Rebirth and Reincarnation
By: Zero Tolerance a.k.a. Ztolerance06

Hiei: Where the hell am I !

ZT: You are here to me my muse!

Hiei: What! NOOOO!

as much as I wish I did own Hiei I do NOT own him or Yu Yu Hakusho or Ranma 1/2

Time line:
Ranma: after saffron and failed wedding
Yu Yu Hakusho: dunno

'Hello' thoughts or Kurama
Yoko - 'Hey.'
Hiei - #Hn#
(ZT: Hiya1) - Thats Me


"Die Ranma!"

"This is the end of the line for you Saotome, I will never let you have My Shampoo!"

"Huh?" Ranma looked up in time to dodge several kunais, shurikens, and other various weaponry.

"Ranma No BAKA!" Akane comes up swinging her Mallet o' Doom, which in turn tosses Ranma straight toward Ryoga and Mousse. "I wish you would just die Ranma! You have done nothing but make my life HELL!" Akane screamed, "I choose Ryoga as my lover and I know about his curse."

Upon hearing this Ranma was in shock, 'She knew?' he thought getting angry, 'after all I've done for her, this is my payment she backstabs me!' Suddenly stopping in midair with a dark crimson battle aura surrounding him, he was pissed off beyond belief. Everyone that was there stared in shock as he just floated in the middle of the air.

Almost everyone was there to see, in the middle of the Furikan High yard there was the Tendo family minus Akane, The Amazons Cologne and Shampoo (KuLong and XianPu), The Amazonians enemy Happosai, Ukyo, Dr.Tofu, The Kunos all unconscious except Kodachi, there was also Taro, Lime and Mint, and for some unknown reason a baby Saffron with his guard Kiima.

"AKANE!" Ranma yelled, "If that is how you truly feel, than SO BE IT!" His aura turned bright as a supernova, causing everyone to look away or cover there eyes. The light then flickered and slowly disappeared when they heard a bloodcurdling scream and a loud THUMP.


"Where is that DISGRACEFUL boy?" Genma bellowed. When the light spots dissipated completely they all had to gasp, for before them they saw the still body of Ranma with a spear through his heart. Mousse was in the position telling he was the owner of the spear.

All of the girls, except Akane whom was laughing, started crying including Nabiki. All were going into shock as the fact that Ranma Satome was finally dead sunk in.

"Such a shame." Cologne said sadly as she hopped away, not to be seen for a long time.

'Hmmmm...' King Enma thought, 'He deserves a better life, one with a real mother and some real friends, let's see...'

'? What is this?' King Enma muses, 'Oh yes, this will be fun!' laughing evilly King Enma made the nearby Oni run for cover.


"Congratulations Mrs. Minamino, its a beautiful baby boy!"

End Prologue
Hiei: thank god thats over with!

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Hiei: Huh? MORE! NOooooo!

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