Pokémon: GAY!?

formerly known as

"Pokémon YAOI
(not really, but sort of)"

by Innerhell


"Hey, Pikachu!" Ash shouted at his pokémon. "Stop humping my leg!"

"Pika-pi!" Pikachu said, all excited. "Pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-


"Aww, that's just great!" Ash said, pissed off. "Hey, c'mon! Stop humping my leg! I said, stop humping my leg! Hey, Brock! Can you tell me what's wrong with Pikachu?"

"Hmm, there is only one reason your pokémon is doing this!" Brock said.

"What? What!"

"Your pokémon is... GAY!!"

"What!!" Ash said, surprised. "What the fuck are you talking about? Pikachu's not gay!"

"Oh, yeah? Then what is he doing to Charmander?"

"Uhh, he's... tackling him? Alright, that's enough! Stop that!" Ash said, pulling Charmander away from Pikachu. "You okay, Charmander?"

"Your Charmander's all traumatized, dude!" Brock said, examining Charmander. "He's confused! He'll probably turn gay, too!"

"Shut up, Brock! None of my pokémon are gay!"

"Then maybe you should check out what your Bulbasaur's doing?"

"Holy shit! He's shoving his vine whip up Pikachu's-- AAH!" Ash shouted. "Bulbasaur! Return!"

"You see? I told you!" Brock said.

"This sucks! My pokémon are gay!" Ash shouted. "How can I become a Pokémon Master if all my pokémon are gay!"

"Dude, what's wrong with being gay?"

"Brock? Are you-- AAH!! DID YOU JUST GRAB MY ASS!?"

"Uhh... no."

"Uhoh!" Misty said. "Charmander and Bulbasaur got out of their pokéballs!"

"Yeah, and they're having a three-way with Pikachu!" Brock said, snapping a couple photos with his camera.

"Wow," said Misty. "That's HOT!!"

Everbody laughed.

"Misty, you slut!"




One day, Vegeta collected all seven dragon balls and summoned Shenron.

"WHAT...IS...YOUR...WISH!?" said Shenron.

"I want to be the most powerful person on the planet!"

"YOUR...WISH..." Shenron paused for several minutes. "IS...GRANTED!!"

And then Shenron disappeared and the Dragon Balls scattered and flew to the corners of the planet.

"Alright! I am the most powerful person on the planet!" Vegeta laughed evilly. "Strange. I don't feel any stronger."

Vegeta walked to the nearest lake and looked at his reflection.

"Ohmigod!! I've been turned into Donald Trump!"

Suddenly, a helicopter landed in front of him.

"Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump!" said a man in a suit. "You have papers to sign and people to fire! The new contestants of 'The Apprentice' are here to kiss your ass! And one of your whores are missing!"

"This sucks!" Vegeta said.


© Innerhell 2004