I own no characters! Specially the Angel ones ! Changes, cuz I agreed whole heartedly with a certain reviewer! ;). Hope they are acceptable! ;)

Yet another Teen verse, cuz I adore my teen Angel, he's just SO cute! This is not with the whole 15 something, or Old skool verse. Everyone is a teen bopper here!

Quick lists, then story so I don't get in trouble! Warning, characters have been changed drastically!

Wesley: 6'6", brown hair, blue eyes, really strong yum, buff...…18, senior

Angel Roberts: 6'0", red and black hair, brown eyes, Connor build, (lol) 16, Sophomore

Kate Lockley: 5'6", blonde hair, styled so only one eye shows, very pretty, 17, Junior

Charles Gunn: 6'7", black hair, brown eyes, strong, but not as strong as Wesley! 17, Junior

Lindsey: 5'10", brown hair, blue eyes,less lean and more mean! ;) 15, freshman

Those are the main characters! Yay! Now the story! Yaya!


Lindsey sighed as he walked up to Kate's house. He had only been in his new school for four days, yet he knew it'd kill him. He did not fit in with anyone, and he felt as if no one loved, because it seemed like everyone but he was on a date.

Well, not everyone, his cousin Kate wasn't. Though Linds had a few suspicions that his blonde cousin would be dating a certain football jock, with the perfect smile… the Texan (?) sighed, he frowned. None of the girls commented on his shiny teeth. No, not with Mr. Gunn, football champion of the world. Even his cousin was with the crush having, and she didn't even like boys. Well, she liked boys, but thought they were all losers…

"Hey! You just gonna stand there all day, or are you going to walk to school with me?" asked Kate. Lindsey turned to her voice and smiled weakly. "What's got the Lindsmaster down?" she asked.

"Nothing, it's just… your school bites." the blue eyed teen sighed. Kate laughed. "Aww, you're just not used to it, that's all. Don't worry, I'll intro you to some of my friends, they'll help you feel more comfortable she smiled.

"Tuh, maybe you could have done that a little earlier? I've already got the blues…" Lindsey sighed. Kate rolled her eyes. "Geeze, who ate your lunch? Stop being so pessimistic!" she slapped him on the back.

"Yeah, whatever…" Lindsey said as they walked up to Macabre High.

End of first chap! Did you like? I got rid of the oc's, but the plot will still be the same! Hope you like it!