The tournament its about to go... Every one is preparing. But little do they know Uranus has a Present for them. Hearts are broken wounds get salt poured on them

Ellis her training but was interrupted by David.


"Hi Ellis"

Runs up and gives him a great big hug.

"Well…" He handed her a package.

Ellis opens them and sees 2 golden sai's.


"You brought new meaning to my life… I ran on revenge. You brought me simple joy.

I love you."

"David… I love you too." She leaned in for a kiss it had been so long since she had felt David's lips touch her.

"Ellis the battle is coming up quickly. I'm gonna fight to the death. And if I do die at least you'll have these""

"Don't talk like that" She smiled softly at David. "You and I…We'll be fine." She held her arms around him. "Just wait and see." She smiled.

David looked down at her. Ellis I'm sorry but this time I'm fighting so I can die. Because if the secret Organization doesn't kill me… You'll die in my place.

"Ellis lets go out for dinner." David said.

"Okay. Let me get dressed"

"No Come as you are… It's sexier this way" He took his arm and pulled her closer then kissed her deeply. "How's about we umm… 'Train for the battle'?"

"David" She giggled.

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Ellis and David walked into the restaurant and saw Eiji and Kaiyin

Waiting in line.

"Hey You two" Eiji said towards them.

"Hi Eiji" Ellis ran over to give them both hugs.

"Hi David…"Kaiyin said looking coldly at him.

"Eiji … Kaiyin… "David said.

"Do you guys want to sit with us" Ellis offered

"Okay" Eiji said while smiling at the happy couple.

As they sat at their table waiting for dinner David looked at Ellis and couldn't help but hear Uranus's voice telling him "Every one you love will die… Even her"

He got up swiftly.

"David… Are you all right?" Ellis said while grabbing his hand.

"Uh Yeah I'll be right back," He said with a little smile.

Eiji Looked at David While he was walking away. "I'll be back too"

Eiji walked into the bathroom and saw David Hunched over a sink washing his face.

"What's wrong David" Eiji said while touching David on his back.

"Remember a how I was gone for a while."


"Don't… Don't tell Ellis this but… I. I was searching for Uranus… I had found out that she was the reason why my family was killed. When I finally got to her She… She got Chaos and used him to beat me. Before I left she said 'That girl you love so much will die the way your parents did…and I'll make sure you hear her scream… Fight me during the battle… See if your girlfriend lives if you get beat… Better yet if you die.' I have to fight till the death or Ellis dies…It's tearing me in half… If I die she'll be torn…If She dies I'll revert back to my old self…Killing aimlessly. I don't want to. I want it to be us. Forever"

"David. Fight but think of her as you do it. It brings you strength. And don't worry your secret's safe with me"

Back at the table Kaiyin looked at Ellis.

"What do you want?" she asked

"Why didn't we work out?" He said while slowly sliding his hand up her thigh.

"Because unlike you." She said softly "I hate being cheated on!" She yelled

"I told you! She meant nothing I was-"

"Don't feed me that bull shit! Like it or not David loves me! He wouldn't do half the shit you did! He wouldn't lay one hand on me!" She stood up "Now if you don't mind… I'd like to finish out my date."

Kaiyin sat there and gave her a cold stare.

"David and I-"

Kaiyin stood up and swiftly slapped her. The restaurant fell silent as the smack echoed throughout the restaurant. David walked out of the bathroom with Eiji. He saw Ellis holding her face and saw tears began to flow down her eyes.

"You sorry son of a BITCH!" She yelled while swiftly pulling out a dagger from her dress and held it towards his neck "I'll kill you right here right now!"

Kaiyin grabbed the dagger and slammed her hand down on the table.

" DO you really want me to kick your ass right here" He growled at her. "Because I will"

Just then David ran up and with a strong grip he removed Kaiyin's hand off of Ellis's. "C'mon Ellis " He said calmly. "Eiji it was nice talking to you… Kaiyin hope our path's don't cross during the battles… And if so I'll see you tomorrow"

David picked up Ellis and carried her out of the restaurant.


Rungo VS Sofia

Duke VS Fo

Mondo VS Sho