought.

Yoh was craning his neck trying to see above the crowd where Anna sat during lunch. He felt a soft tap from his big brother. He turned and looked at the direction Hao's hand indicated.

There he found in a corner table, a beautiful blond with her back to the cafeteria door talking to her best friend with really pink hair. 'How can I miss people with unique hair colors?' Yoh thought.

Yoh excitedly dragged his big brother towards the table.


"Ummmm. Anna-san, I think your friend is coming over." Tamao murmured.

"Friend? What friend?" Anna frowned.

"THAT friend." Tamao pointed at the waiving Yoh who was dragging his big brother, Hao. Instantly gathering her books at the sight of Hao.

Anna frowned at the sight of the siblings without turning said "Don't move, Tamao. Stay."

"But I have to do... finish something before lunch."Tamao said hurriedly trying to make an excuse to leave.

Turning Anna raised an eyebrow "like what?"

"Like - Ummmm.... Ah - ano --..."Tamao stammered. "Something."

"I said stay."Turning her back against Tamao "you can't pretend to do something every time you see him, you know."

Tamao sighed resigning sighed and sat back. And waited for the Asakura twins to arrive.

"Hi Anna! Hi Tamao!" Yoh greeted his newly acquired girlfriend and her friend cheerfully.

Anna raised an eyebrow. "What took you so long?"

Tamao smiled and greeted the Asakura twins.

"Ahahaha. I - ah- Ummmm." 'Help me, Hao' Yoh looked at his brother.

"We were trying to get away from several admirers who wanted to eat lunch with us" Hao announced while smiling mischievously at Tamao.

"You were WHAT!" Anna thundered.

"We were late coz Hao took his time looking in front of the mirror!"Yoh blurted out when Hao's words sank in.

"You know how important it is to me to look good all the time." Hao said while flipping his long brown hair.

"Besides I didn't think Anna would be waiting for us. Unless, of course, there is a particular something that the two of you -looking at Anna and Yoh- should be telling us, ne?" Hao winking conspiratorially at Tamao, who was watching the verbal repartee with awe.

'He's a sharp one. I'll give him that.' Anna thought. "It seems that we don't have to tell you. You seem to know already what its about." glancing at Yoh.

"Okay, now that everybody seems to know what have happened. Let's celebrate! My treat." Yoh declared happily.


Hao and Tamao fell behind Yoh and Anna as they walked home together. Aside from being classmates with the Asakura Twins at school, Anna and Tamao are apprenticed to the Asakura Family as shaman trainees. They live in the Asakura compound since they were little and the walk home is always a part of the day. Only now was different, Hao, who usually lead now fell behind the couple, watching the couple with an amused smile and falling into step with Tamao. Tamao, who was usually daydreaming, is trying to not notice Hao who was suddenly walking beside her and smiling.

"Who would've thought that they'd end up together, ne Tamao?" Hao announced. "And here I thought that my brother was petrified of her."

Tamao who was shocked to hear him speak could only nod.

Hao peered into her. "You're not much of a talker, aren't you?"

Tamao nodded trying not to blush. Too much.

"You're a gem, Tamao-chan." Hao laughed.

"Eh?" Tamao wondered what the comment meant as she watched Hao walk away from where she stood.

Hao was thinking, 'hmmm. My brother is going to be busy with that girl. It'll be fun to tease him at every now and then. - Evil laughter echoing in Hao's mind - anyway there's still Tamao-chan, when all else fail I could still tease her. -More evil laughter- there some much to do so little time to do it.' hao sighed and continued to walk home, smiling absently and plotting along the way.

End chapter one

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