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Chapter 7 My New Name Is: Crazy Air Force Pilot

Later that night after Strider left the elf to do her hair came. Amara wasn't sure if she was sure if she wanted someone she didn't know to be around her. After all, she didn't know if that elf was going to do something to her or hurt her. Luckily Amara was too busy thinking about what that elf might do to her that she was done with her hair. Her hair was done with it half down and the other half was fishtail braided. Amara thought she did a great job on her hair.

That elf left and Strider came back to escort Amara to dinner. As they were walking they started talking about Amara's past and her father.

" Like I said before he left when I was little," she said.

" What was he like?" asked Strider

" From what I remember he was tall, he could lift me above his head, and he often took me out of the Gondorian walls to pick flowers when he was there and when if was safe."

This triggered something in Strider's head.


He was peering out into the large field making sure that no one was there. He looked farther into the field and saw strange movement.

" Father, can we go?" asked an anxious little girl.

" Sweetie, it's too dangerous to go out there today. Maybe tomorrow we can." He said.

" Alright, but can you give me a ride back to the house?"

" Sure, anything," he said scooping up the little girl.


" Tell me about your mother," said Strider.

" She was very beautiful from what I remember. She had long light brown hair and brown eyes," Amara said.

" What was her name?" asked Strider.

" Destinie," said Amara.

This about gave Strider a heart attack. He stopped with wide eyes and it didn't look like he was breathing.

" Strider?" asked Amara.

He stood there for a while and then said,

" I think we need to talk."

" What about the dinner?"

" That isn't important right now," he said.

" Are you sure? Won't someone get mad at us?" asked Amara.

" I'm sure they will understand."

Strider and Amara went somewhere by a stream. There was no one around.

" Please, sit," said Strider.

Amara sat on a nearby boulder. Strider stood up and started pacing back and forth until he said something.

" Amara there is something that not many people know. And… it's… it's that I have," he paused for a while, " a daughter," he said.

" You have a daughter. That is wonderful," said Amara.

" No you don't understand, I had a daughter in Gondor."

" Is that it? She's in Gondor?"

" AMARA! You are my daughter," said Strider.

Amara sat there in shock.

" No, this can't be. My father left when I was very little," she said.

" And it was the worst thing I have ever done in my life."

" No I don't believe it!" said Amara standing up and running away.

Amara ran faster than she had ever in her life. She could feel the coldness on her cheeks from where the tears had fallen. She didn't want to believe that Strider, the one she trusted most, was the one who abandoned her and her mother years ago. Did he really regret it? What was going to happen after this? Will she ever forgive him for what he has done? She ran, until she tripped on a tree root. She picked her self up and sat up against the tree. She put her knees at her chest and cried. She lived her life without her father, she accepted long ago that she didn't have one and she wasn't good enough for one. She had those few memories of her father that was good enough for her.

A few minutes of sitting there crying, someone showed up.

" It's not good to cry," said the voice, which seemed to be a guys voice.

Amara looked up. It was a boy about her age, standing beside her. He was dressed in elven clothing. A silver tunic and black pants with a black cloak with the Lorien Leaf holding it together. His hair was to his shoulders, brown and wavy. His eyes were as green as the leaves and his face had soft features.

" How would you know what's good for me?" asked Amara.

" Well I know a good cry can be good for some people, but when you are running from someone or something, crying isn't good," he said, " Forgive me, I am Colton son of Mason."

" I'm Amara," she said, " What is a human doing in Lorien?"

" I could ask you the same question," he said sitting down next to her.

" Oh, right," she said.

" Well, I was kidnapped a while ago when my village was burned," he said.

" Oh, I'm so sorry," said Amara.

" So when my kidnappers stumbled in here the elves took me in when I explained to them I had no where to go. They said I could stay as long as I wish, but I think I'm going to leave soon."

" Where are you from?"

" I'm from a very little village on the edge of Rohan. Our town was destroyed after the corrupted king ordered it burned," he said.

" What about you? What's your story?"

" Well, I lived in the White City in Gondor until my mother died. My father left years before. My neighbors took me in and sent me a few villages away when I was old enough to work at a tavern."

" Wow you had it rough," he said.

Amara didn't say anything, but started to shiver.

" Are you cold?"

" A little," said Amara.

Colton took off his cloak and wrapped it around her.

" Thank you," she said sniffing.

" I have a feeling that your past isn't what you're crying about," he said.

" No. It's more like who came back from my past," she said.

" Do you want to talk about it?"

" No, thank you though."

" If you need to talk I'm here," he said looking around, " It's getting late, we should go."

" You're right," she said getting up.

The two walked into the place where there were the tree houses and the only way Amara could remember where her room was is because of a fountain near her tree.

" Where are you staying?"

" Up here I think," said Amara.

" I was thinking that maybe… if you wanted to… we could have dinner… or something like that," said Colton.

Amara stopped and looked at him.

" I'd like that."

" Really? It's not too sudden?" he asked.

" I don't think so," she said.

" So, tomorrow night? A little before sunset?"

" That sounds great," she said.

Amara couldn't get a smile off of her face. She turned and ascended up her stairs to her room. When she was in her room she threw herself on her bed. She totally forgot about the Strider thing. She remembered and her face went pale. Amara didn't want this to be something that she was mad about for the rest of her life. The best thing that she could do is forgive him and move on… with a father! In the corner of her room she saw a figure move in the shadows.

" I see you met our young human," said the voice.

Amara jumped and sat up on the bed.

" Who are you?" Amara's eyes were wide-open. The figure stepped out of the shadows. It was Haldir.

" Oh… Haldir. You scared me."

" Amara… you scared everyone," he said.

" What?"

" Your father, the Lord and Lady, and just about every elven warrior we have are looking for you," he said moving across the room.

Strider came up the stairs into the room and saw Amara.

" OH… THANK VALAR!" he said running over to her and hugging her, " I thought something had happened to you."

Haldir went over to the edge of the stairs to call off the search party.

" Who found you? Are you alright?" asked Strider.

" A…" Amara said before being interrupted.

" The human boy that is staying here," said Haldir.

" Well, where is he?" asked Strider.

" He'll be here a little before sunset tomorrow night," said Amara.

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