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Warrick took a deep breath and knocked on Catherine's door.

Almost immediately, the beautiful redhead stood before him, dressed in a beaded black halter-top and jeans, with high heels in an attempt for added height. 'Hey you' she said, holding the red door open with one hand, the other on her hip.

'Hey. You look...great' she looks amazing actually he corrected himself.

Even the simplest of ensembles could be pulled off as amazing when you had the figure and the confidence that Catherine held.

'Thanks' she replied, smiling and relishing in the always-appreciated attention.

'You ready to go?'

'Yes...and no. We may have a problem...' Lyndsey chose that moment to step around the corner and stand in front of her mom. 'The babysitter cancelled, and I can't find a replacement...I'll understand if you want to cancel too'

Warrick looked at the sight in front of him. The woman he'd loved for as long as he could remember, and her beautiful daughter. Lyndsey was amazing. Just as smart, just as feisty and just as beautiful as her mom 'Why would I want to do that?'

'You still want to go? With us?' Catherine asked, placing her hands on Lyndsey's shoulders, making sure he understood the new arrangements.


Lyndsey's eyes sparked with excitement as she turned around to face her mom 'So can I go, mom?!'

Cath looked down and saw the look in her young daughters blue eyes. When such a situation had arisen in the past, the only date that usually ensued was between Cath, Lyndsey and Nick at Night. This was a first...although, deep down, she had figured that Warrick would be all right with the arrangements, he'd always gotten on so great with Lynds. 'Er...yeah, I guess you can. Go grab your shoes' she told her.

Lyndsey didn't waste a second in running off in hunt of her shoes.

'You don't have to do this, you know?'

'Cath, this is fine. Great even. I promise.' He reassured. 'Listen, you get your stuff together, and while I just make a quick call' he said, grabbing his cell phone from his pocket and taking a step away from the doorway.


Flipping open the lid, Warrick took out the business card he'd tucked inside of it, and dialled the number emblazoned upon it.

'Bonjour, D'Amore' A voice answered, heavily accented.

'Hi, I have a reservation for 7.30, table for two?'

'Let me see...ah yes, Mizterre Brown?'

'Yeah, that's the one. I'd like to cancel it'

'Cancelle? I trust everything iz alright Monsieur' The voice enquired.

That accent can't be real! Warrick thought whilst answering: 'It couldn't be better' and it couldn't.


Warrick, Catherine and Lyndsey piled out of the Tahoe and made their ways across the parking lot. Lyndsey ran ahead and waited for the slowcoaches to catch up at the front doors.

'I have to tell you the truth...' Warrick started, leaving Catherine a little unsure about the coming confession '... I think I prefer this restaurant to the other'

Catherine giggled, 'I think I might have been underdressed for D'Amore, but I think I'm just fine for The Hut'

'You would have been perfect for the other restaurant too, you look beautiful' Saying 'beautiful' always made him feel a bit stupid, but not when it was directed at Cath.

She smiled at the compliment and entwined her fingers with Warrick's.

'C'mon!' Lyndsey called out

'We're coming! We're coming!' Warrick called back playfully.


After sharing a large pizza, Catherine suggested Lyndsey go get an ice cream from the Factory. A long line of kids was already queued up by the machine, which meant Warrick and herself could have the needed chat away from Lyndsey's young ears.

'You want anything special?' Lyndsey asked the table

'I want it all' Warrick replied

'My kind of ice-cream' Lyndsey quipped, giggling. She grabbed her bowl and spoon and headed off.

'I'm having fun tonight. Thank you for bringing us' Catherine said, taking another sip of her beer.

'Not a problem'

She leaned forward, 'Maybe we could do this again, when I find a reliable babysitter...?'. As much as she loved Lyndsey with all her heart, it was a little weird to be bringing her on dates.

Warrick smiled and leaned forward also 'Definitely. And theirs no rush to find a babysitter, Lyndsey's a great kid'

Catherine gushed, He's gorgeous; we have tonnes in common AND he loves Lynds? Be still my heart. 'There is one thing we have to talk about'

'What they don't know can't hurt them'

'Warrick, we work with people who are trained to see the signs, I think they're gonna realise'

'Well, it's not like anything is gonna happen at work-'

'Speak for yourself' Catherine added, with a flirtatious smile that knocked Warrick for six.

With a large smile and a clear of his throat, he carried on 'so the way I see it, they would only see us outside of hours, when we're free to do what we want'

'So we're gonna do it?' Catherine asked for confirmation. Guys had hurt her too many times before; she wanted to make sure they were both on the same page.

Warrick clasped his hands over his dates. Wordlessly, he confirmed.

Lyndsey appeared back at the table with a large, practically overflowing bowl of ice cream piled high with all of the available sweets.

'Ooo! Now that's what I call an ice cream! Where's my spoon?' Warrick asked as she placed it on the table.

Lyndsey moved her hand behind her back with a cheeky smile 'I didn't get you one' she replied playfully

Warrick played along, 'Well, if you didn't get me one, then what's that behind your back?!' he grabbed Lyndsey and pulled her onto the empty seat next to him and started tickling her mercilessly, until her stomach ached from the uncontrollable laughter and she gave up the spoon.

Warrick's playfully evil laugh and the sight of her daughter trying in vain to wriggle out of his tickles were a pleasure to Catherine's senses and brought a huge grin to her lips. Something good might finally be happening again.