September 1st, King's Cross, 10.52 a.m.

"The delayed 10.43 Express from Brighton, to Liverpool via Birmingham, is bound to arrive now on Platform eight. Passengers on Platform eight, please mind the arrival of the delayed 10.43 Express from Brighton to Liverpool via Birmingham"

It was one of many announcements, something perfectly ordinary in a station like King's Cross, yet for some reason Harry turned his head towards Platform eight which they were just passing. People were crowding the platform, preparing for the arrival of the train and the unavoidable chase for the best places in the train that was bound to follow. But somehow, Harry had a bad feeling about this. And then he saw it. It was just a glimpse, a figure that vanished in the crowd as quickly as it had appeared, but Harry was sure that he had not imagined it. It had been a man in dark robes, the hood drawn over his face. Of course his eyes could have played a trick on him, with the rain still pouring down mercilessly, a lot of people on the platforms and in the stations had the hoods of their jackets drawn over their heads, but Harry was pretty sure that he wasn't mistaken. His breath caught in his throat and he stopped short, standing on tip-toe and trying to get another glimpse at the figure he had seen for mere fragments of a moment. It couldn't be, yet he was so sure that he had seen a Death Eater on the platform.

Sirius was still holding on to Harry's arm, and when he realised that his godson had stopped, he tightened the grip of his hand and stopped as well.

"Harry? Come on, we need to get to the train."

His voice was nearly lost in the sound of the approaching express train from Liverpool, so Harry emphatically shook his head and continued to stare out at Platform eight. Sirius followed his gaze, his free hand gripping his wand more tightly.

"What's wrong?"

"I thought…I'm not sure, but I think there was a Death Eater on the platform."

Sirius didn't say anything, but the expression on his face changed from one second to the next. His brows drew together and his lips turned into a thin white line while his eyes restlessly scanned the crowd.

"Remus!", he called without looking away from the platform. Remus had continued towards Platform nine together with the others, but upon hearing Sirius' voice he stopped and retraced his steps towards them.

"What's wrong?"

"Take Harry to the platform, will you?"

Remus nodded and reached for Harry's arm to pull him along, and Harry already opened his mouth in protest when suddenly there was a flash of blinding white light from the far end of the rails on platform eight. With lightning-quick reflexes, Sirius grabbed Harry by the shoulders and pressed him down to the ground, shielding him with his own body and at the same time raising his wand and scanning the crowd.

Within moments, platform eight erupted in chaos. People were screaming, stampeding around, across and over each other in a desperate attempt to escape from the source of the explosion. With an effort, Harry turned his head and looked at the platform. Something was wrong there. Not only the people who were trying to leave the station, there was something weird about the rails. The blast hadn't been on the platform, it had been on the rails. And the express train to Liverpool was pulling into the station. And even though the train was slowing down, it would still be too fast when it hit the blasted section of the rails…

Suddenly, Harry found himself hurled to his feet by two strong pairs of hands, and with Remus to his left and Sirius to his right was physically dragged into the direction of platform nine. He didn't think that he was even walking, Sirius and Remus were literally pulling him along. They were rapidly approaching the barrier that separated platform nine and ten, but all Harry could see were fleeing people, screaming people, people ducking for cover. He saw no trace of Ron, Ginny or the others with whom they had arrived, but as they got closer to the barrier, Tonks stepped out of it, her wand drawn and half-raised in front of her. As she hurried towards them, there was a huge crash behind them, followed by a horrible screeching of metal on metal at a fast speed, and the screams all around them increased in volume and intensity. Harry tried to turn his head, tried to see what was happening though he knew that the express train had reached the break in the rails and had derailed, but Sirius and Remus were holding him firmly and he couldn't move. Tonks increased her pace and ran the remaining distance towards them.

"The Platform is clear, the others and the luggage are already on the train. It'll leave any moment, we need to get Harry on board."

Suddenly she cocked her head and her eyes narrowed, as if she had seen something behind Remus' shoulder, and the fragment of a moment later, the greenish glow of a curse gone awry shot past Sirius' head. It was rapidly followed by another, and another, and now neither Sirius nor Remus cared about Harry's comfort for any longer as they pulled him along towards the barrier as quickly as they could while Tonks was providing cover for them. Harry finally managed to turn his head and saw a group of people in dark robes storm towards them, wands outstretched.

"Get Potter!", one of them bellowed, and that one sentence only served to speed Remus and Sirius up even more. But suddenly, Sirius released his hold on Harry's arm and in wordless understanding Remus tightened his grip on Harry and continued to drag him along the station. Harry turned around, tried to see what his godfather was doing, but all he could see were flashing curses and Sirius' back as he and Tonks interposed themselves between the approaching Death Eaters and started firing curses of their own towards them.

"Sirius!", Harry yelled and struggled against Remus' hold, but his former teacher had a very good grip on him. Just before they reached the barrier between platform nine and ten, the two Aurors who had accompanied the Ministry cars emerged and, without paying any mind to Harry and Remus, immediately stormed over towards where Sirius and Tonks were facing the Death Eaters.

"Remus, get Harry to the platform and seal the barrier!", Sirius' voice called from the distance, and before Harry could even form words of protest, Remus was pushing him through the barrier.

"Get on the train, Harry. We'll be in touch."

And suddenly Harry found himself standing on the nearly empty and incredibly calm Platform 9¾, where the Hogwarts Express' scarlet engine stood steaming and hooting, announcing the immediate departure. Harry turned around and threw himself at the wall through which he had come, wand clenched tightly between his fingers, but the wall was solid and wouldn't yield.

"Let me through!", he yelled, pounding his fists against the concrete, knowing that he probably wouldn't be heard on the other side, "Sirius! Let me through!"

excerpt from:

Making History (2) – The Fate of the Lost One