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A high school AU story in where shoujo Naruto yes he's a she here. lives. Right now all characters are:


Neji is 18

Kakashi and other "teachers" are 26 yes I didn't bother to change their age

Chapter 1 : Intro

A clear summer's day, peaceful and overflowing with youth. At this we see our joyous party, laughing along at a sidewalk. Yes this is an AU story, and well... not a different one.

We have our so called main character, walking to her all girl's high school, which was by the way, next to an all boy's high school. She was beautiful and graceful. Her pigtailed blonde locks suited her kawaii red fuku. Having an extremely light tan, she was most probably the goddess of the school. Except...

"Itai!! Kono teme!!"

Ahh, poor guy. He had the guts to bump into her, making her trip and well, fall to the ground. The guy must have been a freshman, newcomer, for he hadn't known the fierce Uzumaki Naruto-chan. The most feared girl on the whole school. Of course, who would have thought that she would have such an attitude? A definite turn off.

Ahh well, having pulverized the poor boy, 2nd year joushikouse Naru-chan stopped at her tracks upon arriving at the front gate. The Uchiha Sasuke was standing there, along with his utterly devoted multitude of fan girls, along with Haruno Sakura-chan, Naruto's hatsukoi. Yeah, there could be a problem with her gender, but nevertheless... she likes her. So much that...

"Oi Sakura!! I'll protect you from this bastard!!"

Standing in front of the pink haired Sakura, as if protecting her from the evil clutches of Sasuke, who doesn't seem to be moving. Sakura was like most of the normal girls. She was pretty and her pink hair that was controlled by a hair band reached up to her waist. She looked nice enough, but she was, after all, "Sasuke-lover club" president.

Thwacking Naruto on the head she quickly resumed to pouncing on Sasuke, like all the other girls. Of course, her club was not alone. There were a lot more females that were so attracted to the so called "bastard" than just a few dozen. What made him so attractive though, Naruto thought. Sure, was a smug, pale and kind of tall. His raven black hair was so weirdly shaped that it semi-disgusted her. His bangs were hanging limply to the sides of his face and his hair looks like one after you get out of bed. Does he even comb his hair? Or was it a ton of gel that keeps his hair up like that. Naruto snorted, thinking that it must be egg yolk.

Back to what I was saying, Another group pursued the "Prince". "Prince-Sasuke club" led by Yamanaka Ino, a dirty blonde girl, with her long hair tied in a pony tail. Now the whole pathway was totally blocked. And yet, Naruto still lay on the floor completely wiped out from Sakura's karate chop. For a woman she had a strength of 10 bulldozers and 3 dogs.

"What are you doing here, Ino-pig!?" Sakura said to her long time rival. Of course they were. At first it was only about Sasuke, but then, it had become everything.

"Sakura, you forehead monster!! Our group was delayed because we were blinded by your shiny forehead!!" Ino replied as she smirked. She knows how much Sakura gets irritated at the mention of her unwanted-yet-still-there immensely large forehead.

"Nani!!?? Teme!!..." And thus the fight continued.

Without notice, Hyuuga Hinata, a shy girl with short black hair moved towards the sprawled Naruto. She was nice and kind but utterly shy, specially if Naruto was around. Naruto didn't have much friends, in fact most of her friends were boys so that pretty much left her as an out cast in her school. Hinata was different though, she liked Naruto in a... different way. Ahem... well then, so Hinata pulled Naruto away from the rambling group and sat her near the gate.

Sasuke, still not moving from where he was, seemed to look for something... or someone. He moved towards the edge of the gate, where Naruto was sprawled. Hinata was trying her best to wake him up, and successfully did it...

"Ugh... Hinata-chan?..." She said still feeling a little weak.

"Aa-ano... Naruto-k... I mean!" Hinata had a slight habit of calling her –kun all the time. As she was about to speak again, another voice roused. A voice as slick as water yet as firm as perfectly cooked spaghetti, a voice as cool as water yet as heated as lava... a voice so perfect it could hum you to sleep in a second... or so other girls thought.


Uchiha Sasuke spoke up and all the fan girls shrieked. 'Crap it's demon-boy' Naruto thought to himself. She had despised him ever since childhood, ever since Sakura had laid eyes on him. Of course Hinata was also not bewitched by his evil demonic spell. Quite a few girls actually don't care much about Sasuke. Naruto, Hinata and Tenten. That's about it for the whole school. Tenten's a... okay lets talk about her later.

"Oi..." He said again, and again, all the girls shrieked, excluding the ones mentioned at "non-sasuke lovers" list.

Naruto glared at him and Hinata was just worried, like she always was.

"What is it you ..." Before she could even mutter the word 'bastard' a small pink envelope flew to her chest. She looked up at the blushing Sasuke. 'What the ??'

"Nani kore?" She said as she looked at the envelope dumbfounded. She didn't really had any "high school love letter" experience neither had she watched anything about it. She was after all, according to most girls, a barbarian who likes Rambo movies as well as Yakuza and samurai ones.

As she held the piece of pink paper, Hinata suddenly collapsed in a cloud of dust. 'Sasuke was going to steal Naruto!! No way!!' and thus she fainted in her "red tomato" state.

Sasuke was also quite surprised. He knew how this girl could be so dumb and stupid but he didn't expect it to be this much! Even though he was just handing it to her... he really didn't...

"Someone asked me to give it to you. Read it you moron..." and with that he went away to his own school... which was a little distance away. He had recovered his cool and that was the on that was important. He really didn't want to stain his reputation, but he really did want to get those girls away from him. Did he think that giving a love letter to his 'rival' would divert all the girls away? She had been his rival since they met and she proposed something like "Ha! I'll beat the crap out of you and show everyone!". In the end of their little rambling though, he had her tied in a death lock. As memories flowed back into his head, a small blush was evident on his cheeks and he walked at running speed.

Naruto, still dumbfounded, and the other girls still wallowing in confusion, a new boy walked up. Inuzuka Kiba, was looked down at Naruto with a dark look on his face. All his life he lived with dogs and he even brings a little dog tamagotchi that he named Akamaru, after all it was the limited furyred version. With that he was like a dog in himself , as well as his inhuman sniffing skills. As aforementioned, he can pick up all sorts of smells, even the sweet smell of the pink envelope Naruto was holding.

The fan girls started to disperse but Kiba was still leering intently on Naruto. He can't accept the fact that Naru-chan had actually gotten a love letter! A few moments later, Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji came along. These people, along with Kiba, was Naruto's "band of brothers".

"Yo..." Shika said in his usual mendoukuse attitude. He was always the lazy one, the type who would hang around in parks all day staring at the clouds. Yeah he was lazy, but his IQ surpassed 200. His best friend, Chouji, was Ino's so called "Pig". Well, that was actually his taboo. Whoever called him fat was surely going to pay. He was laid back and unnaturally kind.

Shino, with dark sunglasses covering his eyes, was indeed as mysterious as he looks. With his collar shooting upwards and his unfixed red necktie, you'd infer he's some sort of notorious kid hanging around in dark alleys. The truth is, this guy just doesn't fix his clothes. He's quiet but definitely has no intention to kill.

"Kiba..." Shino asked in his musky voice as he looked at the flaring yet unmoving dog lover. He shifted his gaze to were Kiba was staring at. A little pink envelope in Uzumaki Naruto's hand? "..." This sort of took time to get to him. Shino wasn't the type to recognize romantic stuff. Yes... he wasn't, but he has received quite a lot of "pink little envelopes" though he often sees them as "an intention to kill" and bombs the piece of paper to shreds. As you can see, he's overprotective... of himself.

"Yabai!! Naruto give that to me quick!!" He reacted quickly, forcing the piece of paper from Naruto's hand to fall. Shino tried to get hold of it, almost like plunging into a poll of hard rock. But anyway, Shikamaru was the first to get hold of him, since he knew of his "pink papers" and he was sure to what would have happened to Naruto's paper if he got a hold of it. Chouji lent him a hand too, but Kiba, instead of grappling Shino, was looking at the fallen piece of paper. There, at the paper, was something that they all didn't see. At the lower left corner of the envelope was the name of the sender,

"Neji-niisan?" Hinata blurted out, finally having awoken from her beauty sleep, and to think their doing this at the school gate...

The school bell rung. It was time for them to disperse and they did. Naruto arrived at his seat, accompanied by Hinata who was seated behind him. He was near the window and was nearly at the back of the class. Definitely a perfect spot to daydream... and to look at her Haruno Sakura. Sakura was the class representative and it only suited that she sit at the front.

It was homeroom, and their teacher, Kakashi Hatake, was late, as usual. He was a weird guy who liked reading xxx books. Even though people generally knew he liked these things, girls would often ogle at his handsome face and perfect build. Lots of people like him and lots don't, counting Sakura. She was always disgusted in him and was always countering him in his ideas. To think that a student would counter a teacher, but she didn't think of him as a teacher, she thought of him as a wild beast out to eat the whole school.

"Yo minna!" Kakashi-sensei just stepped in. He was clad in his usual outfit, almost like that of the boy student body, but his version was black. As he fixed his necktie, all he could hear was "Kakashi-sensei you're late again!!" by Sakura and some other students. He brushed that off though and said, "So... what's for today class?" in his happy go lucky face. Sakura hated being ignored, and everyone in the class knew that. But then, all the noise that's going on at the front didn't concern Naru-chan much. As she opens the letter...


The boys wear a white long sleeve polo under their blue coats that was accompanied by a red necktie and well, their pants are black as well as their shoes.

The girls wear a red sailor uniform and have leg warmers.

The guy's school and girl's school are kind of related. They have their lunch together and have field trips together.

As stated, its summer or erm, before summer break, so it means that they're already at the middle of their year.