Touch of Heaven, Tears of Hell.

Author: AmberEyes


Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters; they belong to Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, much to my disappointment. I'm just using them for my own purposes.

Rating: R rating for sexuality.

Pairings: Rogue/Remy LeBeau

Scott Summers/Jean Grey


Category: Romance


Summary: During a time of troubles with Remy, Rogue makes a decision that effects everyone's loves but most of all hers.

Author's Note: Okay guys, bare with me. I'm not giving up on Blaze It Up. I promise but I had to stall a bit with the next chappie. I had it done and then the disk I had it on malfunctioned and I lost it. I promise I'm still working on it but it may be awhile until it's updated because I had to start over. Until then, like I said bare with me and here's the beginning of a new story to tide you over. I'm sorry; I'm working as fast as I can. Feedback... don't let fan fiction authors starve and become an endangered species.


" Non!"

" But why?"

" Because I don't think its dat good an idea chere, dat's why!"

" It may be mah only chance!"

" You don't know that Rogue, and it's a bad idea to go just on a gut instincts!"

" You're always telling me to go on mah instincts."

" Not like dis!"

" How long have they been fighting this time?" Jubilee asked as she leaned against the wall, and watched the frown crease Jean's head.

"All night." Jean said with a shake of her head. " It's bad this time Jubes, I can feel it."

"And that's not just because you're psychic?" Jubilee said as she watched the door.

" No." Jean said. " They've been fighting since dinner, normally they'd have stopped by now."

" Yeah and moved on to other things." Jubilee said with a shudder. " Do you think this could be it?"

" I don't know." Jean said sadly as she rubbed her temples. " I hope not."

" They won't break up." Jubilee said with a wave of her hand. " They'll fight, be angry for a few days then make up again. They always do."

" This time is different." Jean said with a shake of her head. " Rogue's got no powers, she has a chance at a normal life and I don't think Remy's ready for that. Rogue's just figuring that out now"

" Ouch!" Jubilee said with a shake of her head. " That's a harsh lesson to learn about some one you've loved for as long as she's loved him."

" It is." Jean said, listening as the yelling progressed.

" I have to go." Jubilee said as she pushed away from the wall. " I left Logan with the baby, and you know how scary a situation can come from that." She patted Jean's hand. "Tell me what happens?"

" You'll find out somehow anyways." Jean said with a sigh as she shifted her position. " Around her, things don't stay secret for long."

" True enough." Jubilee said as she turned and hurried down the hall towards the Rec room, where Logan waited with their two year old daughter Genesis.

Jean sighed when she was alone and winced, hearing something crash loudly against the wall. " I wouldn't want to be in her shoes for anything in the world." She whispered as she continued her vigil. " Of that I have no doubt at all."

"That's was real mature Rogue." Remy said as he looked at the remains of the lamp, now shattered on the rug. " And it proves my point chere."

" And that is?" Rogue said as she wiped tears from her cheeks.

" We are not ready for a baby." He said. " Children, in general."

" That's your opinion." Rogue argued. " Ah think we are."

" And that lamp?" Remy said to pointing over his shoulder. "What's that say?"

" It says Ah'm angry." Rogue said. " And Ah don't know what ta do here."

" That's my point.' He said. " We can barley go a week without one of us being angry at each other, imagine what that would do to a child to see it's parents fight like dat ."

" We'd be fine." Rogue said as she sat down on the end of their bed. " We're teachers for godsakes, we're around kids all day."

" It's be different if it was one of our own." Remy said with as he ran his fingers through his hair.

" How?" Rogue argued.

" It just would." He said.

" Ah want a child." She said stubbornly. "Our child. Ah've, we've, been given an opportunity here , with my powers negated we can have a family. Remy, can't you see that?" She sighed. " I have so few chances like this in mah life, Ah need to take then when they present themselves. Why can't ah make you see that?"

"What I see, is something Remy never thought he would." He said " I've never thought of you as a selfish person Rogue…until now. You're pushing dis because, you want a child, not because it's what's right for us now. You're not thinkin of anyone but yourself, let alone a child."

" This could be the only time we have together." Rogue said. "Are you saying you don't want a child with me?"

" Non!" He said with a sigh. " Remy's saying right now, he doesn't think we're ready for a child. Maybe in da future but not now, I won't help create a life then destroy it by given it a life that'll leave it miserable"

" So you think we're miserable?' She asked angrily.

" Non." Remy said. " Your putting words in my mouth."

"Their your words Cajun." She said. " Ah didn't make them up."

" Remy didn't say you did." He said as he sat down beside her on the end of their bed.

" Look Rogue, Anna." He said as he reached up to cup her cheek softly, causing her to press her cheek into his palm automatically. She knew if he used her actual name he was bringing out the big gun. " Try to be reasonable, listen to me. We're not ready for a child. It wouldn't be fair, to us or it. I love you, but I'm not with you on dis, I'm sorry. It ain't fair to have a child, just because you can."

" It's more then that." She said softly. " I want our child because it's out child, it's the best of you and me combined."

" True.' He said. " But it'll be that way whenever we have a child, not just now."

'We don't know how long my powers are going to be negated." She said.

"Who cares?" He said. " If they come back we'll fine a way Jean'll help us. You'll see, it'll be better dis way."

" No it won't." Rogue said sadly.

'Well Remy's spoken his final words on it." He said firmly. " And dat's dat."

" Okay." Rogue said after a moment.

" Okay?" Remy said with relief. " You mean okay, like you'll wait?" he grinned at her. ' You won't regret it chere."

" No." Rogue said as tears coarse down her cheeks. " That's not what Ah meant Remy."

" Den what do you mean?" Remy asked quietly.

" Ah want you to move out.' She whispered brokenly as she stated out the window.

"What!" He asked. " You can't be serious."

"Ah am." She said. "Call me selfish, call me a bitch, what ever you want but if you won't back me up on this then we're over Remy." She shook her head. " Ah can have a child with our without you, I wanted it to be with you but obviously you don't want that."

" Now, Anna, come on." He said " I didn't mean forever, I just meant not right now."

"And I need right now." Rogue said " Before my powers come back, and I lose my only chance."

"Den we're at an impasse." He said.

" Yeah." Rogue said as she started to cry.

" Remy don't want us to break up." He said as he felt tears flow from his own eyes. " I love you Anna."

" And Ah love you." She said " But we're done Remy, if you don't back me up on this."

With that she turned her back to him, and curled up on their bed as he stared down at her in disbelief. She was throwing away five years in an instant, it didn't seem real at all to him… and yet he knew it was. He steeled his resolved, he wasn't going to give into her on this, he knew he was right. "Fine." He said after a moment. " Remy'll get Scott to cover his classes tomorrow and he'll move his stuff back to da old room, if dat's what you want."

" It is." Rogue said softly, never looking at him.

Remy nodded and turned to leave. " I'm sorry Anna.' He said as he left. " I really am."

" So am Ah." Rogue said as she cried, feeling all her world slipping away. " So Ah'm Ah." She didn't look back as he left, knowing she'd cave in if she did and then her dreams of a family would be lost. Instead she turned inward and began to think, to plan, so she could build a new life for herself.


Bright and early the next morning, rogue slipped from her classroom, leave her T.A in charge, and down the hall to Jean's office. She entered to find Jean, doing paper work for there up coming student grad and wasn't surprised to see the knowing look on her friend's face.

" You've heard?" She asked as she sat down.

Jean nodded. "He got Scott to cover for him so he could clean his stuff from your rooms, I'm sorry Rogue."

" Ah'm, not.' Rogue said. " Obviously there were more problems there then Ah ever thought."

" Maybe." Jean agreed as she sat back in her chair. 'Do you think you'll get back together?"

" No." Rogue said firmly. " Ah don't think so."

Jean shook her head. " I didn't think the two of you would ever break up."

" Me neither." Rogue said. " but that's not why Ah'm here Jean not that talking to you isn't helping."

"Alright, you've got my attention then." Jean said as she leaned on her desk casually. " What can I do for you."

" This isn't easy for me to say." Rogue said gently as she tried to put her thoughts into words.

" Then just spit it out." Jean said. " That's always the easy way."

"Alright." Rogue said then took a deep breathe and faced her friend. " The thing is Jean," She said finally, biting her lip, almost afraid to speak. " Ah need you to get me pregnant."

To be continued…