Here comes the long part for me. I have to write the acknowledgments. This is going to take a while, but everyone deserves it. Out of all the stories with several chapters that I wrote, this one has easily received the most feedback. It averaged around fourteen reviews per chapter. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who did the consistent reviewing, and those to anyone who even reviewed at all. Of course, I have some questions.

I'd like some feedback, if possible for any and all of you, to the overall story. What was your favorite chapter? Least favorite? Anything that nagged at you for the entire story? Did you hate the ending? Love it? I'm particularly interested in the question about the ending, since I was worried about what people would think of it since the start of the story. If you all could be so nice to answer any of those, I'd love it. You don't have to though, I'm happy with any review whatsoever. Now for the next part.


I'll be doing the random orders for thanks first. Special thanks going last. Anyone who only anonymously reviewed once and made it short, I'm going to thank you now since you won't get a huge sentence or so. So thanks to any one time reviewers.

RedStar- You've pretty much reviewed everything that I've written, and you do it consistently. Thanks so much.

rrarbecy- Yes, in a way, they were working together. Very much so. Thanks for reviewing.

person- He didn't die! In fact, he was pure evil! I bet you didn't see that coming. Thanks.

Fearful- The same goes for you. This story and a couple of my other ones, you're always there. I hope you'll keep it up.

chikiidoo- You're probably one of my favorite reviewers overall, since you've done it on both this story and "A New Titan", even if I did have to ask sometimes. Thanks for doing it all this time.

TeenTitan- Though you really only reviewed in the beginning, I'd like to thank you for helping me get some reviews in the start.

LilManiac- Your short, yet enthusiastic, reviews were always fun to read. I really liked them. Thanks.

the fonix freeke- You had some nice, though not numerous, reviews. Thanks for giving me any at all.

blonde shadowcat- You did review, especially in the beginning, and I thank you for that.

boynetough- Once again, the same goes for you. You were doing it quite often in the beginning, so thank you.

Grumbumble- You're one of my favorite authors. The story you're writing is amazing. You've reviewed some of my stories a few times, and I really liked that. Thanks, hope you update "Rite Of Passage" soon.

Yoshi Kanzaki- A simple review in the beginning and you get a thanks. I'm nice like that.

YakunetsuYamamoto- Oh yes, that kind of was like scream in the start. Anyways, thanks.

Nightbolts101- Well, the clues did point to Starfire in the start, but that didn't last. Thanks for reviewing.

Taiba- I think you only reviewed, what, twice? But it was appreciated. Plus, you're a friend of Tawreh's, so you in in here anyways. Thanks.

Scorpio Serpent- Short, but nice, reviews. I thank you so much.

Jade-Monsoons- R.L. Stine is a favorite author of mine, I consider it a compliment to have you say may story was "Stine esque". Thanks a lot.

Damn-my-name-was-taken- You only reviewed once, right? Well, you get a mention because you reviewed, and you're a good friend. Thanks…

Odd Writer- Well, the review was appreciated, though it was short. Thanks.

theloverofall24- I loved the whole "I hate you" at the start but then the "brilliant!" at the end. Very nice review, liked it. Thank you.

blackmoon36- Why did so many people suspect Starfire, then rejoice as she died? I guess I'll never know. Thanks for reviewing.

Sarah Cabbage Patch- You, me, and Xaphrin are all from Michigan? That's awesome. Thanks for reviewing though.

sirenmergirl- You were clearly not a Star/Speedy fan, be glad she died right then. Anyways, thanks as usual.

PrInCeSs-RaVeN-DaRk- I think everyone was sad that Raven died. So sorry. Thanks for reviewing, hope I didn't upset you over raven too much.

O-Starfire-O- A person who is upset over Starfire, that's a first. Lol, thanks for reviewing.

DeMoN4EvA- I'm hoping that I answered all of your questions without creating plot holes and what not. You've been reviewing for a while, and I thank you.

br14nn4- No need to apologize for late reviewing. You did it consistently, and that makes me happy. Hope you enjoyed the story, thanks a bunch.

Raze, the Dragonic Knight- And Cyborg did end up tearing Robin apart pretty much! I hope you enjoyed the ending, cause you're one of the many that I'm worried will hate it. Thanks for reviewing up to this point though.

Super Special Thanks

Just a few of the people who helped me along here during the story

Mysfit Chyld- You're a great friend, and you reviewed! I hope that we'll get to talking more, like we used to. Thanks so much for reviewing a few times.

Red Room Flare- You, my recently acquired friend, get a mention on here for one review. You get it because you've taken the time to discuss the story with me online. Speaking of which, email me soon, we must talk of the ending. Thank you!

Marfbag- You need to update you live journal more… anyways, You've been reviewing a lot since the start, and that's how I got to know you. So thanks for reviewing, because it's how I found your live journal, and lead to use being friends. Thanks, you're great.

Krazy4Robin- You're only third on here because you didn't review the entire story. Of course, you reviewed much of it, and listened to the ending, and said you loved it. I can't wait to talk to you again, thanks a bunch for reviewing. Love you.

Absolutely pointless- Oh yes, you're all the way here under this section. You too listened to my ending, and you seemed to really like it. You're always telling me how good of a writer I am and how much this story rocks. You're great, thanks for being my friend again. Thank you so much.

Tawreh- And now for the person who inspired the story. Well, it really wasn't you that inspired it, but you said the word that somehow triggered the idea. This idea led to a story, which happened to turn into my best story yet. It's so great that you took the time to listen to me, give me ideas, and just be my friend. You're awesome, thank you and I love you.

Upcoming Stories

More Than Useless- A simple song fic with lyrics from Relient K's 'More Than Useless. Robin feels useless after another failed attempt to stop Slade, but Raven comforts him. RobRae.

Death's Design- The Titans are normal kids on their senior trip to Europe in High School. Robin gets a premonition of the class dying. It comes true, but he manages to save his friends. How will they handle it when "Death" begins to kill them off gruesomely, one by one? A horror story based off the movie 'Final Destination'

To Be What I'm Not- They think she is selfish, but she is not. They think hat she always wants to be alone, but she does not. Raven is the most misunderstood member of the team, and one Titan won't stop reaching out to her… RobRae.

Final Words

As I have said, out of all my stories, I think that this one has been the most fun to write. Keeping you all wondering, leaving cliffhangers, and probably pissing you off with the ending had been really enjoyable. I thank you all for reviewing one last time, if I missed you, I am so sorry. Hope that you'll all read some of my future stories. Anyways, it's time for my trademark song. Enjoy…

Rolling Stones

"Paint It black"

I see a red door and I want it painted black

No colors anymore, I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars and they're all painted black

With flowers and my love, both never to come back

I see people turn their heads and quickly look away

Like a newborn baby it just happens ev'ry day

I look inside myself and see my heart is black

I see my red door and I must have it painted black

Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts

It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue

I could not forsee this thing happening to you

If I look hard enough into the setting sun

My love will laugh with me before the morning comes

I see a red door and I want it painted black

No colors anymore I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

Hmm, hmm, hmm...

I wanna see your face painted black, black as night, black as coal

I wanna see the sun, blotted out from the sky.

I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black.