When Writers Go Bad: Chapter Eighteen

A.N.: And yet another long time without updates. Sorry, guys! But thus begins the exciting conclusion! Hopefully. I mean, I hope its exciting…right…

The next morning had begun quite innocently. Everyone had had a melancholy breakfast together, and for no other reason than a good humor, Shadow13 had requested that Javert take a stroll around the blooming garden with her. He, of course, was not allowed to refuse.

"…And I'm thinking of having Wisteria vines put in next summer!" she chirped happily.

"I'm sorry," he said dryly, "but I really don't care ab-"

"But that's all the small talk I have time for," she said, voice dropping in pitch slightly, and he cast he an odd look.

"What…" he began, but she had fallen against the small stone wall, shivering slightly. In a moment she stood straight up again and smiled, while Javert stared at her with a rather frightened look on his face. "I'm really confused…"

"Don't worry," said a voice that was most certainly not hers. "It'll only get worse from here."

Picking up a stone from the wall, she tossed it at him, cracking him neatly against the skull and knocking him completely out.

"Chore detail, form ranks!"

Groaning, the characters collected themselves and formed lines while Shadow pulled out the roll clip board as Lita and Ellen perused the list of chores.










Nothing. Bewildered, the characters looked about themselves in search of the inspector.

Shadow put the clip board down, hands on her hips. "Where the hell's Javert?" When no answer was forthcoming, she turned to her two compatriots. "Ellen, when was the last time you saw Javert?"

Ellen thought a moment before saying in a very chipper manner, "This morning at breakfast!"

"Well, where is he now?"

"He went to go take a walk with Emily," Lita chimed in, puzzling over it for a moment. "But she came back from it a half an hour ago."

Shadow sighed and rubbed at her temples. "Alright, we better go find him. You lot just hang around here until we get back."

"I'm telling you, he wouldn't be in the gaming room, he's not-"

"Put he might be playing Extreme Pong! Nobody can resist that!"

"I can."

"It's addicting!"

The voices outside the door woke the inspector from his concussion induced sleep and he groaned as his eyes opened and dilated.

"Fine!" one voice cried – he believed it to be Shadow – "We'll look in the bloody game room!"

The door opened and in marched the three alter egos, two of whom looked rather annoyed at having to conduct the search in the first place.

"Why are all the lights off?" asked Lita.

"I'll find the switch!" Ellen cried, tearing across the room and smacking straight into the inspector's leg, sending her sprawling forward with a cry.

"What the?"

"Hold on…" Shadow unclipped a small utility flashlight from her belt and flicked it on scanning the room. She cried out when the beam fell on the slightly bloodied inspector tied to the leg of a desk with Ellen laying next to him, and almost dropped the light. "Good God, what are you doing like that!"

"Perhaps you'd like to tell me?" he snarled. "And not shout, my head is killing me."

"I don't like this," Lita muttered, rubbing her arms and pawing her way to the light switch. She flipped it…and nothing happened. She tried again, but still to no avail. "Okay, I really don't like this."

And then the door shut all on its own as all the girls gave a terrified scream.

"I think for once I agree with you, Lita," Shadow whimpered.

"What are all you guys doing in here?" came Emily's voice from the shadowed corners of the room, and the three egos instantly relaxed.

"Oh, it's only you, Emily."

"Are you alright?" Lita demanded. "What's going on, why is Javert-"

"All in good time," she promised, unclipping something from her belt. There was a click like a hammer on a gun being drawn back, and they all froze. "But for now, why don't you all sit down. I brought some rope, you can hang out with Javert."

Ellen burst into tears as Lita cried, "Are you insane? What's going on!"

Shadow tried to lunge for her, but her creator merely smacked her upside the head with the but of the gun, sending her down onto the floor with a crash. "Does anyone else want to try?" she demanded, and whimpering, the other two shook their heads. "Good. Now, I've got a lot of work to do, so…" the voice suddenly began to change, deepen in pitch, and in a voice that was distinctly not Emily's, said, "So you all just sit tight, alright? Ha! I crack myself up, even when I'm cracking people's skulls!"

Shadow gasped as she clawed her way backwards toward the extremely confused police inspector. "The black plot bunny!"

Lita and Ellen hit the floor as the possessed girl came closer, brandishing her weapon and her rope. "Yes, the black plot bunny, but you never thought of that, did you?" He mercilessly bound them together, tightening the rope to the point where it was hard to breathe and knotting it fiercely. "No worries, my dears, I'm not going to hurt you. At least not yet. That would not be conducive to my master scheme."

To Be Continued…