David vs. Uranus

Ellis vs. Chaos

Ellis stood inside her ring waiting for the hellish creature Chaos.

"Where are you?" she said standing in anticipation. She had longed for her revenge on him after he had killed tried to kill her.

"My…My… My Ellis" a voice said from right behind her. "You sure have grown" It was Chaos. HE stood infront of her with a great big smile on his face. "The last I saw you, you had the body and looks of a little girl." He licked his lips viciously. "But now you are a fine woman." He held his scythe up before slamming it infront of Ellis. "Now you will die!"

Ellis held her sai's up in an attach mode. Her eye's focused of Chaos. "Let's go." She said before jumping towards him. She slashed to the left but missed him. "Damn!" She looked behind her before he slashed her in the back. She cried out in vein as the blood started to flow down her back.

Then a voice cut through the fight. "So you thought this match would be easy huh Ellis" Uranus walked out infront of the ring with a remote in her hand. "Well…" she pressed the button on the remote and a glass screen fell around the ring then water started to feel it up." Try to win now… Oh by the way good luck" She smiled then walked off.

"Shit!" Ellis yelled as the tank started to get half way full. Then her mind though its not half full it's half-empty. She quickly looked at Chaos who was laughing. "What's so damn funny?!" She yelled out.

He got a good grip on his scythe and swung it at her cutting her chest. She her blood began to fill the tank up she felt weak. Her eyes slowly began to close as more and more blood escaped her body. AS she tried to focus on Chaos she felt herself sink. She now noticed that the tank was full and that she was going to die. She then thought about pressure.

The water is still filling in… She pushed all her weight to her feet and held her sai's up. As soon as it felt like there was enough weight she pushed up. She jumped up and broke through the glass. As she reached the surface she took in a deep breath. As she gasped for air she looked down at the bloody water she saw Chaos floating to the top.

" Take…That…. Bitch…" She panted.

She got off the ring and began to walk off. Wobbling from side to side because of her blood lost she fell to the ground.

"D…. David." she whispered before she closed her eyes.


Next time on B.A.T. David and Uranus Finally fight. And some good stuff will be happening so stay tuned to Grand Theft Playmate