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Imminent Change

By: Botan-kun

Naruto was flowing through a stream of pure energy his body was weightless and his mind was reeling. He looked around this new space and saw many images that he did not understand. It seemed as if he was in a black spherical room with what seemed were scenes from a movie.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked weakly.

"In the most perfect jutsu I have ever seen." Kyuubi said, which caused Naruto to look around to see the Kyuubi in the room with him. "This is perfection. It's Zendaimimon's ultimate time traveling Jutsu he kept talking to us about so long ago. Instead of what had happened to you before you actually get to choose When and where you want to go to." Kyuubi said as he looked around. "And it is not limited to the past, but the future as well." Kyuubi said as he went to one of the scenes playing in the room, Naruto floating behind him. "This is the future of Konoha." Kyuubi said and as Naruto looked he was terrified at what he saw. A decayed, black castle was on the site of Konoha. There was a man at the top of the tower wearing a black cloak with red clouds giving orders to others wearing the same. There had to have been thousands of them.

"How is this possible?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi looked around and headed for another scene.

"This is why." Kyuubi said as he and Naruto watched the scene play. They watched as Katsu , Kaizoku, and Naruto finished the jutsu to see everything being destroyed. "this jutsu caused the end of the world." Naruto was in shock. He watched the death that the jutsu caused. It showed the civilians of Konoha who got away were obliterated woman and children crying as their bones and bodies turned to ash. Naruto started to cry. "This is not how it has to be. You will go into the past and in doing so you will change this fate." Kyuubi said in a caring tone.

"But how?" Naruto asked.

"By not needing to do this jutsu. By you going back in time and changing the event that caused the Akatsuki to start their plans earlier." Kyuubi said.

"I will change it. I will kill every last member of that group with my bare hands." Naruto said. He looked around and saw the event and floated towards it. "This is what I have to prevent." The scene Naruto got to, showed Naruto's future, but the fate Konoha. Naruto watched at the horror of it. Three Akatsuki members were there He recognized the Sharingan immediately, the one to his left had a huge sword which Naruto figured was the one that killed Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji. And the one in the middle he recognized as the leader the one who said that he killed Hinata. Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai were facing off against them. The fight went by fast with the Akatsuki as the winners, Itachi had ripped out Kakashi's Sharingan. When Gai had got there it was too late the leader of the group had immediately broke his leg badly as soon as he got there. "So that is what needs to be changed." Naruto looked around and saw another scene he wanted to see. He was standing in the rain in the middle of his training ground. He was older by about three years older. He was taller and more mature looking. He was bleeding from his mouth and had many cuts amongst his body. His clothes were in pretty bad shape also. Just then Neji and Hiashi dropped down beside him. There was no sound, but Naruto could tell that he said 'he will protect her no matter what'.

"Do you know what you're going to do?" Kyuubi asked.

"Yes, I will protect everyone from them. I need something from you though. I need you to teach me your most powerful Jutsu before we go back to the real world. I will end this as quickly as possible." Naruto said.

The bridge at noon

The three Konoha Jounin faced off against the three Akatsuki members. As they all dropped to their fighting positions Naruto fell from the sky with an impassive look on his face.

"Asuma, Kurenai, Kakashi Don't get involved." Naruto said and then Kaizoku's group dropped behind the Jounin. "I'll take care of this."

"Ah, Naruto-kun, you came to us. This makes it easier than looking for you." The leader said with a smirk on his face.

"This will be over quickly I guarantee it, I will not give you the satisfaction of killing the people I love." Naruto said as fisted his hand with his arms at his side. "Eight Celestial gate release: First: Initial Gate: Open!" Naruto yelled as chakra flew out of his body rapidly. Everyone's eyes widened. "Second: Heal Gate: Open!" More and more Chakra leaked out. "Third: Life Gate: Open!" A wave of chakra shot out blowing up dirt and sand. Everyone looked on in shock and awe. "Forth: Harm Gate: open!" Everyone was awestruck. Naruto crossed his fists in front of his face. "Fifth: Forest Gate: open!" Kakashi and Itachi revealed their Sharingan to gauge Naruto's power, and were shocked to see he was not done. "Sixth: Limit Gate: Open!" Naruto's arms bulged out a little. "Seventh: View Gate: Open!" Naruto coughed up blood, and then regained his composure. "AND FINALLY, EIGHT CELESTIAL GATE RELEASE: FINAL GATE: DEATH GATE: OPEN!!!!!!!" Naruto yelled and a massive chakra flew out of his body pushing everyone back a little. "Good kid now Eight celestial gate release: Complete release: open!" An even greater force shot out of Naruto pushing everyone back further. "This is going to hurt." Kyuubi said as his chakra flew out of Naruto encompassing his body with nine glowing tails swishing behind him. Naruto fisted his hand once and a tree to his left blew up completely. This made the Akatsuki members step back.

"Shit, Kisame use your sword!" Itachi said quickly. Kisame unsheathed his sword quickly and swung at Naruto. Once the sword reached Naruto's chakra form it exploded. Kisame drew back. Naruto lifted his arm and squeezed his fist. The Akatsuki leader and Itachi jumped to the side in opposite directions. Kisame smirked as his body started bleeding. His body separated in all sorts of directions. Itachi and the leader looked down to see that Itachi's arm was gone and the leaders leg was as well. Everyone was shocked at that moment. Naruto obliterated one of the Akatsuki members so easily and wounded the other two. "Shit, I can't hold my control!" The Kyuubi yelled out in Naruto's head. Naruto's chakra started to increase and started to grow.

"KATSU!" Kaizoku yelled and Katsu jumped in front of Naruto and quickly went through many hand seals in rapid succession before pounding his hand into the Chakra. He then lifted his other hand into the air. A bright light shot out of his hand and headed straight into the sky. Naruto's chakra died down and he collapsed as well as Katsu. The Konoha Ninja took up a fighting position to find that the two remaining Akatsuki had disappeared. They circled around Naruto and Katsu.

Elsewhere in Konoha prior to noon

Hinata, Ino, and Sakura were sitting at a table in front of Ino's family's flower shop. They were sitting there drinking tea talking about various topics about what the village will do. Ino and Sakura were discussing how awesome and cool Sasuke looked while fighting the sound off.

"And did you see the fireball he created it was awesome." Ino said.

"But not as cool as his Shishi Rendan." Sakura replied.

"Hey Hinata what exactly happened with you anyway? They say they found you in a passageway in the building." Ino asked.

"Yeah, I only saw Naruto grab you and run, but he wasn't there when they found you?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah that's weird. Have you two heard anything about Naruto yet?" Ino asked.

"No. And it's weird he was missing before the attack and then during the attack he went missing again. And every time I ask about it, no one will answer me." Sakura said. Just then Sasuke and Kakashi came up to them.

"Yo." Kakashi said while Sasuke gave a simple 'humph'.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei, what's up with Naruto?" Ino asked. Kakashi's eye went gloom for a second then went back to normal.

"We're still looking into it. As far as we know he's just running around doing whatever it is Naruto does." Kakashi said even though the likely answer was that sound had recaptured him. Just then a man was running around frantically looking for someone when he spotted the group.

"Are you Hyuuga Hinata?" The man asked Hinata.

"Y-yes." Hinata replied.

"Oh, thank god, just in time too. Can channel your chakra into this for me?" The man asked as he took out a box. Hinata reluctantly agreed. The others there were intrigued at this. As soon as Hinata channeled her chakra into the box it transformed into flowers, two kunai, a letter, and an envelope. "Yes! These are yours." The man said as he handed Hinata everything, but the envelope. The man opened the envelope which had 2000 Ryou in it and he prominently jumped for joy and ran off.

"That was suspicious." Sasuke said, but no one paid attention to that they were looking at the flowers that Hinata was given.

"Who's it from Hinata?" Sakura asked all giddy.

"Usually when someone sends Kunai as a gift they intend to kill you." Kakashi said. Hinata looked At the note cautiously.

"Hello Hinata-Chan, I'm sorry I borrowed your Kunai without returning them, so these are to replace them. They are my special new and improved Kunai so be careful they will blow up when you put your specific Chakra signature into them and they collide with any object." Hinata read aloud, They were all intrigued. "As for the flowers they are an invitation to a date with me, if you are willing, I will most likely be at the hospital in a little if you would like to respond, sincerely Naruto." Hinata finished reading the letter and ended up having a shocked expression on her face. Of course they all were shocked at Naruto's letter.

"Wow Hinata." Was all Ino could say. Kakashi of course was the only one who considered what Naruto had said about the hospital. Just then Kairi jumped right behind Kakashi.

"Kakashi-san, We have a problem." Kairi said. "I already sent Asuma and Kurenai, but we need you also." Kairi finished and both her and Kakashi were gone. Which only Sasuke noticed as Sakura and Ino were talking about how they would make over Hinata. Sakura and Ino grabbed Sasuke and Hinata and ran towards a clothing store, Sasuke trying hard to get away.

Konoha Hospital

Naruto and Katsu were both lying in a bed. Naruto was covered in bandages all over while Katsu was just lying there no bandages or anything. All the Asuma, Kurenai, Hiashi, Kakashi, Ishi-san, Kairi, Kaizoku, and Jiraiya all entered the room that was Naruto and Katsu's home away from home. Naruto briefly looked at them before looking back up to the ceiling.

"You guys, might want to know that the Kyuubi is gone." Naruto said plainly, however this did not shock them in the least.

"We already know, the seal that housed the Kyuubi is gone and based on what Kaizoku said you two are completely fused together." Hiashi said. "What we figured happened is because you opened the eighth celestial gate you fused together to save both your lives, is this accurate?" Hiashi asked, which Naruto nodded instantly.

"We decided for you to leave the village." Kaizoku said.

"I know. And I request that it be tonight." Naruto said.

"It'll be best if nobody knows of you leaving. So it'll be in the middle of the night you and Kaizoku's group will go to where ever Kaizoku chooses and none of us will know where that is, to make sure that you are well hidden." Jiraiya said. "And this is not up for debate." He added.

"I am aware, I already made plans for my last day here if you don't mind." Naruto said and Kaizoku gave his affirmative. Katsu got up and they all left Naruto. Naruto got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower after he removed the bandages got in the shower and thought of his future now.

Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Sasuke entered the hospital and Sakura quickly went to the desk to find out Naruto's room. After she received the room number they all started heading there. As soon as they reached the room Hinata started having second thoughts.

"Oh no you don't!" Ino said as Sakura opened the door and Ino pushed Hinata in and Sakura immediately closed the door. Hinata looked around the room and Naruto was standing next to the chair in his room drying off his hair, but more importantly was that Naruto was naked. Naruto turned his head to see Hinata with her hands over her mouth and she was clearly blushing. He looked at her closely, she was wearing a blue shirt with the tops of her shoulders showing and a black miniskirt that was tight on her body. She also had her hair pulled back and she was wearing make up, but not an excessive amount, just enough to show off her beauty.

"You're earlier than I thought." Naruto said as he wrapped the towel around his torso.

"I'm so sorry." Hinata said as Naruto turned towards her. "It was wrong of me to come in without knocking." Hinata said shyly looking towards the ground. Naruto walked towards her and lifted her head up to look at him.

"You don't have to apologize for someone else's actions. I understand, if you give me a moment I'll be ready in a sec." Naruto said as he grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. Hinata was almost in tears, she was so embarrassed. She decided to sit down on one of the beds. Naruto came out shortly dressed in the same type of outfit he has been accustomed too. "I don't suggest we leave out the door, unless you want them to follow us through the night." Naruto said which Hinata quickly shook her head. And Naruto opened the window to his room. "I'm sorry this is the only other way out. I'll carry if you'd like, so you don't ruin your new outfit." Naruto said. Hinata reluctantly agreed knowing she wouldn't be able to jump out the window in what she was wearing. Naruto swooped her up, and jumped out the window landing on the ground outside the hospital and gently put her down.

"Where do you plan on us going?" Hinata asked shyly. Naruto smiled dryly at Hinata and looked at the sky to see that it was already dark out. He only had a few hours before he would have to leave the village for an undetermined amount of time.

"I want to show you a secret of mine." Naruto said as he started walking with Hinata right behind him. As they were walking through town everyone glanced at them, most eyes were on Hinata though. Naruto slowed down so he was walking right beside her and he reached out his hand to hold hers. This shocked Hinata, but took his hand without any problem. As they were walking Naruto could hear a low grumble from Hinata's stomach that she herself did not hear nor feel. "Let's eat first. Do you have any particular favorite?" Naruto asked.

"Um, My dad used to take to nice restaurant when I was younger it was my favorite, but um..." Hinata veered off the subject because the restaurant was very expensive, and she didn't want to put Naruto out. "Anywhere you want to go is fine."

"Where is the restaurant?" Naruto asked.

"No Naruto it's anywhere you want to go is fine." Hinata countered.

"I wish to go to this restaurant you are talking about." Naruto said. Hinata felt defeated and led Naruto to the restaurant. One look at Hinata and they were ushered into the VIP section. When they were given the menu Hinata looked distraught. "It's more expensive than I remember." Naruto was looking around at the place, It was very tasteful and he felt out of place. Naruto looked at Hinata and saw that she was worried.

"What's wrong Hinata-Chan?" Naruto asked. Hinata felt so bad.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I shouldn't have had you bring me here." Hinata said.

"Why not? This place is nice and you have good memories here, this place is perfect." Naruto said he had not looked at the menu yet. As he looked at Hinata he saw that she was troubled by the menu so he picked up his and immediately saw why Hinata was worried. "Don't worry Hinata. I have enough money. I've been saving money since before I became a Genin. I was always given an allowance from the Hokage to use every week, but I only used partial amounts of it. And since I became a Genin I have only used a quarter of each payment. So you can order whatever you want it is fine." Hinata still felt guilty, but now it wasn't because of the restaurant it was because she had so many more privileges than Naruto has ever had. They ate there in silence because neither of them knew what exactly what to talk about. Hinata saw that Naruto was sad, but did not know how to confront it. After they finished Naruto paid the full bill and they left. Naruto then continued to take to his secret. Neither of them noticed, but Naruto instinctively held Hinata's hand as they walked.

They finally reached their destination. Hinata looked on in amazement. Naruto had led her to the top of the Hokage monument. The view was the greatest she had ever seen, the moonlight shined throughout all of Konoha. Hinata couldn't help but smile in amazement at the beauty of it. She looked over to Naruto who was leaning on the rail with a sad look on his face.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

"This is the last time I'll be able to come up here." Naruto said sadly, Hinata was confused. Naruto could see the confusion on her face, he turned around and looked straight at the moon. "I have to leave the village tonight." Naruto said solemnly Which caught Hinata off guard. Hinata wanted to say something but couldn't. "It's already been decided, I leave tonight, in fact I'm scheduled to leave in a few minutes. I didn't want this to happen, but I changed to many things which has caused this event to happen." Naruto said and he looked into Hinata's eyes, she was crying. She tilted her head to the ground. Naruto walked up to her and tilted her head up and passionately kissed her. From the tree's Kaizoku's group was watching silently.

"Oh my that was so romantic, I wish I had someone like Naruto." Kairi said with tears in her eyes. Her group just looked at her dumbfounded for a moment before they turned back towards Hinata and Naruto. Naruto finished kissing Hinata and took a step back.

"Naruto, I…" Hinata said but stopped, she couldn't find the right words to say. Naruto looked away from her.

"I don't know when I'll come back, if I ever do. I won't be able to be there for you, when your going to need me to be." Naruto said with tears in his eyes. "It might end up being best if you forget about me, I'm sorry." He said and disappeared into the wind. Hinata fell to the ground and burst into tears.

At the gates of Konoha

Naruto was walking out the gates when he got hit from behind by a large frying pan. When he turned around he saw Kaizoku's group with Kairi holding an oversized frying pan.

"You're a bastard!" Kairi said as she walked through the gates with her hands on her hips. Naruto and Kaizoku's walked through the gates solemnly. "Konoha… I'll miss you."

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