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Main Pairing: Knuckles/Tails Warning: As it says above, this story contains the pairing of Knuckles/Tails. Which means yaoi. Which means boy-loves-boy action. So please, no yaoi-flames. Also, if the fact that Tails is a kid bothers you, just pretend that he isn't!
Notes: Please, please, please don't take this seriously! At school today I was telling some of my friends about how I couldn't get a good Knuckles/Tails story down, so they told me to write a PPS! PPS being 'Pratically Plotless Story'. So I did. And this, unfourtunetly, is the result. There are 4 more chapters to this, and if I feel like it then I just might post them! Also, in this fic, just pretend that Knuckles and Tails are already together!

Chapter 1: You're the Girl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

It was a nice, warm day. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails were having a picnic in Station Square Park. Well, actually, it could barely be called a picnic. It was more like Sonic pigging out on all the food and Shadow trying not to throw up in disgust, while Knuckles and Tails rested on a blanket.

Slurping down the last chili-dog, Sonic burped loudly and glanced at Shadow, then sniggered. Shadow narrowed his eyes," What's so funny?"

Sonic nodded in the direction of Tails and Knuckles. "Knuckles' last name is Echidna, right?" Shadow nodded, crossing his arms and wondering what stupid thing Sonic would say next.

"Well," Sonic sniggered again," If Knuckles and Tails ever got married, won't Tails have to change his name to 'Miles Echidna'?" Seeing what Sonic was getting at, Shadow smirked slightly, but still rolled his eyes. "That's stupid."

From the blanket a few feet away, Knuckles cracked open an eye to watch the pair, and Tails' ears twitched as he listened.

Sonic shook his head," It's not stupid, it's funny! Tails will be a fox...with 'Echidna' for a last name!" Shadow rolled his eyes again. Just as Sonic was going to continue his rant on the humour of it all, Tails decided he had enough. Jumping up, he pointed at Sonic," Hey! How come I have to change my name? Wy can't Knuckled become a 'Prower'?!"

Knuckles opened his other eye, finding the whole conversation more interesting. Sonic and Shadow exchanged looks.

Clearing his throat, Shadow told Tails ," It's obvious." Tails let his hand drop to his side," What's obvious?"

Sonic laughed this time, quite loudly," Aw, come on Tails! We all know you're the girl in the relationship." Shadow nodded his head slightly in agreement.

Now, Knuckles sat up on the blanket. Tails' mouth fell open, then snapped shut. Finally he just huffed and sat back next to Knuckles. Sonic burst into another round of laughter and even Shadow sniggered. Tails shot them a glare and pouted cutely. Smirking, Knuckles pulled Tails to his side," There's no use trying to deny the truth."


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