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Chapter 1

" I can't believe you are leaving!!" screamed Destinie to her daughter's father.

The man stopped at the door way and yelled back,

" Why can't I?"

" Our daughter is only two years of age. You only come to see her once every three months! She needs a father!"

" I am not the father that she needs. I am needed else where," he said just as he headed out the door.

Destinie walked back into her house that she owned in Gondor. She went back to the room that she and her daughter shared. Her daughter was taking her afternoon nap on the bed. Good, she didn't hear our fight, thought Destinie. She shut the door and went into the kitchen where she then sat down and started thinking about how her daughter's life is going to change without her father coming around. Should she tell her daughter? Would she figure it out on her own? How is she going to react?

Then an opening door disrupted her questions. She looked to her bedroom door and saw her daughter, rubbing her eyes from just waking up. She looked around and saw no one else but her mother.

" Where's papa?" she asked.

A tear ran down Destinie's face. She wiped it away and said,

" He went away."

" To where?"

" To do his job," said Destinie.

" Okay," she said as she went back to finish her nap.

Destinie sat back in her chair and then, again, thought about how her father leaving would affect the blue-eyed girl.

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