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Chapter 1: The Investigation in 1983

Outside of Blair Meat Company in the day time. There is Burt Robinson with men and women on his animal liberation team. Burt Robinson gets into his Cadillac. The animal liberators have grenades with them. Burt Robinson: "You men and women of my animal liberation band will blow up this meat plant. Any employees here who get in the way you kill. This is an evil meat company and they kill people too."

Inside the Blair Meat plant. There is Leatherface with Abel Sr. and Connie Jean Hewitt a woman. Connie Jean Hewitt: "Blood activists of animal rights. If they are so compassionate of the animals they will join them in slaughter and will be eaten. Do it Abel." Connie Jean Hewitt pulls out a stun rod. The animal rights activists show up. An AR activist pulls out a grenade. Abel Senior Hewitt zaps him with a stun rod. Abel Hewitt: "Thomas Brown Hewitt. You take most of them."

Leatherface with a chainsaw slices down some AR activists with his chainsaw. A few others are captured by Connie Jean and Abel. Connie Jean: "Our mother Luda Mae will be there just as she joined with us after we killed the feds who attempted to take us down."

On the slaughter floor of Blair Meat Company. There are some animal rights activists on meat hooks. Luda May shows up with Leatherface Thomas Hewitt, Abel Hewitt and Connie Jean Hewitt. Luda Mae pulls out the butcher knife. Luda Mae: "You want to stop us from killing animals. Your leader Burt Robinson will die. If you people are compassionate towards animals you will get the same death as them." There are some other meat hooks carrying dead animal rights activists. Luda Mae slices the surviving animal liberators.

At a Dallas yard. This starts out with crime scene investigations by the Texas Rangers along with Cordell Walker and CD Parker on Walker's second assignment. There were some killings in the Dallas area with chainsaws. Leather Face has killed people with a chainsaw. Texas Ranger Walker goes on an investigation. A woman named Erin shows up. Erin has her husband James and her daughter named Rena and her son Matthew. Erin tells Ranger Cordell Walker of this Leather Face man. Ranger Walker: "Who are you?" Erin: "I am Erin. I was chased by a madman killer with a chainsaw 10 years ago. I in college back then. My boyfriend Kemper was killed by this man. He cuts off body parts for a collection. He put Kemper's face on himself. I cut his arm off. We called the Sheriff. He caught us with weed. I managed to get free from the nut house." Ranger Walker: "Do you know who this killer is?" Erin: "They call him Leather Face. It was a massacre with him. The sheriff caught us with weed. He asked Morgan to show him how this girl committed suicide. He tried to shoot him. Then he brought him to the Hewitt household. I escaped. I rode in a truck and the truck driver brought me back. I cut off the killer's arm. I took the stolen baby. I ran down the sheriff in self defense. He tried to kill me. 2 other women attacked me and brought Leather Face to me." Ranger Walker: "I could easily help solve this case. I just took down a mob family with Martin Tuscany. There was a murder investigation going on for 5 years. Those Texan mobsters were my first assignment. I could arrest Thomas Hewitt." Erin: "We have a new sheriff now. The old sheriff was connected to the killer. 2 of our local cops were killed. These people here are my husband James. My daughter Rena and my son Matthew." James: "Erin and I met in the summer of 1975. I served in the army in Vietnam. We were still single when we had our daughter." Ranger Walker: "I was with the US Marines back then. I got out before the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened. I have been with the Texas Rangers for a month now. I am Company B. I heard about the Thomas Hewitt case. I think that Charlie Hewitt killed the real Sheriff Hoyt and then assumed his identity." The sheriff's department has been after Leather Face for about a decade now. There's a new sheriff replacing Sheriff Hoyt.

The next day at Ranger headquarters Texas Ranger Walker and Ranger CD Parker get together to go to the Hewitt Residence 4 days later. They are walking on outside. CD: "Who's this woman?" Ranger Walker: "CD Parker this is Erin. She was a victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre a decade ago who survived. She was a pregnant teen. She has history of being in juvenile hall. She was the sole survivor of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Erin this is CD Parker who is a good friend of mine." Walker is in his truck. Erin and CD are riding aboard Walker's truck.

Chapter 2: Rangers of Company B vs. The Hewitt Family

There is the truck that Erin rode in trying to escape. Erin points out the truck driver to Ranger Walker. Erin: "That's him. He brought me back to this nightmare." Walker and CD draw their guns. Walker runs up to the truck driver. He gets out. Ranger Walker: "Texas Ranger. You are under arrest for accessory to attempted murder of this woman." Trucker: "What are you talking about?" Erin: "10 years ago you took me back to the Hewitt family. We fought over the wheel." Ranger Walker: "Get your hands in the air." The other Rangers of Company B show up. CD: "Book him. Cordell and I are heading into the Hewitt household. Rangers Wade Harper and Cliff Jensen are going after Connie Jean, Abel and the Tea Lady along with Jedidiah."

Walker, CD and their ranger team head into the Hewitt residence. Inside the house there is Luda May with Henrietta. Erin: "These 2 women are also accomplices to Leather Face. They stole a baby." Luda: "What is she talking about?" Erin: "You drugged me. The sheriff spilled beer on me to wake me up." Henrietta: "She is lying. She murdered the sheriff. The Sheriff took down surviving biker thugs 24 years ago after 2 of them were killed. She is trying to kill us." Erin: "The rangers believe me that it was self defense. If I were trying to kill you I wouldn't be here with the Texas Rangers." Henrietta: "She stole our baby."

CD Parker aims his gun at them. CD: "You 2 are under arrest. You will be charged with perjury. Get those hands up." The Rangers also capture other men connected to Leather Face. Erin: "Also there was another. Old Monty. He passed away 3 years ago. Charles McGeery a Catholic priest was preaching a service for a cop that Leatherface killed." He is not present. Walker searches the house for Leather Face. Leather Face is nowhere in the Hewitt residence. There are Connie Jean, Abel and Jedidiah Hewitt there. Ranger Walker: "Texas Ranger. You 3 are under arrest on charges for accessory to murder. I don't see Thomas Hewitt anywhere. I think that Sheriff Hoyt murdered the sheriff to take his place. I heard that he arrested the rest of a biker gang when he killed 2 members." Erin: "He dragged me to Blair Meat Company. He might be there. He is the head of a slaughterhouse." CD: "Everyone. Let's move out and go to the slaughter house."

At the Hewitt trailer outside. A car shows up. It's a mustang. Burt Robinson the animal rights activist comes out of the car. Burt Robinson: "You have in the mid 1970's Chop Top taken over the meat company just as you have moved back into Texas. Now you will die for those animals that you are responsible for killing." Burt Robinson goes for his hand gun. The Texas Rangers show up next. There are Wade Harper and Cliff Jensen with the Travis County police. Cliff Jensen: "Texas Ranger. You are under arrest Burt Robinson for illegal animal liberation and you will be charged with taking nature into your own hands." Wade Harper: "We are also after the Hewitts on murder charges." The rangers and cops pull out their guns. Burt Robinson throws down his gun. Cliff Jensen: "Texas Rangers and Travis County Police. We know that you are in there Chop Top Hewitt. You are under arrest for murder. Come on out with your hands up."

Inside of the trailer. There is Chop Top sitting down. Tea Lady comes with some tea. Chop Top: "We better do as the Texas Ranger says. Maybe other Rangers are at our household trying to hold evidence against us. We got back together in the family as we are the parents of Henrietta and she has twin sons." The Tea Lady and Chop Top put their hands up coming out of the trailer.

Later on outside of the trailer. The Travis County Police have the Tea Lady and Chop Top in handcuffs. Ranger Cliff Jensen has Burt Robinson animal liberator in handcuffs. Cliff Jensen loads the animal rights activists into his car. Cliff Jensen: "I charge you with taking nature into your own hands." Burt Robinson: "Go vegan. I joined with Cordell Walker in the United States Marines and heard that he joined the Texas Rangers. Maybe he's after Thomas Hewitt and the rest of the family."

At the Blair Meat Company there is Ranger Walker with Ranger CD Parker getting out of the truck with Erin and the Travis County police department and other Texas Rangers of company B. Also there are words by the animal rights activists spray painted on the place. There is Father Charles McGeery standing out there. CD: "Let's all split up. Thomas Hewitt could be anywhere. You must be Charles McGeery." Father McGeery: "That I am. I am not giving the last rights on the animals in there. I think that years ago the health department shut this place down. There have been people asking to stop talking about this slaughterhouse but when they are eaten there's eternal life with God. The Animal Liberation Front tried to blow this place up." Ranger Walker: "Go back to your church father." They all split up. Inside the place there is Leather face with his chainsaw. Thomas Hewitt has an artificial arm replacing the one that Erin cut off 10 years back. The law enforcement officers split up.

One of the cops is Buck Stevens son of Sheriff Ted who succeed Sheriff Hoyt. Somewhere in the building a few Texas Rangers are near Thomas "Leather Face" Hewitt. The Rangers are swinging around with their guns. Leather Face kills them with his chainsaw. A ranger screams. Walker is searching the place.

Erin stays behind Ranger Walker's back. Erin: "Look out for him anywhere." Walker sees Leather Face. Erin sees him too. Erin points him out. Erin: "That's the killer." Ranger Walker has his gun aimed at Leather Face. Ranger Walker: "Thomas Hewitt. Texas Ranger. You are under arrest for mass murder. Drop the chainsaw or I will shoot you." Leather Face makes a move to activate the chainsaw. Ranger Walker high kicks Leatherface.

Leather Face falls to the ground. CD Parker with some other Texas Rangers shows up. CD: "There you are Cordell." So do some other Travis County cops. Leather Face gets back up. He Leather Face goes after Ranger CD Parker and other Rangers. Texas Ranger Walker sends a kick onto Leatherface on the meat plant knocking him into things as he tries to go for his chainsaw.

Leatherface drops the chainsaw. Erin: "This should be over. Maybe if he's guilty he will be executed." Ranger Walker: "I think it is. This should be the last you have seen of Thomas Hewitt. There were killings in Texas statewide from 1969 to 1973 before there were cops at the Hewitt residence. He's dead." Erin: "There was a new sheriff. Our friend Morgan tried to shoot him. He's gone now. They'll pay for killing my friends." Everyone leaves.

1 week later Walker returns to Ranger headquarters. Erin is there. All those connected to Leather Face captured by the Rangers of Company B are in prison. Ranger Walker: "Everyone connected to Leather Face with Leatherface had to be let go. They were acquitted. Leather Face is not found to be dead. We didn't get enough evidence against them. The Travis County Police will be dealing with the Animal Liberation Front." Erin: "I should be living hiding until Leatherface can be brought down. Jim is Rena's father. Jim is Matthew's father. I met my husband after my previous boy friend was killed." Ranger Walker: "That man who killed my parents might still be out there. If so I will bring him down." Erin leaves Ranger headquarters.