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Chapter 5. Coming together.

Yoh ducked away from the hurling dictionary. "Annaaaa!" He screeched.

"You stupid idiot! Tell me where your insensitive jerk of a brother is hiding! I swear when I get my hands on both of you I'll rip you both apart!" Shrieked Anna. She was still fuming when they arrived in the compound long after Yoh and Hao arrived.

"You know I can't tell you! Even if you turn me inside out I can't tell you! I don't even know where he is! For the love of Buddha there's at least a hundred rooms here Anna! Excluding the grounds! Even if he wanted to be found I seriously doubt we can find him immediately!" Yoh shouted as he dodged the several pieces of furniture (to name a few).

Anna's eyes narrowed. The idiot has a point, she thought sourly. I hate it when he has a point.

Yoh peeked from behind the wall. She stopped throwing stuff. Maybe she finally realized my point, he thought before being hit solidly in the face with Anna's wooden slipper.

"That's going to leave a mark." Said a disembodied voice in his head.

"Nii-chan, where are you? I don't think I'm going to live through this ..." Yoh replied mentally to his twin. "She's really upset. And I think she wants to let it out at my expense."

"And you want me to go there! Are you mad! That woman of yours scares even the spirit of fire, what makes you think I would want to expose myself to her?"

"If you don't you're never going to taste Tamao's cooking." Yoh countered. His brother seemed to hesitate.

"Nor will you ever see her again." Hao was tempted but refused to budge. Yoh thought of another threat to his older brother... "Uh, Hao?"

"What?" Hao replied cautiously.

"If you don't stop this right now. I'm going to help Anna chop off your beloved hair."

Yoh felt Hao turn pale. "You wouldn't... dare."

"Oh, of course I won't but I'm sure Anna could at least perm it."

Hao bristled. Anything but the hair. Yoh mentally pictured his brother flipping his long locks as he snorted.

"You are so going to pay for this, little brother." Hao growled as he let himself in the room.

Yoh laughed inwardly when he saw Hao sulkily went inside the room.

"Since when did you learn to blackmail me?" Hao asked.

"I took notes every time you taught me how..." Yoh snickered.

Anna on the other hand was fuming. "Well?" Hao looked at Anna. "You wanted to see me?" Hao flourished into an exaggerated bow. Making Anna itch to throw a boulder at him.

"We have got to talk." Anna fumed.

"About what?"

"It's about Tamao. She's leaving..." Anna announced.


"I don't know but she left five minutes ago ..." Anna was unable to expound further because Hao had already pushed past her to catch up with the pink haired girl who was probably walking away from the compound and away from his life. Anna smirked.

"I thought she was just going to the grocery?" Yoh asked his girlfriend as he approached her.

"She is."

"Oh, so why didn't you tell him that?"

"..." Anna raised an eyebrow.

"Oh. OH!" Yoh repeated finally understanding the situation.

A few hours later and an annoyed Hao carrying two brown bags for the flustered Tamao as they came back from the grocery.

Yoh snickered behind Anna who was raising an eyebrow at the sight that Hao and Tamao presented.

Hao had a wry look on his face as he passed Anna and Yoh who was waiting for them at the front yard.

"Well that went well, didn't it?" Yoh asked Anna.

"Yes. Yes it did." Anna smiled slightly as they both went inside.

Later that day, Yoh went to look for his big brother. He found Hao looking blankly at the Sakura tree found in one of the many gardens of the Asakura estate.

The great tree was a mere sapling when he first lived as an Asakura, more than a thousand years ago. Hao sighed as he thought back at the times before he was reborn as an Asakura all over again.

'Did I ever get this confused with women before?' he asked himself trying to remember any significant other from his past lives. 'Poor Tamao. No wait... poor me, from the looks that Anna gave me yesterday afternoon I'm surprised she haven't tried to skin me alive... or perm me.'

Hao turned to the sound of footsteps. "Hey" Yoh greeted his twin and sat beside him.

"Hey" came the same monosyllabic reply but it was less enthusiastic than his brother's laid back greeting.

They sat for a few moments staring at the tree saying nothing, just watching the sway of the leaves and flowers.

The moments dragged on to minutes. Yoh yawned. Hao frowned and realized that his brother wanted to talk and he has yet to think of how to initiate the conversation. Hao was in no mood to begin a "heartfelt -Hao inwardly cringed- conversation."

Yoh looked at his brother. Hao looked a little annoyed and slightly confused. 'Well, that's new' Yoh mentally observed. His brother usually have this I-know-everything-and-I-might-do-something-evil smirk plastered in his face. Hao looked as if he wanted to make the poor tree suffer... as in the evil kind of suffering.

Yoh opened his mouth to say something and closed it again. 'Starting a conversation wasn't this hard before he thought as he opened and closed his mouth three times thinking of what to say.

"You're going to ask me what's wrong, right?" Yoh nodded excitedly.

"I'm not telling".

Yoh thought for a moment. "That's okay I'll just ask you a few questions and you could just say yes or no?"

But before Yoh could start Hao immediately said. "NO."


"I said NO. Which part of the monosyllabic two letter word did you not understand?" Hao snapped at Yoh his gaze still fixed on the cherry tree.


"You know with the amount of Furyoku you have. You might just be able to bore a hole in that tree by just staring at it." Yoh commented absently after watching his twin stare - no wait, more like glare into the tree.

Hao sighed.

"It's a girl right?" Yoh asked flashing his brother with an evil smirk that usually belonged to Hao's face.

Hao's head whipped to the side to face his brother. His eyes narrowing.

Instead of being afraid Yoh laughed.

Put a hand on his mouth and laugh. What kind of brother are you? Hao frowned at his brother who was rolling on the floor already.

"You- laughter- are - chuckles- in-so -much -gasp- trouble-!" Yoh tried to say to Hao in between his laughter and catching his breath. Catching the livid look Hao had on his face he began to laugh anew.

"Just like you, huh?" Hao replied to his laughing twin. Sarcasm oozed.

Yoh sobered slightly. "Yup. Just like me..." He replied as he wiped away the tears that have gathered on the corner of his eyes.

Hao on the other hand had a somewhat devastated look on his face. Yoh upon realizing his and his brother's predicament sobered up. After a while, they looked at the cherry tree before them. They sighed at the same time.

"At least you have a sweet girl like Tamao..." Yoh began.

"And you have Anna." Hao deadpanned.

"What's that supposed to mean?" A disembodied voice of Anna asked which made Hao and Yoh perk up from their lazy seat.

"Nothing." Hao immediately replied. "Right?"

"Yeah nothing..." Yoh agreed.

"Good. Add an extra hundred laps on you jogs today."

"But Anna!" Yoh whined only to receive a glare as she went past him towards the kitchen.

Yoh slouched beside Hao who softly shook his head as they resumed watching the tree's leaves sway softly to the wind. Inwardly Hao was laughing, outside Hao was snickering and Yoh noticed this and muttered. "Just wait you'll have taste of women's manipulation soon."

"She's not like that." Hao replied thinking of Tamao. "Now that I think about it nobody's like that."

Yoh smiled good naturedly. "But you know what... even if she's nothing like Anna you'll do anything she asks."

Hao paused for a while before snickering.

"What's so funny this time?"


"..." Yoh looked at him questioningly.

"Because we are so whipped, little brother. We are so whipped." Hao laughed.


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