That's Your Life

1. Stupid Hormones...

Danny Fenton opened his eyes. He looked over at his clock. The large glaring numbers made him wince: 5:09. He had been sleeping peacefully, having a nice dream about the dance (AN: The one where he danced with Sam in 'Parental Bonding'), when all of a sudden, he had a horrible feeling of dread. Then came the even worse feeling of longing. Then came an gigantic wave of anguish. It was like he could feel, but not see what was happening. All he knew was that he had heard a scream right after the feeling of dread. And it sounded like-


He closed his bright blue eyes and slowed his breath. She was his best friend, and it was normal to feel extremely afraid for her. Even though it was just a dream.

Stupid hormones...

Plus, Sam could probably take care of herself. After all, she was the kick-butt girl of Casper High. She had a reputation for sticking up for outrageous things like frogs rights and, of course, there was that whole Ultra-Recyclo vegetarian thing. Most of the school thought of her as the resident weirdo. Danny knew she wasn't just some gothic freak though. She was much more.

Determined, smart, calm, beautiful, kind, pretty...wait...STUPID HORMONES! Now they want me to like SAM! I I? I mean, there was the whole 'kissing me to hide from Valerie' thing. And the Ember spell thingy. I guess maybe...


Danny slammed his hand on his alarm. He looked at the clock again and could not believe the numbers again. It said 7:00. He had been thinking about that dream and Sam for almost 2 hours. He slumped back onto bed, wanting to go to sleep now that he had to get up and face a day that already looked bad.

After doing to necessary things to get ready, he ate a soggy breakfast and rushed out the door. A thought struck him as he stepped on the bus stop. Should he tell Sam or Tucker about his dream? Tucker would probably stare at him and wait for something good to happen, and Sam would tell him its just a dream and force him to eat those weird Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian things-that-were-supposed-to-be-food-but-weren't, as Tucker had dubbed them. He felt he almost like he owed it to Sam since the dream was mostly about her. He stepped on the bus, still contemplating the matter.

Wait, what would Tucker think if I told him I had a dream about SAM? What would SAM think if I told her I had a dream about her? Stupid hormones...

A lot of stops passed without him realizing it, and soon enough, Sam got on the bus and sat next to him. He might not have noticed her, because he was so deep in thought, (AN: He can think? Danny: HEY! Cheenami: ) except for the fact that she gently lay a hand on his leg to announce her presence. That woke him up. Surprisingly, it also made him blush.

Stupid hormones...

Sam noticed his pink tint and felt one creep on her face as well. She quickly took her hand away from him and looked at him strangely.

"What's wrong?" she questioned quietly.

"Just thinking about some things..." he murmured softly, trying to keep away from the truth.

Sam noticed his concern and worry and attempted to lighten the mood.

"You can think?" she asked in shock, acting as if the thought of it was worthy of an award. (AN: HAHAHAHA! Danny: You are pure evil... Cheenami: You had better believe it.)

They stepped off the bus, and their black hair flew in the wind, making Sam shiver a little. And that shiver had nothing to do with the cold.

He smiled lightly as she grinned at him, letting him know she didn't mean it. He let a deep breath out, and was about to tell her, when all of a sudden he heard a voice.


He groaned inwardly, and looked up to see the most popular jock in school. He put on a false smile and cheerful answered the snob.

"Good morning to you too, Dash."

Dash growled, and took off his jacket, pointing to the back. There in permanent marker, were the words "Property of a self centered jerk, who thinks he owns the world," in large words, and in smaller words at the bottom it also read, "In other words: Dash."

Danny looked up with confused eyes at Dash, and was opening his mouth to reply, but Sam beat him to it.

"Danny didn't do it!"

Dash smirked, a small scowl still present on his face, twisting his somewhat good looks into a weird shape. (AN: Ok, I personally think Dash is MUCH uglier than Danny. –pinches Danny's cheeks- Danneh's so adorable!)

"Look who's sticking up for Fenton...his little girlfriend who eats dirt," he said, throwing an insult her way. Sam waited for Danny to say, "She's not my girlfriend!" so she could say, "He's not my boyfriend!" but it never came. She looked questioningly at Danny, but his eyes were locked angrily on Dash.

"This has nothing to do with Sam. Just leave her alone. I didn't do it, I don't know who did it, and I'm leaving now. Bye." With that, he took Sam's hand and pulled her to their lockers, away from the preps who stood there like idiots. (AN: Wait, isn't that what they are?)

Danny turned to Sam and opened his mouth to say something, but closed his mouth again, looking like he was thinking something over. He shook his head and opened his locker, shoving his books in somewhat harder than he needed to. Sam looked at him with confusion showing in her purple orbs.

"What is it Danny? You were going to tell me about it before we were rudely interrupted."

Danny froze in the middle of putting his Algebra (AN: I HATE ALGEBRA! Man, I interrupt a lot...oops!) book into his locker. He turned his head towards her slowly, until he was focused on her. He seemed to be having an internal battle. Finally, he nodded, and spoke softly, looking around as if he expected someone to hear them whispering over the loudness of the hallway.

"Look, if I tell you this, you can't tell anyone, not even Tucker. I don't want him to-"

Suddenly, Tucker popped in front of him, blocking his view of Sam. Sam blinked quickly, then covered her face with her hands.

"Speak of the devil..." she muttered. Tucker was telling Danny about something Valerie had said, and Danny was nodding, not really paying attention. How could you tell? Here's how...

"Danny, Valerie was-" a nod from Danny, "Thinking that we could-" nod, "get together-" nod, "on a double date. You know like you and Sam, and me and Valerie-", nod. Danny turned to Sam to say something, then did a double take and looked at Tucker. Danny froze again, this time looking at Tucker in horror.


"You. Sam. Me. Valerie. Double. Date." Tucker said it slowly, as if Danny were stupid.

"W-what do you mean 'double date'?" That one came from Sam, though she wasn't looking horrified. In fact, she looked rather pleased. Wait, pleased? She was happy? If she was happy, then did this mean that she liked-

Danny looked up at Sam and smiled, which she shakily retuned. She felt her knees going weak at his goofy grin, and he was at a loss for words. Both were thinking one thing.

Stupid hormones...

(Cheenami: -hugs Danny- YOU WE'RE WONDERFUL! I want to thank Raphael for this idea. wasn't really her idea, but I felt this was the moment for a thank you. I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SING IN FRONT OF 3 JUDGES TOMORROW! OMIGOD, I'm going to die! Um...anyway, this is my first Danny Phantom fic, and I'm trying really hard to make it good, because I LOVE DANNY! DANNEH!!!