Uruhu flew over Danny's house, still contemplating his idea. Yes, it was good enough, but would it work? He had no idea. What the hell… he thought, as he flew away, towards the more respectable side of town.

Sam sat by her rather embarrassingly large vanity, combing her hair. When she felt the temperature dropped, she set down her comb carefully and turned around, playfully expecting Danny to be there. When there was no one, she assumed he was invisible.

"Do you want to see my toys Danny?" she murmured teasingly, standing up and walking slowly around her room. When she felt an arm circle her waist, she turned to look into green eyes. But they were not the green eyes she knew.

"WHO THE F-" she began to yell, but was stopped when he placed an icy hand over her mouth. He smirked softly and raised an inquiring eyebrow. Raising his other hand, his shook a finger at her reprovingly.

"You need to watch your language, little girl," he whispered, ignoring the fact that he was technically the same age, considering he was a ghost teen. Well, he had been a ghost for several centuries, so it was okay to call her a little girl, right?

"I'm afraid you won't be seeing much of Danny Phantom for a while. Can I take a message while you're being kidnapped?" he continued, adding a hint of teasing, which added fuel to the building fire that was Sam's rage.

She was about to run off, when he grabbed her arms and whirled her around. She was forced to look into his eyes, which were suddenly glowing red. She gasped, before collapsing in his grip.

He sighed, before picking her up and slinging her over his shoulders. He paused a moment and looked back at her room. Besides the lowered temperature, which would go up as soon as he left, there was nothing to suggest he had been there.

He flew out the window, muttering softly.

"If that worked on ghosts, Kasumi would be mine and I wouldn't be doing this…"

Danny opened his eyes and shot up in bed, almost falling out in his haste. His head whipped around, looking for anything. His gaze settled on the windowsill. The window was open and the soft, but still extremely cold, breeze was gently blowing his curtains, making them ruffle in an ominous way.

Ignoring that, he got up. There, on his window that had condensed, was a message. In the droplets it was written, with only three words.

"I have her."

Danny backed away from his window, shaking his head in disbelief. No…NO!

He couldn't believe it…he wouldn't. No, it wasn't true…no…

Danny was shocked into himself. His room was on the second floor, and the ladder wasn't propped up, because Danny had accidentally blown it up in a fight, and it was still being replaced. Something -or someone- that could fly had taken her.

A ghost had taken her.

There was no question who the girl was. Sam…they took Sam.

He kept moving back until he hit the wall. He leaned against it for support, until his knees gave out. Sinking, he settled on the ground. Oh…oh GOD no…

His mind couldn't grasp it. Couldn't fathom it. He wrapped his arms around his legs and sat there, shaking.

Some ghost has taken Sam and I have no idea who it is.

Tucker saw Danny step off the bus, not looking where he was going. There was a distant, almost terrifyingly lost look about him. For a moment, Tucker didn't recognize his best friend. Then he realized that Sam was not accompanying Danny.

Laughing with relief, he jogged over and patted Danny on the back in reassurance.

"Dude, she'll be back. She's probably just sick or something. No need to look like you just heard she died."

Danny stopped walking, and Tucker spun around to face his friend. There was a horrible scared look upon Danny's handsome face now, (AN: TUCKER IS NOT GAY! But I, the authoress who commands this story, had to add that DANNY IS THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!…again.) and it frightened Tucker.

"Why?" Danny's voice was hoarse with worry. "Do you think something happened? Did whoever took her tell you something?"

Tucker raised his eyebrow confusedly. Then he grasped Danny on the shoulders and looked him the eyes.

"When. Do. The. Men. Come. With. The. Needle. To. Get. You?" he asked slowly, as if Danny was dense…again.

Danny shook out of his reverie and began to tell Tucker everything. When he finished, it seemed Danny Phantom had woken up. He was filled with a new force, and a swirl of emotions. Anger, courage, fury, worry, but most of all, hatred. Hatred of whoever had taken Sam.

"We will find you Sam."

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