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Music used is cute tune by Ronan Keating called When You Say Nothing At All. After much deliberation, I finally settled on this tune for a line in the chorus...can you tell which one?

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Laughter erupted from the room once again. The five occupants were reminiscing on the past year over take-out Chinese. Catherine, Warrick, Grissom, Sara and Nick sat around the glass table in the break-room of the Las Vegas Criminalistics lab.

'...And what about your podiatry dexterity test that I walked in on you examining?' Catherine exclaimed to a bashful Grissom, while the other members of the team looked on in fits of giggles.

'I was curious to how well I could perform'

Eyebrows were raised to Grissom's statement. Noticing the looks, 'You guys need to clean your minds!'


Hours past with memories flowing as freely as the wine. They'd just clocked off shift and had decided to stay where they were to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

'It's been a good year...' Nick said, finding a comfortable spot in his chair.

'It sure has...and it's not even over yet' stated Catherine taking another sip of red wine.

'Well, I don't know about you lot, but I'm going home' Grissom said scooping up fallen rice off the table.

'Nah Griss! Stay man!' Warrick pleaded.

'If they expect me to work tomorrow, I'm better off going home while I can still walk and have a chance of bouncing back from sleep deprivation'

Sara stood up, 'Yeah, I think I'm gonna join you...' Four heads whipped around to look at Sara, who unsuccessfully tried to rectify her drunken statement, '...by going home...to my home! Grissom's right, you do need to clean your minds!'

'Well I can drive you instead of you getting a taxi. I haven't drank that much'

'That'll be great, thanks Griss'

They said there goodbye's and walked out of the building together.

'Hey, do you think...?' Nick asked gesturing with a head nod to the leaving colleagues.

'We can hope!' Catherine said, a little loudly. 'I think I'm drunk' she whispered to a giggling Warrick and Nicky.

'I think I'd better get you home' Warrick told her.

'Nah, I wanna go dancing! I haven't been dancing in aaaggees!' Catherine slurred.

'I'm going to head home myself, are you gonna be ok?' Nick asked his friend.

'Yeah, I'll be fine. See you tomorrow'

Nick nodded, 'Night Cath'

'Night Nicky!!!' He couldn't help but giggle.


'Where's Lindsey tonight?' Warrick asked when they were alone

'She's at my sisters...again! She spends more time with Nancy and Jeremy than she does with me! Her own mom!'

'But she loves you more'

'Yeah...she does doesn't she?' Catherine smiled.

'I think we'd better get you home'

'But I don't wanna go home, I wanna go dancing!' to show her enthusiasm, she started to sway her shoulders.

Laughing at the show, 'okay, how about we go to one club, but then we're going home'

'O-kay!' she said, unfolding herself from her seat.