'Imminent change'

Summary: What If Naruto decided it was time for a change? After the events at wave Naruto decides it was time to calm down his appearance and work on the only thing that matters any more, Training.

Authors note: This is my first fic so I hope you enjoy it.

Well here's the story ...

Naruto and his group were walking back to Konoha after finishing their mission in wave country. They had stopped for a break in the forest to rest a little. Kakashi had decided to talk to Naruto about something so he walked over to him and started to talk with him.

"Naruto I need to have a word with you." Kakashi said in a stern voice.

"Eh? What is it Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto asked in a confused tone.

"Naruto you're too flashy, a Ninja prides himself on stealth. You not only Make your appearance known to the enemy when you appear, but the color you wear just screams 'Here I am kill me' you need to tone down." Kakashi said in a semi upset yet earnest tone.

"But Kakashi-Sensei If I don't wear Bright colors I won't stand out." He Said In a pleading type of way. Kakashi didn't look to be fazed by Naruto's Interjection.

"Fine Naruto If you wish to get killed because you would rather make an impressionable appearance be my guest." at this Kakashi Walked over and started to talk to Sasuke about learning a new fire Jutsu. Naruto started to think about what Kakashi had just said, it made sense, but it just wasn't him to change his appearance just like that.

They started their journey again and it took a couple of hours to get back to Konoha. When they got back Kakashi said that he would turn in the mission report and gave them the rest of the day off. Naruto thought that now would be a good time to try and get Sakura to go out with him.

"Hey Sakura-CHAN." Sakura turned to look at her ever so annoying teammate.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT I'M BUSY!" Sakura yelled.

"Well I just thought that since Kakashi-sensei gave us the rest of the day off we could go get something to eat." Naruto said in a pleading voice.

"WHY IN HELL WOULD I WANT TO SPEND MY FREE TIME WITH YOU!" Sakura yelled once again and didn't wait for Naruto to say anything and ran off to catch up with Sasuke. Naruto decided he was going to spend the rest of his day at home.

Naruto awoke to his alarm going off. He wasn't in all that good of a mood and he hasn't been since he got back from the wave country. He got out of bed none the less and made his way to his closet to get something to wear.

"Hmm, what should I wear?" Thought Naruto as he looked into his closet. As he looked in all he saw were all his orange jumpsuits. He remembered something Kakashi had said to him the day before.

"Pssh Kakashi-sensei only cares about Sasuke," Naruto said sadly "Of course he wouldn't care if I died on a mission." With that said Naruto got all his jumpsuits together and threw them in his trash. Then scavenged through his clothes looking for something else to wear. He found a pair of Black pants and a Black muscle shirt and put them on. He looked in the mirror and was a little dissatisfied so he looked around some more and found a dark red vest and put it on. As he continued through his apartment he ended up cleaning it completely and found some sunglasses so he put them on.

"There now that I'm in dark colors maybe Kakashi-Sens," Naruto cut himself off when he thought of something. "Since he doesn't want to teach me anything he's not that good of a sensei. Well if Kakashi-San doesn't want to teach me anything I'll learn by myself." With that said Naruto put on a pair of black boots and went to the bridge where team 7 usually meets.

At The Bridge

As Naruto walked up to the bridge he saw Sakura trying to get a date out of everyone's favorite 'Uchiha' (Yeah Right) "hmm, Maybe I should talk to Sakura-Chan." Then Naruto thought of something "She doesn't care 'bout me she doesn't even acknowledge me." Thought Naruto with a look of gloom on his face.

Naruto decided to just find a spot, stay there and be quiet. As he looked he realized that the two of them hadn't even acknowledged the fact that he was there. "I guess it doesn't matter if they know I'm here or not." Thought Naruto.

Sakura had stopped bothering Sasuke and sat down for some rest while waiting for Kakashi, while Sasuke was in his own little world thinking about what his brother did and how He will pay.

About 2 hours later Kakashi appeared and greeted the 'group'. "Yo." Said Kakashi in his usual tone.

"YOU'RE LATE!" could be heard throughout Konoha, but Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura realized something. Sakura was the only one who said it, which was unusual to say the least because Naruto would say it with Sakura and make it even louder. When the three looked around for Naruto they were shocked by what they saw.

"What's happened to Naruto?" Is the only thing that came to mind when they caught sight of Naruto, who was leaning up against a tree with his eyes closed. Their eyes widened at what they saw him wearing. All the vibrant color they were used to suddenly changed to a blood red vest, a black muscle shirt, a pair of black jeans, a pair of boots, and sunglasses.

"Naruto what happened?" Sakura seamed to get out still a little dumbstruck. Naruto lifted his head up to see all three staring at him with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

"Everything is fine. Why is something the matter?" Naruto said with no emotion just loud enough to be heard which just made the three worry more.

"Well you look different, Why the sudden change?" Sakura said still the only one to speak. Naruto contemplated this question and decided to just say something and get it over with.

"Well Sakura-Chan," This shot everyone back because this is something they had never heard before, his voice had been void of emotion and was a nice low tone. "I decided it was time for a change so I found these clothes lying around my house and decided to wear them instead of my normal jumpsuit." Naruto said still emotionless and unmoved.

"What the Heck Naruto would never give up his jumpsuit it's what makes him, him." thought Kakashi. "Humph finally the dobe decides to change." Thought Sasuke. "I wonder what's wrong with Naruto He seems a little upset or mad." Thought Sakura a little distraught

"Well everyone we have a mission to do so let's get to it." Kakashi said a little nervously.

"Naruto changed over night. I'm going to have to have to report this to Hokage-sama." After that thought the team did their assigned mission and to their surprise Naruto didn't foul up once. After the mission Naruto started walking to a store to buy some new clothes since he trashed all of his. After walking a little ways Naruto noticed a box following him. "I don't need this right now." Naruto Thought.

"Konohamaru come out from underneath the box please." Naruto said in disapproving tone.

"Aha just as I thought from my rival for Hokage." Said Konohamaru in a cheery mood.

"I'm busy right now I have to go shopping. What do you want?" Said in a cold manner.

"Naruto-nii-san you said you would play ninja with us today." Said Moegi in a tone that was way too cute to ignore and with puppy dog eyes to match.

"Dammit I hate it when she does that, well might as well help get them trained." Naruto thought. "Ok here's what we're going to do you guys run and use stealth to try and evade me. I'll give you guys a little head start so you'll last longer. How does that sound."

"Hah that's too easy you'll never get us." Said Konohamaru and with that they started to run, but when they got around the corner Naruto heard Moegi scream. So he ran to them as fast as he could. When he rounded the corner he saw a guy and girl standing there, the guy was holding Konohamaru by his scarf.

"That hurt you little brat." Said the guy holding the little one. "I'll make you pay for hitting me"

"Let him go Kankuro we don't want to get in trouble once we get here do we?" The girl spoke in I-don't-want-to-get-in-trouble tone.

"Keh he needs to learn not to mess with people who are bigger than him, Temari." Kankuro said in a displeasing tone.

"You should put him down immediately." Naruto finally spoke out everyone looked. "You don't want to get hurt, do you?"

"Hah who's going to stop me, you? I doubt you even have the gall to step up to me." Kankuro said with a smirk. "Even if he does have it in him I'll just get him in my Chakra strings."

"Hmm he's planning something, but I'll just do what Kakashi-san did to me." with that Temari and Kankuro heard a puff and Kankuro was upercutted by Naruto. Temari Looked backed and saw Naruto standing in the same place with the exception that a shocked Konohamaru was standing right next him, then she looked where Kankuro was standing moments ago to see another Naruto there. "How in the hell what kind of Bunshin is that." Thought a very shocked Temari.

"While you're visiting other villages that aren't your own you shouldn't fight people who are stronger than you." With that Naruto's clone threw a kunai at a tree near them only to have it deflected by sand. "No point in hiding. Come out." Naruto said in an angry tone that sent chills down everyone's back. And then Gaara stepped out a little shocked, but hid it with a cold exterior. "Konohamaru, you, Moegi and Udon get out of here now." Naruto continued in his fierce voice as he released his clone. It didn't take the three of them long to get out of there. Naruto turned back to the sand trio and started walking towards them.

Temari instantly grabbed her Fan ready to defend herself only to once again be shocked as Naruto casually walked passed the three. This time The shock on Gaara's face could be seen a mile away while Kankuro was deafly afraid of Naruto. The tension among the three of them disappeared as Naruto walked around a corner. This incident didn't go unnoticed by an old man with a crystal ball, but even he was shocked with what Naruto did. "I've never seen anyone combine The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and The Kawarimi no Jutsu together at once. Naruto is getting quite interesting." Thought the old man.

Naruto arrived at his destination to get new clothes and other items to increase his ninja skills. When he walked in he noticed the cold stares, but he just brushed them off. His first objective was scrolls and books since he was going to train himself he needed the proper information. He picked out a bunch of promising scrolls and came to a book called 'The Forge' he opened it up to find in detail how to create many different types of weapons figuring that it could be useful Naruto decided to get it. Naruto then looked at the clothes and grabbed things that looked like they could go well together, he then took what he wanted and went to pay for them when he spotted something that could be extremely useful. "How much for that?" Naruto Asked.

The cashier looked to see where the boy was pointing and scoffed. Naruto was pointing at a nice looking sword. The sheath was blood red and the hilt was engraved with flame. The cashier told Naruto the price which was quite expensive.

"Hmm fine I'll take all of these," He placed what he grabbed on the counter. "And I'll also take the sword." The cashier was a little thrown back the boy in front of him asked for something that pricey, but nonetheless he grabbed the sword and placed it on the counter.

The cashier figured the boy was just messing with him and wouldn't be able to pay. To the cashiers surprise Naruto pulled out a large amount of money and paid the man exactly what he owed him, and then put all the stuff into a bag he had also purchased and then he went home.

When Naruto got home he decided he wanted to train a bit, but first he had to alter some of the things he got. He grabbed a vest and then some weighted metal and configured the vest to hold the metal. Then he grabbed some knee pads and elbow pads and did the same. He grabbed some newly acquired clothes and put them on as well as the vest and the pads. He struggled to get up, but when he looked in the mirror he was a little shocked at his appearance. He stood there with his sunglasses on, he wore black ninja boots, and black jeans, the weighted pads were placed under the pants as to not be seen, he wore a black tank top that could barely be seen because of the weighted vest Which was dark red verging black. You could see the upper part of his chest where neither the shirt nor the vest reached (If worn on a woman her cleavage would be shown immediately). He wore the elbow pads on his elbows and he wore black gloves with a piece of metal on them just like Kakashi. His pants weren't sitting right so he decided to take his forehead protector and use it as a belt, so now it looks like he's wearing a belt with the symbol for Konoha as a buckle. He decided he should start his training by getting used to the weights. He figured he'd be a lot slower so he left his house after strapping a pouch onto his side (he doesn't have his kunai holder on and the pouch he put on is like the one Kakashi gets his book from).

Naruto found it extremely difficult to move in his new weights as he walked through the forest to get to a training area. When he finally arrived at one he looked around to make sure no one was there and sat down to take a five minute break. After he was rested enough to start his self taught training he got up and started to run around the training area to, of course, increase his speed and maneuverability. He was also trying to get a good grasp on how fast he could go and getting his endurance as high as he could so he can go really fast for long periods of time. He figured it would be best not to use Chakra to help him so his muscles became stronger instead of his Chakra just giving him the speed he desired. Naruto took a break after running around for half an hour, his muscles ached like hell and he was extremely tired. He then decided to contemplate something "Mizuki said the fox Youkai was sealed inside me and when I was in wave country fighting Haku I could feel such an incredible strength, that wasn't mine, it must have been the Youkai's. I wonder If it can give me such immense power, can I communicate with it?" Thought Naruto While unaware he was being watched by an old man "Hmm Naruto is becoming interesting indeed using weights to increase his abilities and now he's meditating. I've never seen him meditate before." Thought an old man from within the trees.

Naruto opened his eyes to see that he wasn't in the forest anymore but in a cold dark hallway. "I wonder where I am." He started walking down the hallway to a passage that had an unnatural aura in it. "This must be my destination." He walked in to the huge room to see a large cage with a flimsy looking seal on it, he could also feel the demonic presence in the room.

"Who dares to disturb my rest? Since I'm still sealed, it must be the brat that I'm bound to for all eternity." said the grand fox in an evil sadistic way.

"It would assume so. So you're the grand fox Youkai everyone's afraid of. Hmm I see." Naruto said calmly while sizing the fox up.

"You don't seem scared of me boy. Why don't you show me that gall of yours and step closer to me?" The fox said in a mockingly way. To the fox's surprise Naruto started walking forward and stopped a few feet away from the cage. The fox thought it smart to show superiority to the boy and thrust his claw at the boy. He was completely and utterly shocked that his claws stopped a mere inch away from the boy's face and he didn't even flinch.

"Well fox since we're stuck together might as well know each other. I'm Uzumaki Naruto and you?" Said Naruto in his nice calm manner.

"I am the greatest of all Youkai I am The Kyuubi." Kyuubi said in proud way. "Heh this kid is brave I might get to like him." "So why have you come to my humble abode?"

"I just wanted to see if it was possible to communicate." Said Naruto as he shrugged.

"Well seeing as you decided to train your self and you gained the ability to talk to me I'll help you train when you want. I also suggest that you not only train your body, but also your mind." Kyuubi said a little proud of the boy.

"Thanks, but what can I do to train my mind?" Asked Naruto a little confused.

"Well you'll need to read some stuff. You're going to want a better over all knowledge. Since I've been around for a long time I'll teach you. And you should also take up shogi it will help you become a better strategist. If the greatest fox is within you, you should be just as cunning as a fox should be, my little kit. So you should stop acting stupid it defiles us both." Said Kyuubi reassuringly.

"Alright, I guess I should get back to training now. Bye Kyuubi-sensei." Naruto started to walk out of the room. "Heh that kid could become as great as I"

While Naruto was resting three figures approached the area and semi-hid behind bushes. Two of the figures wore cloaks while the third wore a towel on his head. "You guys didn't say I should bring my cloak." Whispered the toweled figure. One of the cloaked figures was standing with his arms crossed while the other crouched out of sight. The Toweled figure was holding a bush in front of his face while standing so his bottom half was showing.

Naruto awoke and started his training, but this time realized he was being watched by four figures and stopped his training he looked up in the trees at the old man. "Hmm he noticed no point in hiding." Thought the old man as jumped out of the tree. Naruto then looked at the last three. "Do you think he can see us?" Said the Toweled figure loud enough for 'Everyone' to hear. Naruto just stared at the one who made that comment.

"I assume that he has." Said the crouching figure as she got up waved and started leaving. The other cloaked figure merely gestured his fingers in a sort of wave while his arms were crossed and merely vanished. And the third figure started backing away ever so slowly and when he got five feet he turned and mad dashed out of there.

"OK a weird bunch that was." The two remaining thought in unison. "So shouldn't you be training with the rest of your team Instead of by yourself?" Asked The Hokage.

"Well I would train with them if Sakura wasn't always swooning over Sasuke and Kakashi-San wasn't putting Sasuke ahead of me. This way I can make sure that I control the training so there isn't a problem." he said in dishearteningly tone of voice.

"I see. Hmm well make sure you still go to your team meetings and don't overwork yourself." Said The Hokage as he left.

Naruto started training again after The Hokage left. After about three hours of this he was thoroughly tired and hungry so he headed to get something to eat. "Yo! Little Kit you should try eating something besides ramen you need more nutrients." Kyuubi said. "Like what? Ramen is good and the people at Ichiraku are nice to me." Naruto asked. "Meat. Try fish, its good. And you don't have to give up Ramen you should just have a different eating habit like have your Ramen at lunch and an actual meal for dinner" Kyuubi said. "Fine I guess" And Naruto came to a restaurant and got some evil glares when a waitress came to get his order. When he got his food he ate it silently, aware of all the glares, after he was done he placed a tip and paid his bill and then left. "Might as well be nice to them even though they weren't to me." When he exited the building he saw a pinked hair girl and a boy with onyx hair walk up to him.

"Naruto." Sakura said, "We've been looking for you." She said as she stopped in front of Naruto.

"And what do you two want?" Naruto asked unemotionally "I wonder what they would want." He thought. "It doesn't matter just hurry up home I have something to teach you" said Kyuubi.

"We wanted to ask if you were ok you were acting different today." she asked a little concerned.

"Yeah what happened, Dobe?" Sasuke asked inconsiderately. "Bah I'm not a Dobe. Just wait Sasuke I'll show you who's better." thought Naruto a little angry.

"Well Sasuke, Sakura-Chan" Naruto said. "I really don't have to tell you anything about what's happened to me, do I?" Before Sasuke or Sakura could respond to Naruto the sand trio walked up to the group. "It's you three again I'm not in the mood, I have other stuff to attend to." This shocked the three, no one has ever talked this way to them. Sakura just looked at the three new comers and Sasuke sized them up.

"Hello My brother Gaara wanted to speak to you about earlier." Temari said still a little shaken.

"Ano excuse me, but foreigners need to have prior notice to be here, so what are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

"We're here For the Chuunin exams and we're wondering if you were going to be in it." Gaara spoke Looking at Naruto.

"I don't know. I didn't know about it until now, so probably not." Naruto said before he turned to the sky. "It's kinda late; I'll be going home now." Sakura had a frown on her face. Naruto turned to Sakura and Sasuke "Tell Kakashi-san that if he gets there before me I'll be training elsewhere, I'll still be there I'll just be late. If he wants me he can find me." With that Naruto simply walked off. Sasuke and Sakura were simply shocked they didn't even notice the Sand Trio leave.

Naruto was walking in silence. He felt so tired the weights were getting to him pretty bad since he had worn them all day. "Yo! Kit hurry home and don't think of taking those weights off you should only take them off when you shower and change. Got it?" Kyuubi practically yelled at him. "Yeah yeah fine I got it." With that Naruto headed to his apartment at a better pace.

When he got to his apartment he got ready for bed after he was done he heard the voice of his new teacher. "It's time I gave you something." "Like what?" He asked. "I'm going to improve your senses." "Ok I guess." Is all Naruto said as pain shot through his eyes, ears, and nose. As the pain stopped he noticed the change immediately. When he looked in a mirror he saw his pupils elongated into slits and his ears seemed to sharpen at the top. (If you play D&D it would look like a half elf's ears.) "And now since I did that to your eyes you can activate a new eye ability that lets you see your opponents attacks better like the Uchiha's Sharingan only it can't copy Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but you will be able to copy Taijutsu." "How do I get it to work?" "Just pour Chakra into your eyes and it should activate, the more Chakra you put in the better it works there is a limit to how much Chakra you use. It will become more and more as you use it. I suggest that you have it activated all day everyday so it improves faster." Naruto did as he was told and the world seemed to slow down. When he looked in the mirror he saw red eyes where his blue ones should be. "Thanks Kyuubi-sensei." Naruto deactivated his eyes and laid down to go to bed and he promptly fell asleep.

"Ok here's how it works since we can communicate I'll be teaching you while you sleep so that way you can train during the day and learn at night. Ok?" Asked Kyuubi

"yeah ok that sounds good." "Ok your night teaching will go as followed I will work on your will then I will teach you. With a good will you will be able to see through Genjutsu and outlast most people in interrogations." Kyuubi said matter-of-factly. And then their night trainings started and ended when Naruto woke up.

He cooked himself some breakfast and got ready to go. When he was ready he glanced about the room and grabbed his book and sunglasses. He promptly put them on and started reading his book as he headed out.

He got to his training area and put his book away and looked around. He was the only one there so he activated his new eyes from behind his glasses. The world seemed to slow down and then he started his training. He decided that instead of running around just his training area he was going to run around the entirety of Konoha. After about half way around Konoha Kakashi appeared in front of Naruto and he looked quite upset.

"What are you doing we have a meeting remember?" Kakashi said obviously irritated.

"I was getting some training in before our meeting actually started, I didn't expect you to be on time today." He said a little annoyed. Kakashi looked a little proud that his student took the initiative to train while he waited.

"Well come on we're gonna go train at our usual spot." Naruto kept up with his desired training and ran to the training spot followed by Kakashi. "Naruto looks worn out and he's running a little sluggish. And what's with his ears?" Thought Kakashi.

Team Ten

Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru were waiting for Asuma. Chouji's was eating a bag of potato chips, Shikamaru was playing a game of shogi by himself, and Ino was impatiently waiting and shifting uncontrollably. "Why do you do that it is so Troublesome and distracting." Replied Shikamaru not looking up from his game. Ino looked at him indignantly. He looked up to see a raging Ino.


Shikamaru Sighed and Said, "Ino your being troublesome." And he immediately regretted those words because Ino ran and grabbed his Shogi board and broke it over his head and started strangling him. Asuma came up and looked at the two; Shikamaru was turning blue and Ino turned completely evil. Asuma looked over at Chouji and then Chouji said something that changed Ino.

"I don't think guys will like you if you do things like this." Ino slowly turned her head around ever so slowly and the look on her face turned the two guys white as hell. She then creaked a smile an evil you-will-pay smile. And then she released Shikamaru who already looked dead. She ran at Chouji and he closed his eyes waiting for pain, what he felt was a million times worse, he couldn't feel his precious snacks. When he opened his eyes he saw her sitting down and was eating his chips. When he went to get them back she smacked his hand away. After a few attempts to free his chips he gave up and sat next to Shikamaru. Ino was Eating Chouji's chips when she glared at Asuma. He quivered under her gaze. "I should start before I'm the next target."

"Well I guess you guys should know I recommended you for the Chuunin exams." Asuma said and Ino had stopped eating Chouji's chips and had her mouth hung open. "How Troublesome." Thought Shikamaru. And Chouji also looked a little shocked. "I should think of something to get them into it I wouldn't want Kakashi to throw this in my face." Asuma thought. "Aha perfect." "And also you all should know that all the other rookies will be participating especially Sasuke." Asuma said proudly as he saw Ino's face change into determination. "Also you have to take the test as a team so might I recommend a team leader."

"Alright! This is my chance to show up forehead girl and get Sasuke-kun. And you two better not ruin this for me!" Ino grabbed the three slips out of Asuma's hand and grabbed her teammates and rushed off to train. Shikamaru muttered something that sounded awfully like troublesome.

Team eight

Kurenai was waiting for her team to arrive. Hinata, Kiba, and Shino were walking to there teams training area. To be more specific Hinata and Shino were walking, Kiba and Akamaru were running every which way chasing each other. When they arrived at the training area they saw their sensei leaning on a tree waiting for them. Kurenai looked up as her team arrived, Hinata and Shino were walking casually while Kiba and Akamaru were jumping tree to tree frantically.

"Hello, I have something to tell you guys." Kurenai said as she pulled out three slips of paper and handed them to the three Genin. "These are recommendations for the Chuunin exams." She said as she looked at her students reactions. Kiba was obviously excited, Hinata was pretty fearful and Shino was well she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Ano, are we ready for this?" Hinata said obviously worried about the exams. Kurenai was gonna say something until Shino broke his usual quietness.

"I'm sure that Kurenai-Sensei wouldn't nominate us unless she was sure we were ready." He said as he put his paper in a pocket.

"Of course we're ready this will be awesome Akamaru and I will show everyone that we are the best." Kiba said as Akamaru barked in agreement. "C'mon Shino let's go train. When will it be Kurenai-Sensei?"

"It will be in 6 days, bu--" Kurenai couldn't finish as Kiba ran out after she said when it was. Shino started to follow Kiba, and Hinata Just stayed still almost on the verge of tears, Kurenai sighed and said, "Hinata-chan you should train also. I don't think they will let you back down." Hinata just nodded and walked to the training post and started attacking it with an open fist. "I'm sorry Hinata-chan I have to go, if you see Kiba and Shino again tell them it's free training for the rest of the time and to meet at the academy." Hinata just nodded obviously feeling left out. Kurenai jumped into the trees and just vanished.

Team Seven

"I wonder where Kakashi-sensei is he said that he was going to get Naruto so we can all train together." Sakura said. Sasuke looked extremely annoyed.

"That dobe is wasting my time. Kakashi and I could have been working on that Jutsu Kakashi's been teaching me." He said in a cold I'm-gonna-kill-you tone.

"Hey Sasuke-kun why don't you train on teamwork with me and Naruto. If we all are going to go to the Chuunin exams we should try and work together." She said in a singsong voice.

"I don't need teamwork you two will just end up slowing me down." he said in his cold tone. Just then Naruto came into view followed by Kakashi. Naruto had heard what Sasuke had just said, but didn't want to say anything and although he was very tired from his run he hid it quite nicely, it was as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Kakashi pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to Naruto.

"I've recommended you for the Chuunin exams it's your choice if you want to go or not it's in 6 days so you should all train as hard as you can." He said. "And also every team has a captain we haven't chosen one yet so we should decide that now." Kakashi looked around. "Sakura will say Sasuke, Naruto will say himself, and Sasuke will say himself with two votes I'll just give it to Sasuke."

"I Think Sasuke-kun should be it since he's the strongest." Sakura said while blushing.

"Yeah and Naruto better not Disagree with that." Inner Sakura screamed.

"It should obviously be me." Sasuke said in a cold tone. Kakashi was going to announce that Sasuke would be their team leader, but Naruto spoke first.

"It should be Sakura." He said indifferently. "Sakura's the smartest and that's what we need over power." Sakura shook her head at this and said.

"No, Sasuke-kun is much smarter than I." "Hell yeah and don't forget It." Naruto just shrugged.

"Well it's two to one. So when I'm not around Sasuke is in charge. Got it?" everyone nodded. "Good now we're going to start training. Naruto you should work on your Chakra control. And Sakura you should work on your reserve. Sasuke and I will be working on a new Jutsu." With that Kakashi left with Sasuke. Sakura started the tree climbing exercise and Naruto was going to start also, but the Kyuubi stopped him.

"I know a better method of gaining better control and you'll get a new Jutsu also." "Alright if it will help." Naruto said in his head. Sakura looked at him confused, but brushed it off and started working again. "What you need to do is concentrate Chakra to your hand and put as much as you can and then compress it. It'll create a fire in your hand and you'll only be able to sustain it as long as you can maintain control over it . The Fire will fluctuate so that's where your control will need to come from. It's quite difficult, but if you can manage it, you'll never have problems with control again. Also since it consumes a lot more Chakra than that petty tree climbing exercise your reserves will start to grow more." Kyuubi stated in a teacher tone. "Thanks, but why are you helping me anyways? It doesn't make sense. I thought you hated and wanted to destroy Konoha and now your helping one of it's residents." "I'll be honest kid I like you, you don't let anyone see that they're hurting you and your willing to protect them even though they hate you. And furthermore if I'm going to be stuck in you for all eternity your gonna need to be strong I don't want people thinking I'm weak because my container is weak, now then let's stop this talking and get started." Naruto jumped out of sight so Sakura wouldn't see his new training, and then Naruto started his Chakra control and found it was a hell of a lot harder than Kyuubi described. After a few hours Naruto was able to maintain the Fire for twenty seconds. When he heard people come to the practice area he jumped down and saw Sakura was passed out due to exhaustion.

Kakashi and Sasuke arrived at the training area just in time to see Naruto land gracefully on the ground. They looked over to see Sakura passed out by a tree and decided it was due to exhaustion.

"Hey dobe still can't stick to the tree I see." Sasuke said with a smirk. Kakashi walked over to Sakura and woke her up. "OK kit this guy pisses even me off so show him up. I'd say you could just merely walk up the tree without the run like the girl was doing."

"Ok sounds good." Naruto thought.

"Actually Sasuke I think I have improved greatly, I haven't fallen once." Naruto said with a smirk. "It's not a lie."

"Ha I bet I can get higher than you, still." Sasuke gloated All high and mightily.

"Ok prove it pick a tree and we'll see who can get higher. I'll let you go first so you can set the bar." Naruto said holding in the pleasure of watching Sasuke crumble. Sasuke chose a tree that you could see all the way to the top of. He pulled out a Kunai and gathered Chakra to his feet and ran as fast as he could to the tree and started going up it. He made it ¾ the way up before he scratched the tree and started to fall, but recomposed himself and landed on his feet.

"Let's see you beat that." Sasuke said as he tossed his kunai at Naruto. Naruto caught it and walked his way to the tree. "Aren't you even going to try, you haven't even gathered Chakra." Sasuke let out a small laugh that didn't last long as Naruto got to the tree and started walking up it effortlessly. Kakashi had already awakened Sakura and they were watching this duel of egos. All three of their jaws dropped at Naruto's effortless action. He got to the point that Sasuke had left his slash and he looked down to see if Sasuke was still watching. After he was sure Sasuke was watching he took a step above his mark and got closer to the tree. Instead of a slash Naruto had written his name and instead of hopping down he continued to the top of the tree. When he reached the top he stuck the kunai in the tree, so the kunai was now the highest point of the tree.

Naruto hopped down and seeing that his comrades were speechless he spoke first. "If you want your kunai back you'll have to go and get it." Sasuke looked at Naruto and then back at the kunai and then he said something.

"Tch so you've gained a little Chakra control it doesn't mean you're stronger than me and I'll prove it. Let's go." Sasuke said as he got in a fighting position. Kakashi and Sakura had come to their senses and were gonna stop this, but Naruto said something before they could.

"I'm not gonna fight you since there isn't anything to gain out of it. Now I'm hungry is our training session over." Naruto asked solemnly.

Kakashi finally said something. "Yeah. I guess you guys can go. We won't have training for the rest of the week so you guys can relax and decide if your going to take the exam or not." that was all Naruto needed and he started walking away, when he was out of sight Sasuke walked up to the tree and molded Chakra to his feet and tried climbing the same way Naruto did. His foot just slid down as he tried to put his other foot up. "Your Chakra control isn't good enough yet. Sakura see if you can do it." Kakashi said. Sakura did as she was told and she faired better than Sasuke but when she went for a fifth step she slid down. "I see so now Naruto has the better Chakra control of the group." he said and walked away in deep thought. Sakura looked ashamed because she was no longer the best at something in the group. Sasuke was pissed that Naruto had shown him up.

With Naruto

Naruto was walking to the bookstore because he just finished his book 'The Forge'. He was given cold stares all the way there. When he got there he looked around until he found a book about seals. He grabbed it and went and paid for it. He started reading it and headed for Ichiraku for his lunch. When he got there he sat down and ordered a Miso Ramen and continued to read.

"What are you reading?" Ayame asked in a cutesy voice. Naruto looked up from his book and realized Both the old man and Ayame were looking at him.

"It's a book on different kind of seals and how to make them. I figured it would be a good idea to learn these things." He said as he put the book on the counter and gave his full attention to Ayame and the old man.

"You weren't here last night we thought something happened to you. You never miss a meal." The old man said as he placed Naruto's ramen in front of him.

"My new Sensei told me that I need to eat more than ramen all the time so now he only lets me eat it for lunch." Naruto said as he grabbed some chopsticks.

"You have a new sensei? I thought once you get a Jounin sensei he or she becomes your sensei until you get promoted." Ayame asked a little confused.

"Yeah that's true so I still have Kakashi as my official sensei, but I found someone better that's willing to help out more then Kakashi ever has." Naruto said casually as he started eating.

"I see well that's good for you. Most people aren't able to find a suitable sensei, they just get stuck with what's given to them and then everyone on the team is just miserable." The Hokage said startling the three out of there conversation. "I'll have a pork ramen please." He said.

"Hai Hokage-sama." The old man said then turned around and started working on The Hokage's ramen.

"Hokage-sama it's a rarity to see you here." Ayame said surprised.

"Aw well it was boring being cramped in that office of mine all day so I decided to come out for lunch." The Hokage said as the old man finished making his ramen. "So Naruto who is this new sensei of yours?" The Hokage asked interested in this sensei he received. Naruto finished his bowl of ramen and ordered another.

"He told me not to tell anyone or he would get in trouble for taking on a pupil without authorization." Naruto lied. "Thank god Kyuubi-sensei's been teaching me or I would not have never been able to come up with that." The Hokage looked at him for a second before he decided he was right.

"Well that's true so as long as you don't interrupt his actual duties there shouldn't be a problem." Hokage said then realized something else to ask. "I also heard from Kakashi that you're able to walk up a tree easily now." It was meant to be a statement, but sounded like a question.

"Yeah my new sensei taught me better chakra control, something Kakashi didn't go into full detail on." Naruto said as the Konohamaru corps came up to them. "Hey Konohamaru what are you here for?"

"Naruto-nii-chan thanks for helping me out yesterday." Konohamaru said as he, Udon, and Moegi bowed.

"Eh heh it was no problem, but we didn't get to finish what we were doing yesterday." Naruto said and then looked at the Hokage. "Hey Hokage-sama why weren't we taught better chakra control in the academy?"

"Well we didn't want to push you with both academics and stuff like that. The academy is to learn the basics and afterwards your Jounin instructor will teach you more of the advanced things." The Hokage said all-knowingly.

"Is it against the rules to teach that kind of stuff though?" Naruto asked. The Hokage caught on to what Naruto was really asking and looked at the three ninja hopefuls and back at Naruto and shook his head.

"It's not against any rules to be trained outside of the academy actually it would probably increase their chances for succeeding in the genin test. Although I wouldn't suggest teaching Jounin ranked moves like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to academy students." Naruto caught the hint. He finished up his ramen, paid for it, and got up.

"Alright c'mon Konohamaru corps I have something to show you. Bye Hokage-sama, Ramen man, and Ayame-chan." Ayame blushed a little as Naruto waved and ran off with Konohamaru and the others.

Naruto and the Konohamaru corps arrived in the forest to start 'playing' ninja. "Ok guys here's what we're going to do today, I'm gonna teach you to climb a tree without your hands." Naruto said and looked at their awestricken faces.

"Leader can you really do that?" Moegi asked with stars all over her eyes.

"Of course I wouldn't tell you I'd teach you something I couldn't do. Here watch me do it first, Ok." They all nodded and Naruto walked over to a tree and started to walk up it to about a tenth of the way up. He looked at the look on their faces and was proud. "See. Now all you have to do is concentrate chakra to your feet and make sure its enough to stick, but not too much where you get pushed off. Now do you have any Kunai?" They all shook their heads then Naruto heard someone come up from behind him and three Kunai shot out of the tree and stuck to the ground in front of the three young ones. "Who's there!" Naruto yelled.

"You shouldn't worry about who I am, but what I want." A rain nin stepped out into view. Naruto gave the look as if to continue. "I want the scroll of forbidden Jutsus and I've heard that you've gotten it once before, so you should be able to get it again right?"

"What makes you think that I'll help you out, hmm?" Naruto asked.

"I'm beyond your level you don't have a chance, plus I have those three as targets." The rain nin said as he pointed at Konohamaru and the others.

"Well what do you want from the scroll?" Naruto asked cynically.

"Isn't it obvious I want the power from within it. Once I have it I'll be the most powerful ninja of all time." The Rain nin said confidently.

"Hmm." Naruto hummed as if contemplating things. "I'm sorry, but I won't help you I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I thought you were different from Mizuki-sensei." He said.

The rain nin's features says that he was shocked at Naruto's response.

To Be Continued?