Sue watched her kidnapper paint the words. Thick, red paint dripped from the wall and her eyes widened in horror as the man finished and forced her to read the writing.


He had finished the whole message this time, which surely meant she was about to die. She was too weak to fight him off. He hadn't fed her in the two days she'd been held captive, and barely let her take a sip of water. She knew she didn't stand a chance, merely sending a silent prayer heavenward and bracing herself for the impact as he advanced toward her. Please God let Jack find me before it's too late!

In the dark corner, she couldn't see what he was saying, so he didn't bother talking, just yanked her violently to her feet and held her by the throat against the wall. He raised his right arm, and she tensed, her scream barely making it past her lips her throat was so dry. The moonlight made the silver dagger sparkle briefly as he brought it down toward her. What he didn't realize though, was that Levi had chewed his way out of the rope that tethered him to a pipe in the dank basement. Thus, he wasn't prepared for the blow to his shoulder when the golden retriever pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. But not before the dagger was forced between two ribs. Although, thanks to Levi it missed her heart. The dull thud of the assailant hitting the ground was met with the crash of metal on concrete as Jack and the rest of the team kicked the door leading to the basement open.

He almost smiled when he saw that Levi had kept the man pinned to the ground, but when he saw the words painted on the wall any hint of a smile vanished. And his shock was evident when his roaming eyes rested on Sue's cowering figure. Her clothes were coated in a thick layer of dust and grime, her lower lip was split and she had a purple bruise around her left eye. Her wrists bore the marks of rope tied too tight, and when he went over to help her stand again, she noticeably winced. Jesus, what the hell did that bastard do to her? Looks like her rib's broken... He thought, then he noticed the dagger.

Wrapping an arm gently around her waist, avoiding putting any more pressure on the weapon, he began leading her toward the exit. He thought he would have another heart attack when he saw who it was Bobby and D had handcuffed in front of them, his eyes widened in shock, which quickly turned to anger as he saw the smirk on the man's face.

"We meet again, Hudson." The man spoke, with a mocking tone in his voice.

"Hopefully for the last time Hadley, this time I'll make sure you rot in a prison cell you sick bastard!"

"Looks like revenge wasn't so sweet after all, eh mate?" Bobby snarled at Pete before pushing him roughly through the door to take him to one of the squad cars, and then hopefully a life long stay in prison. Jack turned to Sue, taking a hold of her hand as the tears she'd held back finally were shed.

"Oh Jack," she sighed heavily, "I thought I'd never see you again! Thought I'd never get the chance to tell you I ..." her voice trailed off, the events of the past days finally catching up to her, and she passed out. Jack carried her out to the waiting ambulance and stayed with her to the hospital. The rest of the team followed behind the ambulance in their cars, all silently praying that she'd be okay.

The whole team, including Jack sat in the waiting room whilst Sue's stab wound was stitched up and her other cuts and bruises were seen to. When the consultant finally walked toward them, Jack leapt up from his seated position to ask how Sue was and if they could see her.

"The worst was the stab wound, which needed stitches, she has some other lacerations but they aren't deep enough to warrant any treatment further than a few bandages. She's very dehydrated, and quite out of it, so if you must see her, go one at a time, and I want all of you out of here within the next half-hour."

"Thanks Dr. Sarkisian." Jack said hurriedly before heading toward the room. He looked through the glass in the door, and decided to let the rest of the team go in before him. When, after what seemed like an eternity to him, it was Jack's turn to see her, he inhaled deeply before walking tentatively into the room. It broke his heart to see her hooked up to the heart monitor and IV drip. The team had warned him that she drifted in and out of consciousness so might be asleep but when he entered, she was awake and smiling at him. So he stepped closer and sat in the chair beside her bed and took her hand.


"Hi... I'm so glad you're alright!"

"Me too! It's good to get out of that place..."

"No kidding! Um... Sue?"

"What is it Jack?"

"What were you going to say before you passed out?"

"What?" She asked him, with a confused look on her face, then realization dawned and her face flushed bright pink, "Oh, um ... nothing!" She said a little louder than she wanted to. He chuckled slightly and asked again.

"Fine, but I don't know if you'll like it."

"Come on Sue, I can handle it."

"I was going to say that I ..." She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

"You what?"

"I think she was going to say she loves you, Jack!"

He turned around, looking obviously confused at what Lucy just said. And Sue signed

"I'm going to kill you!" To Lucy while Jack's back was turned. She signed back

"Well it's true isn't it?"

"Yes but I told you, I didn't want to tell him!"

Jack turned back around to face Sue just as she signed the last part, and smiled to himself, then signed,

"I'm glad you did tell me, well Lucy told me, but I'm still glad I know because now I can finally tell you; I love you too."

Jack's back was to Lucy so she didn't catch the exchange, but got the gist of it when he leaned forward and kissed Sue softly on the lips. And, silently punching the air, she left to inform the team of the latest update on their favorite "Undercover Couple".