I was talking to a good friend online when she said a certain word. Massacre. It's an interesting word. It sounds so... evil. The point is, when she hit return and I saw that word pop up, it triggered something. An idea. Horror movies have long been my favorite. A group of people bing stalked by someone. Maybe this someone has a complicated reason for the murders, or maybe they're just a bit crazy. Whatever the case, I thought 'Why not pit the Titans against a murderer inside of their tower?' It seemed like a good idea. Welcome to a rather violent story, full of swearing and blood. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Titan Massacre

Chapter 1: The Guests Arrive

Cyborg's View

"I hope you sent all of those invitations out on time!" Robin yelled down the hall. Cyborg was walking ahead of the Boy Wonder when he heard the call from behind. He cursed silently as he realized he hadn't bothered to contact anyone until two days after Robin had asked him. He turned around quickly, still trotting back wards down the hall way as he focused on Robin.

"Yeah Rob. I invited everyone just when ya told me to," Cyborg told him with a large smile. Robin stopped in the middle of the hallway and glared at him. 'Uh-oh' Cyborg thought and turned around quickly, picking up his pace as he turned the corner. He wasn't in the mood to get a yelling from Robin. His leader had been in a rather strange mood. He had been lashing out at everyone for everything. The only thing that seemed to calm him down was when Beast Boy suggested a party, scheduled for tonight. Cyborg was all to glad to see Robin concentrating on something other than Slade.

He ended up out in the living room, where Beast Boy was on a computer messing with something. He shifted his gaze around the room, searching for signs of other people. Beast Boy had been causing trouble lately. Trying to download games and accidentally infecting the system with a virus. One more time and Cyborg swore that he was gonna kill the little green punk.

"Whatcha up to this time?" He asked Beast Boy suspiciously from behind. The changeling jumped three feet into the air at the sound of Cyborg's voice, and he quickly shut the computer off. Cyborg tapped him on the shoulder lightly. Beast Boy turned around slowly to looked at Cyborg, cowering from his massive frame.

"I was just playing uh- Solitaire!" Beast Boy claimed. It was an obvious lie, and Cyborg made a mental note to hack onto Beast Boy's locked screen name to see what his history had to say. Sometimes it almost seemed as if the green human downloaded viruses on purpose. 'I mean how stupid can you get? He's gonna shut down the power system in here if he keeps infecting stuff' Cyborg thought.

"You'd better hope that's true. Those viruses are destroying our security system. Do you want someone like Slade to get the jump on us?" Cyborg asked him. Beast Boy smiled as he slid himself away from Cyborg. He ran over behind the counter to get some distance. "Of course not. But waiting for Half Life 2 is beginning to kill me!" Beast Boy answered."Impatience is for the weak."

Beast Boy nearly jumped through the roof on this one. Raven had teleported through the floor and appeared behind him. Cyborg chuckled as Beast Boy turned around to yell at her. "Weak am I? I could take you!" He yelled, flexing his non existent muscles. Raven stared at him, looking perfectly bored. Then, with one hand, she shoved him aside and put down a tea kettle. Beast Boy fell over, and then got up fuming. Cyborg couldn't help it. He burst out laughing loudly.

"What is it that we are laughing at?" A naive voice said to his left. Cyborg turned, holding his sides as he continued to laugh. Beast Boy stared from him to Raven angrily. "Nothing Star. Absolutely nothing," He answered. "I wouldn't call you getting beat up by Raven nothing," Cyborg said as he calmed his laughing. Starfire looked clueless to the comedy, but instead sat down on the couch. Just then, a door opened and out walked Robin. He was smiling.

"I got replies from everybody that we sent to. Nice job Cyborg," Robin said. The half human felt his mouth drop open. Everyone had actually gotten the message on time? And they had all actually replied in time? "I guess sending them out late wasn't a complete waste," Cyborg muttered. Robin hopped over the side of the couch and put his arms behind his head. "I'm going to get some pizzas later on, can anyone go shopping for me?" Robin asked. Beast Boy raised his hand. "Er- Other than Beast Boy?" Robin corrected himself. "I'll do it," Raven said from beneath her hood. "Thanks," Robin told her as he put his head back.

"Anything that I can do?" Cyborg asked Robin. The Boy Wonder looked over at him, and seemed to be thinking. "You can ready some music for tonight," Robin said after a moments hesitation. Cyborg nodded his head and looked over at Starfire, who seemed to have a hopeful look on her face as she stared at Robin.

"What can I do?" She asked him. Cyborg buried his face into his hands. Anything that Starfire was told to do would screw something up. She just didn't understand Earth customs enough. A mayonnaise and mustard and mustard sandwich? Cyborg shuddered as he thought of the disgusting food that the alien girl enjoyed. Starfire definitely needed a lessen on Earth.

"You can look pretty for us all," Robin answered. Cyborg caught Robin's eye and gave him a smile. "Smooth," He said quietly. Robin smiled and mouthed the words "I know." Cyborg walked over to the Cd rack and began to sort through them. He glanced through it and immediately moved Starfire and Beast Boy's music aside. He grabbed a few of his rap Cd's, threw in a couple punk rock albums, and then walked over to the table. "My job's done," Cyborg said as he tossed them down. Then he went off to his room.

He practically broke his door when he slammed it shut. Beast Boy's whining, Starfire's naivety, Raven's selfishness, Robin's obsessive behavior. Sometimes his friends annoyed him so much that he could kill them. 'Or at least hurt them very badly' Cyborg thought to himself. He walked over to his recharge machine and picked up the plug. He inserted it into his chest for a quick burst of energy. Then he walked off to the training room. 'You never know how much strength you're gonna need' He thought silently as he entered the room quietly.

All Titans View's

It was hours later and the group, minus Robin, stood in the main room. Cyborg had tossed on some rap music and sat back. Raven was drinking a cup of tea near all of the drinks. Beast Boy was no where to be found, though Starfire had mentioned that he was on the Titans mainframe earlier. Starfire herself was standing near the food that Raven had laid out. Plenty of chips, candy, and other food to last a lifetime. Robin had not returned yet.

Beast Boy came strolling into the room with a smile on his face. He stopped as he noticed everyone's attention on him. "What?" He asked in an innocent voice. Raven let out a small laugh and Starfire looked away. "What have you been up to?" Cyborg asked him. Beast Boy looked startled by the straight forward approach. "I was just downloading something on another computer. Don't worry, it wasn't a game," Beast Boy said. Cyborg went to say something when Raven interrupted.

"If Robin doesn't get back soon we might wanna order something else," She said. Cyborg gave her a nod, and this gave Beast Boy time to escape him. Starfire laughed at the changeling, who had changed into a kitten and ran under the couch. Cyborg looked around for him, but to no avail. He shrugged it off and changed the song quickly, and then began to sing along quietly.

"Who exactly is coming to this gathering?" Starfire asked Raven. The goth sighed, but Cyborg quickly stopped her from speaking. "I got this one Rae," Cyborg said as he winked his human eye. Raven let out a deep breath. She was exhausted enough as it was. "Pretty much everyone. Well, not really. Speedy, Aqualad, Wildebeest, HotSpot, Thunder, Lightning, and..." Cyborg trailed off. "I believe that you forgot a certain Bumblebee," Beast Boy said for him. Cyborg blushed slightly. "Yeah. Her too," He said.

Cyborg turned away from the others. Since his second run in with Brother Blood, he discovered that he had a bit of a thing or Bumblebee. It was a fact that Beast Boy had discovered somehow. The changeling hadn't let him live it down since. If she was coming to this thing, maybe he could show her his feelings. His thoughts were lost as he noticed some people walking up to the tower. "Here they come..." He said to the others.

Speedy's View

He walked up towards the large Titans tower. The rain was coming down hard around it. He plugged his nose for a second. Wildebeest didn't smell good normally, and he smelled even worse when he was wet. The large hero stood to his right, also staring up wards. HotSpot was on his left, an umbrella up. A guy made of fire couldn't exactly get wet. Apparently, it would kill him if his head went out, or something like that. What a weakness...

"Hey!" A muffled yell came from behind him. Speedy turned around and looked into the water. Someone was climbing out and rushing up to them. He saw that it was Aqualad. Speedy smiled at the memory of the one time he had fought Aqualad. Freeze arrows had to be his favorite... Speedy gave him a head nod as he reached them. "This storm is only gonna get worse," Aqualad said. "I hear that Thunder and Lightning are coming. Can't they make storms or something?" HotSpot asked. Everyone shrugged. "Let's get out of this," Speedy said and walked into the tower.

They walked up to the elevator and hit the button. The doors opened and they stepped inside. Speedy hit a button for the top when he heard a voice. "Wait up!" Someone yelled. He looked ahead to see a girl wearing a yellow and black striped shirt and wings on her back. Speedy held the door for her as she stepped him. "Hey there Bumblebee," Aqualad greeted her. 'So that's what she looks like' Speedy thought. Aqualad had mentioned her a lot. He hit the button, and the elevator began to move up.

It was rather crowded, and this was a spacious elevator. Wildebeest took up more than half of it himself, and his stink didn't make the ride any more fun. "This better not be a bust. I hear Robin's been really edgy about Slade," HotSpot said. "Well of course. I'm a little on edge about Brother Blood and I just started working on his case," Speedy said. Him and Robin were a lot alike... The doors opened before the conversation could continue.

"Hey!" Beast Boy yelled from his seat on the couch. Aqualad stepped out first and gave Beast Boy a high five. "Is that Halo 2?" HotSpot asked as he shoved his way past Speedy. "Boot leg copy and all," Beast Boy said proudly. Speedy laughed quietly as he walked out next to Bumblebee, who rushed forward to Cyborg. Wildebeest walked slowly over to the food, his pounding footsteps echoing throughout the room. The elevator doors shut and went back down almost immediately. Speedy crossed his arms and stood there silently. Robin was no where in sight...

The elevator came up and two figures stepped up next to him. A bright yellow and guy with long spiked hair. And a large blue guy. 'Thunder and Lightning' He realized. Speedy watched as they walked right past him without acknowledgment. Thunder went over to Beast Boy, Lightning to Starfire. They each began to chat away quickly. Speedy looked over at Raven, who was staring menacingly at the group of social people. But before he could say anything, the elevator doors opened again, and the group turned to see who it was.

A figure stood in the doorway, mounds of small boxes in their arms. The figure was drenched in rain, and wasn't visible behind the boxes. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as the person stepped inside. They dropped the boxes gently on the form to reveal Robin standing there with a grim look on his face. No one moved for a moment when the Boy Wonder smiled and yelled, "Lets get this party started!" It began, and no one had a clue that there was a killer inside of the building. Well, no one but the killer...


I know it wasn't a very exciting beginning, and the next chapter won't have much either. But trust me, after that, it will pick up. I wasn't sure if HotSpot could actually die from water. Robin put his arms out in "Winner Takes All" and that was with a smoke bomb thing. I assume water on his head could do some damage, I don't know. That aside, I felt pretty good about all of this. Oh, if any of you have read my story "Everlong" you may notice that the party guests are practically the same. Oh well... So if you liked it, please review. Next chapter up soon if you do! I promise! NOTE: Rating changes to R after chapter 2. Violence and swearing really picks up then.

Next Chapter: The party starts and everything is going fine. But the first victim turns up after a power outage. Who killed them? Was it an enemy? Or someone that the Titans call a friend?

"Life is but a dream for the dead"