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Chapter 8 : Wanting to know more…

"Let me be with you" Naruto said.

Haku was taken aback. He didn't really expect Naruto to say such a thing. At all that time that they were together, he noticed that Naruto was a pretty spontaneous girl. 'That's why I…' haku thought before he was interrupted by Naruto's loud snoring.

Most girls would be frightened, yet some, thrilled upon sleeping side by side with a guy considered as a stranger. Naruto was different though. Haku smiled again at her surprisingly 'cute' attitude. Trusting was hard, specially for people like himself… but he can't seem to avoid trusting Naruto.

With that, he laid on the ground thinking about the next day.

The first cock crowed, if there was one on the island, thus signaling the start of the day. Kakashi can be seen at the airport, ready to fly. After all, it was the second day, the day for all the others, to leave and probably never come back. Or so Neji thought.

Neji didn't have a good night's sleep, like Kakashi, Hinata, and Sasuke. He woke up and tidied himself a little, before instructing the maids to wake the other's up. Walking towards the dinning room, he found Sasuke lying on one of the couches at the living room. 'Hmph, sleeping like the sly cat that he is…' Neji thought to himself as he proceeded in waking him up. He instructed him to go to the dining room for breakfast.

"Wait, did Naruto come back?" Sasuke said, stating the question that Neji prayed to avoid. 'Crap' Neji used the oldest trick in the book, thanking God that he watched TV drama reruns before. Neji sported a fake smile waiting for someone to say "Hey, what's up?" from out of the shadows. Sensing Neji's tension, Sasuke immediately knew that something fishy was going on.

"What happened... where's Naruto?" He said out loud, catching the attention everyone currently making their way to eat breakfast. Immediately, Kiba reinforced Sasuke, and all the others.

"Where's Naruto"

"What's going on"

"Who's Naruto"

Everyone looked at the person who asked. Some boy that looked around 16 pointed a gun at everyone. He looked like a mercenary ready to kill, specially with that gun pointed to everybody's heads. The normal reaction would be "Whoa! A gun! Run for your lives!", but the situation just wasn't normal. Sasuke moved faster than lightning, grabbing the gun from the slightly tan teen. That guy was good though, as he toggled with Sasuke for the control of the gun. They went at this for a while, exchanging a few signature moves in the process… and yes no one wanted to help Sasuke.

"Ano… Hyuuga-san?" A pale girl with creamy bluish hair appeared. She looked like some army official, unlike the person Sasuke was playing with. The girl looked like a teenager as well, around the same age group as the gun-pointer-mercenary-look-a-like guy.

"Ah… Testarossa-san… can you please…" Neji said, understanding the situation. "Sergeant Sagara, please put your gun down," Testarossa said to the guy presently being 'Lion Combo'd' by Sasuke. And thus, the little fight ended, but it would cause Neji to explain the whole thing. He almost wished that Sagara had gone berserk and killed everyone off…

"Everyone, have your breakfast, you'll be leaving soon anyway…" Neji said to the group of spectators hiding behind sofas, afraid of being shot at by the 'wild' man.

'Leaving': now a new word, but still on everybody's minds.

"What are you keeping from us…" Shino spoke up, from the back of the confused group, which was all of them, except Neji of course.

"Weren't you guys only to stay for a day?" Neji asked him. He did tell them… didn't he?

"What? But Naruto told us that were supposed to be here for 3 whole days!" Ino almost shouted. Neji didn't expect his plans to go this far on the road to doom. 'Why didn't I expect that Naruto would blab everything I said to them…?' Neji contemplated to himself. He didn't like it when things don't go his way… But there's no going back. Besides, everybody was staring at him so piercingly that they were about to tear a hole at his… hair which he was obviously and terribly afraid of. "Sigh…" There was no choice…

"Okay… I give up. Let's talk it over at the table…" Neji feared for his life…

"Ano… is the mission…?" Testarossa asked. "Of course, top priority." Neji told them while walking towards the breakfast table.

Ah, a fine morning; nice weather, cool sea breeze, and loud seagulls.


A perfect time for Haku to wake up, and yeah, he did. He thought it was his usual morning, waking up, smelling the breeze, and of course… stretching. Haku sits up, puts his hands behind him which he eventually shifted his into. Though, an odd… sort of wonderful sensation was placed upon his right hand…


'What the…' Haku thought as he looked to his right. A girl dressed in nothing but a white bikini was there, and surely enough, his hand was placed where most guys would dream of placing their hands at. At the shock, he managed to squeeze his hand further, gaining another moan from the girl we know as Naruto. He retreated his shaking hand quickly. He never had any real interaction with girls, and that included touching any body parts. Calming down, he remembered that the girl whom he just "touched" was Naruto, the person he just saved yesterday.

"That's right, I have to help her get back home…" He nudged Naruto on the shoulder. "…" No response. He tried again… "…" and again "…" and again "…". The girl was sleeping like a Snorlax(from Pokemon). Unlike the night before, she didn't snore as much. Sternly looking at her face, Haku was about to brush off a few strands until…


'What the…' Haku thought as the terrible sound came out again. It seemed to have been coming from Naruto. He leaned close to Naruto's face, trying to confirm if the sound indeed came from her. A lock of his hair fell to her lips… and the gurgle resounded. Haku was sure it wasn't coming from her mouth and glanced a bit downwards. Hearing another gurgle… coming from her stomach.

"Ramen…" Naruto said as she opened her mouth wide, eating up the lock of Haku's hair. 'Ramen? OW!' Haku was just screaming in his mind. Besides, eating hair is very gross and unsanitary.

Being that he can't get rough on a girl, Haku just let it be and continued to nudge her awake… but that didn't last for long because Naruto just came on gobbling more of his silky flowing hair. 'Ah! A…ow…' Thank goodness, a cute little crab came along and pinched Naruto to her senses… too bad for the crab.

"Iya! What in the… my butt! A…" She spotted the crab, thinking 'Breakfast', but as she was about to lunge at the poor thing, a warm hand held her wrist.

"Ano, Naruto-san, we'd better go…"

"What? Haku? Go where?" She asked remembering where she was. Haku grabbed her hand, "Come with me" he said, quickly leading her out of the cave, through the thick forest, and finally…

"Whoa." Naruto awed at the sight. A spectacular mansion fit for a king, or maybe in this case, a yakuza boss, was built on the middle of the island. They walked along and Naruto just can't stop saying 'Whoa'(and 'Wow') at all the attractions. Attractions like the money statue and the farm(of weed).but as they got closer, things got a lot more normal. They passed a swimming pool, a rose garden, a large court and… an airport.

Naruto was amazed at all this; after all, she thought that she had just drifted at some uninhabited island, well, except for Haku and his traveling father. That made Naruto wonder, the guy walking in front of her didn't tell stories of his father, or even much about himself. She thought of asking him, and she was about to reach out, they stopped walking.

"Welcome to my house"

"EH?" She blurted out, shocked. Poor guy, he's lived too much on this island to even hallucinate that this residence belonged to him.

"You must be hungry, from what happened earlier. Don't worry we have a great chef, let's go" and he held on to her hand. Naruto didn't budge. She kept on staring at the front doort of 'Haku's' extremely large household.

'Thi-this can't' She thought as she lost herself in a trance. The 'house' was just grand and Haku claiming it was just a tad bit unbelievable. After all Haku was just some island drifter. 'Maybe he is insane…' then it hit her, she shouldn't associate with insane people! But Haku's still her friend… ah what was she going to do.

"Haku, stop joking and let's go back okay?" Trying to suppress her laughter(Haku might do something that involves seas of blood to her) and trying to get away from the mansion(the security might do something that involves seas of blood to her). She tried to go back, but then noticed something.

'Eh?' Haku was still holding her hand. He, for the longest time, had set his unwavering eyes on Naruto, awaiting any further movement… but just seeing her made him feel all fuzzy inside. "Beautiful" He said unconsciously. Naruto blushed at the comment, and he was still holding her hand.

He realized what he was doing(and just said) and withdrew his hand quickly. He bowed his head down, letting his bangs cover the blush on his face, and lead Naruto ahead. Naruto caught a glance of his face and misinterpreted the blush for something else. "Eh? Your face is all red!" stating the obvious. Her own blush overpowered by worry for her 'sick' companion. Maybe he was a sick insane person.

"Young Master?" Good thing they were at the doorstep. A beautiful woman stepped out. She had slightly curly maroon hair and cherry red lips. She was also wearing a frilly maid uniform. Her appearance made the blood on Haku's face subside but kept Naruto gawking.

"YOUNG MASTER?" So Haku wasn't some sick insane person after all. That made Naruto feel relieved and somehow ashamed, since she was thinking that Haku was insane and all.

"Kurenai, prepare breakfast and a boat as well, we're going over to the Hyuuga island." Haku said with authority. He moved inside, waiting for Naruto to come in.

Naruto stopped gawking. Instead, she said one word…


"What?" Everyone screamed out. Neji was going to get it… he was going to be shaved bald after this…

"Don't worry, I already dispatched the rescue team." Neji formed sweat on his forehead. The word 'BALD' was repeating in his head. Sakura was furious, Sasuke was furious, Ino was clinging on to a furious Sasuke, Shikamaru was too lazy to think, Chouji was still eating, Kiba was scratching the carpet out of fury, Shino was… uhh, Shino and Hinata… she fainted.


"Sgt. Sagara, what do you see on the radar"

"…Fallas Island"


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